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Sun Apr 10 21:41:23 EST 2005

I'd not Acknowledged Christ's Priority... I'll not Dishonor my Science by being
anything but Forthright with respect to it.

I Honor Priority... that's all. Surely, you can see that it's not "easy" to
Attribute Priority in Science to Jesus. Take that as a measure of how much I do

It is a real-jaw-hanger to me that Jesus, obviously, Knew, 2000 years ago, where
our contemporary Neuroscience would point... I can't "explain" such... all I can
do is Demonstrate that it is so... and not deny that it's so.

BTW, as I've explained repeatedly in prior msgs, when I refer to "the 'Beast'",
I'm "just" referring to the way that only-haphazardly-accumulated stuff comes to
be encoded within the microscopic trophic modifications that encode Learning. Such
stuff, although only-haphazardly-accumulated, never-the-less, guides the
manifestation of subsequent behavior... the "Blindness" to which I often refer
derives in the fact that such stuff was only haphazardly-accumulated... therefore,
the way it "guides" behavior is =Blind= reflecting only haphazardness... yet, via
simple TD E/I-minimization, such Blind-"guide" stuff [by-]produces Savagery such
as we witnessed in "Yugoslavia"... and everywhere else.

When I say, "I stand in the face of the 'Beast'", I'm just cramming a lot into one
sentence... discussions of all the Blindness, all the Savagery, all the Dictating
of what behavior "must" be, etc. by that only-haphazardly-accumulated stuff that
Exists right in the Living Flesh of folks' nervous systems.

I want, very-much, to give folks Understanding with respect to all of this
stuff... so that they can be Free of the Tyranny of the
only-haphazardly-accumulated stuff... you know, as Jesus said (paraphrase), "You
shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free" :-)

Me? I'm just a guy who Loves Science... when I was young, I went through the paces
in my Religious practice... but then, with my own eyes, I witnessed the Truth that
Jesus Taught... after that, I couldn't help myself... I Love Jesus, too because,
not only is what He Taught Verifiably-Correct, but also because He Taught so
Lovingly, full-Knowing that He'd be Ravaged because He so-Loved us all... heck,
"science" Rejects Jesus, still, doesn't it?

But you know what, Dag, Love Truth, and Truth Loves you right back. It's been that
way in my experience. Surely you can imagine "how much it's 'cost' me to
Acknowledge Christ before Science... within the "status quo" of Science, it's
"cost" me pretty-much =everything=... I mean, I've done some worthy Science, and I
can't even get a letter published... folks "run away from me" as if I've got some
"contageous" disease... there's nothing I can do about such... all I'm hoping is
that a few folks'll sit down with me, though... then, I'll show them what happens
when Truth is Honored... it's like I said, Love Truth, and Truth Loves you right
back... that's all. I want to Share such. ken collins

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