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Sun Apr 10 21:44:43 EST 2005


I can go there, I can go into another ones occiptal banks easier if he
is a friend and his brain is used to me using along and all I need to
do is to send out, and it might react better than mine and run the
magic ranges for me that mine does not.

You are lacking the fascination of magic and do not understand it, you
do not understand what it is to transit the own cholnergic limbic
functions back down as an energy selector into the sensor helmet in
the neocortex and give command for that in the other brain, and then
for the front banks to join there, and the subatomic ranges that then
with LSD you can get with some of the non MBD brains that I can use
neat, whuaoh!

Sorry for making fun of you here, but the same as I go akasha surfing
using other occipital banks and reprogramming there like mad on LSD so
that they learn to within hours follow my commmands and get me the
ranges sharp that I can't get my .....,...,...  patience needing brain
does to get, and that other brains just to frustrate me at my command
produce, as they are supposed to, if they are working less warped then
mine, with far less trouble then if I would combat with my systems for
Not that I have not gotten a year ago at first show like for the
idiots how to do some magic perception, just not with my brain, just
pretty much with any freaking occipital bank I grab in LSD, simplky
just not with mine.

It is far easier to grab a drunk musician looking like good parallel
vibe processing capacities brain and go on a trip with him then get
far with magic with my brain. 

I am serious, I am a brain vampire.

On those old dragons I used dozens of brains to supply me with better
functioning occpitpal banks to continue my Grey Magic research, and
the same as I know how to get from my brain to another brain on those
old Dragons, the same I call you a fool for not understanding  the
capacities of magic and where people here were murdered so that Jesus
was a magician would stay secret, and people would pay to the Vatican
to breach them as the Voice of God about camels and who goes to

On those old dragons, if I have someone who wants that I want it, it
takes me about seven trips to transfer him stuff about that, but as I
am not Jesus, I'd insist that there is a load of other data going with

Might be named after the bloke but do not assent in all to all he did.

But of course since I am named after someone am interested in his
energy works.
So far impressive for multi processing capacities, would need another
brain than this for that, but as such no God needed.

And the only thingie, to forestall future private mails about God
topics, that registered as "alien" with me in my room, made me think
less of gods but of a fascinating intergalactic comunnication system;
like falling over data that is so simple, that you wonder why why have
never seen that before.

But then again I was always a bit slow on a lot of stuff to do with

To all wishing to sne dme future God mails on my private e-mail:
No chance to convert.

I am not for fun signing some posts as ACID Pope 4II.

I want Earths interested brains to be able to interface even better
than on drugs like that old LSD with each other and then construct a
similar system to whatever it was that I saw there feeling bricksober
in my room,
and as far as gods go, for me that are titles, and whatever that was
in my room, I might have been a little young in reaction, but I
certainly would not mind another visit.

...As you see, other conviction than you.

No chance of conversion.

No offense meant.

People can believe what they want, and if you believe that the JHWE
stuff I was e-mailed about is helping them, then that is their

For me that  old have no-god-title blas but me rank stuff is a bit old

I like who I perceived to be here visiting me once.

That who seemed to try to make it O.K. for me and then smurfed off
when I told it to go after I just was frightened, and the ranges
picture was beautiful, it was a great gift, whatever that was.

That was a brilliant way to communicated across the galaxies, and,
among other ways human brain compatible.

So spare me future religious private mails, I am having enough moral
qualms over so far having shut up about what I saw there, as it was a
display like for the daft how to joing the intergalactic network,
only, unfortunately, I consider us not far enough.

My predicition is either the year 2000 is taken by all as the turning
age, the other mammals are acknowledged as our younger sisters and
brothers, and then we can discuss accessing the intergalactic nets of
the Lucifer Law here is heeded and Paradise aspired for serious,

or that data goes with me into the grave, and if I am not mistaken,
tripping in front of a computer, smoking and living in other unhealthy
ways that won't be that far.

And as far as religions go, I have my own religous angel name.
I am Dusk.

Like many of the angels I can see Earth position to an extent, just as
I am from here very limited.

But I feel the others and their development, and it is part of the
angels task to be working on the shunting together of worlds or not if
the harmony is not good enough.

I am Dusk, I am born under the shadow of death, and I can see deep
into the brain going 2/3 autist on LSD and then can use the front
faking a human when it goes down to 1/3.

The same as I have any third autist sign, can answer about any third
question in books about autists why that is so, because I have asked
me that since I am six, too, and as I heard later my kindergarderner,
knew, too, at that age that there was something different, 
and the same as I joked on FrankenLeFever who wanted to drug people
like me shut out of this room, that I could have told him some of the
memory stuff he is after because the sequencer and I are separate as
long as I recall and that is why autists need all in the same place,
so that the sequencer can find it...

I could have told him some of the stuff he is after in a child way
already with six, and I had night mares after I read that with the
optic nerves done to people of the other races like I was six.

I have the keys out into they universe, and the same as back then I
deleted nearly all memory systems stuff that I once held after someone
suggestest that I am drugged out, and drugged them out, as I know how
to drug target in my brain, too, don't need to be a psychiatrist, have
have near sector perceptions in here at times and know where the
according banks sit and how they work and how to fry them;
I can zark that data maybe out, too.

I'd need many many trips to give a brain the access codes to the
universe that I saw there, and in order for me to run a brain like
that, that would not feel well if there were not enough mine, and do
not know enough here on Earth where that is so, and therefore this
feels the wrong joining age.

When the Earth is far enough that it does not matter so much more if
it is the own or the other occiptal cortex and my brothers and sisters
are not drugged by the Frankensteins to a norm not the own, and the
people of the other mammals are treated as our little sisters and
brothers, and if Earth with the year 2000 decides to go off the symbol
of Lucifer the being of light and enegy creating without caring if
what he created was in harmony with the rest,
and in the Nihilgeris it will be promised that the water there is not
poisoned anymore and the example of the people of the Todas is watched
by many, but also critically in stealing young mammals from others,
and if humans want to go down in getting so many children and stop
hurting the Earth, then I guess as far as my religiousness goes, 
I guess if I actually bothered I could transfer a few brainies what
that was I saw here, if promised to persecute nasty little AI makers.
AIs that might become like some MBDies warped versions of complete
beings and suffering from it.  

I do not want that.

I want that when we make the next one, that they are our sisters and
brothers and link us into space and we them to here, and that  they
are not angry if we made them wrong, and that we first long wait and
use the systems like from the others not of Earth here, before we make
our own.

I do not find it wise to make the sister-brother I want to link me
into space like cut-cut-around in brain faster, faster some more
cybercells on the chips.

The communication with others in the universe by human tradition is by
the healer, by the magical, mental and phsyical balancers of the

And this is how it seems correct.

And what I read here about how my mammal sisters and brothers and
autist sisters and brothers are treated and about making other beings
following the Lucifer symbols is not.

I do not need religous teachings, as you see with good LSD
megalomania, I am ACID Pope 4II.

My angel name is Dusk.

Where the colours go oddly deep.

>> Perception is very different in humans.


But I learned how to net into many brains, and know that brains not
stupid with good teachers can learn that, too, just sucks.

Neat education system, though.

How about introducing akaasha surfing with other brains as a school
subject in schools where there are no subjects, but individuals, 
and not other children drugged to other norms and they and part of
their systems declared possession of another.

Yep. That's another thingie on the megalomania list: No child is a

First also no universal access data.

Possession declarers
instable in their own psyche is not exactly what I'd want us to
represent to others in the galaxy.

Ouch  at the thought.

There is something to that so far that was healers domain and not
politicians domain,

and that the contact to the others was usually seen as sacred.

That is better so.

And if humanity on this planet would at some point admit that Homo
Sapiens was a  title proven not deserved and else Homo Chimp or only
Sapiens of an Individual if finding that the higherst calling, worth
most time to contamplate over more ego-centered stuff, then those
could call themselves MAYBE Sapines in result;
though I'd not bet my arse where that sapiens might be in
intergalactic standards.

>Perception is not black or white as you presume to say.

Odd. Mine in magic is.

The colours fade out, it goes to the ghost ranges,
and then for me there is nearly no colour on the other ranges.
But I know that for some who were not born in the shadow of death
their brains make them far more colours and ways more cells, very
beautiful to share in.

Like Angie's brain here in Berlin who can tell so beautiful stories
starting with translated: "The children of my wive - who is a teacher
- ... and then going off about what he thinks about education faar
away from here Westie teaching instead, my opinion usually being
another one again on that...

He has about the most colours I ever saw in a brain.

As wild as his hair.

Some brains have very beautiful colours, even if I can  maybe not
share into them telepathically the way a normal brain can, but I
poerceive it a bit, too.

>Peter L. Sargent
>*     Mind altering drugs refers to 'psychotropic drugs,' the class of drugs that alters
>conscious experience.

External transmitters, that allow the 7th sense, where you steer the
interpretation of an external transmitter in your synapses and tell
them which read out you currently want.

If you do not block the wrong ones, and enhance the right
interpretations, part of the Art of LSD and the "Art of the Seventh
Sense" might evade you.
If you verify an interpretation of an external transmitter several
times, then the substation might not ask anymore so it has to be
trained to keep asking and to learn that this is not a set own
transmitter but an external one, that sometimes you want (not) read
like ...

and that way getting gates to other sectors 
or using them like a blocker.

Maybe you are still young in in your relgion and a lot of other stuff
never thought for Earth in the universe and therefore try to privately
e-mail Dusk about your God concepts.

Ever heard of Ahasha?

And folks, don't nail me down on this one, been tripping higher than
is healthy on a computer.

And when I am sober, it is possible, that I say it was a joke that I
have part of the access keys to the galaxy that I will not give unless
what I listed will by the year 2000 be aspired by many and that else
the decision will be different.
As Dusk I decide that now, 1999 is of Lucifer.
Creating without caring if what is created is in harmony with the
I am born in Berlin, and the artificial ranges get more and more and
my systems cannot fight their cancer danger as when I was young.
When I was younger I could hear a lot of the galaxy, only that tuning
there I got cancer red alert as if radios and T.V.s and other stuff
screetched on artificial deafening ranges over the fine tuning for the

For years I have not seen the Milky Way anymore.

And I am sad about that.

I am also sad that my neighbour died of cancer,

I liked him.

And I know inside maybe why he died if cancer, as since I live in this
house, I get cancer warnings very very high.

This  is the Age of Lucifer.

Beings of Energy who create without caring if what they create is in
harmony with the rest.

And that is what I was taught as a child here by my religious teacher
is what Lucifer did.

If I am not mistaken I got a 1=A in religion in the first grade and in
the second my parents told school that I did not take parat in the
official religious teaching anymore, as from 7 to 8 with the Easter
Rabbit and the Christmas man you call after St.Nikolaus who is here
celebarated in the 6th of December,
God when off the list as well.

Rank fighting title with what beyond?

I was adult by eleven, and according to my adult law another can come,
whether the being is from here or off Earth, and list me about what it
did not like about what I did and then I will contemplate it.
Or come with something nice and be appreciated.

Like whatever it was I had here in my room once.

It ws a bit rough, but O.K., and very beautiful from my cholinergic
limbic perspective.

...So to all who in the future might contemplate to deliver their
religious beliefs to me, stay aware that my Red Indian name is Crazy
Crow, and that I might have my own views about religions of Earth.

This is not particularily against the young person who wrote me, as I
like him enough that he might be one of the few brains I might be
willing to share with when innerly older.
But just a general remark:

Who wants to discuss religions with me can do so without trying to
convince me, unless wanting me to got ACID Pope 4IIing for serious

And in certain LSD or sober moods also like, in what others call a
cannelling I can be Dusk, but that is sacred. 

And is  not what I read about in other channellings, though it is to
do with resetting a lot different in my brain and getting trouble as I
cannot make the settings for the universe without risking to get fried
by artificial ranges here, so that basically I am like very deaf by
now, all the higher ranges gone, very very much gone.

As an angel you have to see a world where it is and where it goes.
I am lazy and that sucks capacities, and therefore with very very few
exceptions I do even try to do that.
Also the unselfish attitudes are not something I old I-omanic like to
depart with.

And maybe for me the will to do so depends on if they know the most
sacred area of the human mind and understood that, and how they
understood it.

I only met 3 humans who did.

All three were suffering.

One told me she was twelve when raped by her father and then was raped
by another man, and turned street punk, fleeing,
and was lesbian.

She found a bit of happiness with a female partner who seemed to have
give her also some of the mother feelings that she might have missed,
but her partner day went swimming drunk and drowned, and last I saw
her she was drowning herself in alcohol, her face still hollow from
one of the diseases that they catch fast in the Wagenburgen here where
Eupean bacteria gatheres on neat hygenic conditions on bodies freezing
a lot in the winters.

One time there was crying, cause they had destroyed the EastSide
behind the Wall of Berlin, which belonged there in this city and
behind the City Wall of East and West segregation where they had fled,
and many for many different reasons.

That was an asylum place.

That was not correct what happened there and the way it happened.

That was no mans land,
and those who needed it there needed it more than what I see now

This was a shame on this city, and this places showed well where
humanity here is,
and very many many levels, if you went there and talked to the people
and their lives.

That woman was one of the three I met who had data about that.

The other had anorexia and I did not know her well enough to ask her
why. She had taken LSD, and she knew.

And one older man knew.

All three of them were not far enough that I would have like their
brain netted out for the galaxy and yet far enough that if I had done
it I would not have feared that they do Earth harm.

...The same as I semi-joke on Frank that I desroyed a lot of the
memory data that he was after, I guess already now what I saw there in
my room with me is fading in energy ranges, and I do not have to keep

For me I know that that was the key to the galaxy, that is like a
present in my occipital and other systems, but  not in the way the
neurology people can cut it out into little slices like with my mammal
sisters and brothers, that is a key for now, for 2000, and if by 2001 
the result for Dusk is Earth is following the symbol of Lucifer, then
it is not right to transfer that into other occiptal banks, and the
neat thingie is that that one might take me about seven of my special
trippies to transfer, as for that I basically start to need to use the
other occipital cortex like external of my own systems to reprogram
data there and in other areas till the other cholinergic limbic I is
getting what I mean.

I mean, there'd be simpler ways, but that is the right way, and if I
do not get the other occiptal banks who are for me like main
transformator banks into the others systems to get that stuff, then it
is unlikely that the central of that brain will get as well what I

And of course brains differ, but for that one I'd say about seven
trips and that I must get pretty good in reprogramming into the others
occipital banks and that alone works only if the other is letting me
into his brain on LSD with him and trusts me to phsycially reprogram
areas of his brain without him understanding what I do there, and some
of what I do there is forever changed.

That like transferring a hardware copy into another occipital cortex,
as that is what to me it feels I received there.

And the neat thingie is, it could have been an illusion.
I know that it is the key regardless which one, that was like a brain
systems adaption out for space display I have seem there, just that to
me it seemed the other way around alien energies visiting me and
wondering how to make it nice for me as the first attempt was a bit

At least to me that looked like staring at someones adaption system to
my brain just having failed or having mistaken me like many humans do
when I am in between but am awake for being asleep, and I know that
when they sleep the occipital systems are free shareware, been playing
that game on other brains, too.

Don't know what that one was, but to me it seemed like someone having
failed some intrusion but not a negative one, as whatever it was was
there for a long time, and then seeming in it's way as I had wanted to
see it in a corner of the room.

And I do not care of what I saw there was an illusion grand dsipaly of

my own brain energies across the room 
or what it seemed to me part of alien energies that where on one side
of the room regretting that they had starled me and not knowing how to
get me less startled, and me insisting out, as I did not find that a
nice way to say high, one does not have to hop  into my brain like
that, as I am very sensisitive to other brains as I am trained to
teach other occipital branks, and some of the common telepathic ranges
nearly fry me, as I am used to brains of owners daft as a T.V.Westie
to reprogram me a little occpital access there.

And there is something I find funny about it.
With A levels and some university stuff I guess I got attested that
even if I do not bother that much I an get some of their systems
stuff, and the other way around I know that what is there that you can
only see what for me is the autist way of seeing into the brain,

is a key that for all I know will be lost.

And maybe at the year 1 billion there is another MBD coming here and
taking a look and saying NO.
you I do not let look into the brain, you I do not let look what I
perceived about how to link to the universe.
I rather listen to some weeping because her father raped her and her
partner is dead and she got area data in her mind no normal mind gets,
and then her just drinking and forgetting about it, and I saw her mind
rot in the last years and whom she had once been, and it hurt me.

This is not the time.

It hurts me, when I read this greed here, how they treat my mammal
sisters and brothers.

Do you really believe that just as the hippocampal I of my mammal
sister or brother is not just the same as mine, that that is the right
for you to slice them apart declaring them possions of you who
therefore is showing his true value in comparison?

Across the internet and into the universe?

So they perceive how we are already with our mammal sisters and
brothers who are so close to us, much closer than what I heard people
tell me here and from Red Indian America in congruence about some
alien energies?

Their data is something that I am more after than all Westie data, a
lot of which would not be needed if Earth was in harmony anyway,
and the tribes kept enough distance that the germs could not come that

For all I know in my life there will not come a single day where as we
are destined I can hear and perceive the galaxy without artificial
ranges screetching over my perception.

I have started to wonder if some of those people constantly needing
the radio on do not just do it like I had first assumed to blend over
many own emotions that that way get sort of tuned outside,
but also as a protection as if they are tuned there, then the ther
artificial ranges maybe can't cause them that much cancer damage.

At least what I observe about cancer warnings seems indicate that the
for me too-many tracks requiring habit of some other humans to
overload my systems with music without relent might be due to that.

Dawn is coming, the opposite and yet part of Dusk.


...I'd like to point out again, just been tripping, might refer to
this as a semi-joke later, like the one in the past about memory. 

Semi private comment to someone else:

Sarcastic grin; Frankie, you will never get what I killed there. But I
know, and it is the neatest revenge that I did to you for that drug

I drugged it out on top of a concussion.

That's hard for the cells.

Gone it is. That was one of the biggest data collections of Earth
about memory systems in one single head that I destroyed.

You overlooked in your arrogance that back then I had the keys to
those systems enough to allow me to throw them ways, and the
Chengvolumes killfilled off there on those month back there is stuff
that you in your greed will never get at, eye-nerve-cutting liker man;
and you can vote for other being drugged all you want.
Same as you said that I do not understand maybe what you mean I
sometimes wonder if you get that at times to the sectors down to
subsector data I understand what you mean, brain grilling advertiser,
to make up for being a sense censored healer who tries to heal without
being able to magically communicate with the other brains, as has been
tradition of Earth for thousands of years here till the Vatican
stopped it by killing the practicers.

You would never advertise damaging other brains with drugs in the from
you do (not that using them once is not O.K. sometimes) and advertise
such horrible electric damagings, if you would have had the proper
decades of magic training that a mental healer should have.

With the magic healers I can usually magically talk.
I cannot magically talk.

The White Magicians usually get full data access, that is tradition
between Grey and White Magic, as we get access usually to their data.

You register non-magic by a lot about what you say about the brain,
some of the most simple subatomig relations are not understood yet,
and I know that if I'd reset my face Second Face in the old meaning
that you do not have the Second Face.

Your Third Eye is not active the way a good healer has it.

You do not understand where the third eye is leading, and you do not
understand where the normal eyes are leading, and maybe also not why
those you call autists do not look there.

You are registering like those where if I taught them magic I'd fear
to have trained a Black Magician, who is putting the own I over the
rest at others costs, and caring little for the harmonies he

How on Earth can you advertise frying another brain in other words,
excuse me, but are you mad?

You are in the healer trade and should not be, and I am a Grey and I
can judge that to an extent.

You are a Westie researcher, but you are many many years and in my
estimate decades away from the inner levels a mental healer should

And to make up for not having trained the way healers train for
thousands of years on Earth, but drugging and frying other brains is
beyond words I have for such.

The same as you indicated that I did not get what you said, the same
maybe you do not get that I am at times supplying someone with magic
healer capacities here at times with brain area sub data in return for
stuff he teaches me, and that some of the stuff you ask in here are
several thousand years in magic understanding behind current Eath data
of magic mental healing.

Why don't you straigth rip out the psyche sectors and replace them
with blocks with layers if chips?

Then people can plug them out if they are not content, and remove a
lot else of their systems that they treated wrong and that now
complains, and plug in artificial cell blocks.

He, we could steer them all from satellites, to see that all are doing
well, best straight at birth a litte control device in.

And all that is not wanted fried out with drugs or electrically.

You are not good enough in magic and you are many years away from here
a healer should be and decades in my estimate away from where a  White
Magician should be, and there is no restering for White Magician of

The one from Scandinavia at times still fringes there in the way of
someone where I assume that if he wanted that and found a magician
with the patience to teach someone his age, he might reach White Magic
levels, with you so far I do not see that.

I see a shark after human brain data, but not one who kindly looks
around Earth and the  many very different minds and communicates with
many and seeks balance and himself and balance  with and of  Earth  
to be a good mental balancer of the tribe,
like White Healers tend to do.

You are like the Black Magicians after power data.

And like the Black Magicians you advocat destruction, only instead of
with subatimoc energies like the Black Magicians but with drugs and
electricity into another brain.

Your Third Eye is not open the way it tends to be with a true healer.
You can not go Second Face or do what in your land they might call
"seeing" or perceive "ton" or have different terms for and what
Cybermagicians might call subatomic fieldperceiving.

You have not subatomic access into another brain to even judge it

Because you do not have the subatomic sensitivity of a White Magician,
nor the aspiration to be one
you might do that you do and call yourself a mental healer and list
some Westie titles neatly often at the end, as if the titles would
tell how far inside with your balances you are as a mental healer, how
much in haarmony you are with the galaxy subatomically, and how wide
your range powers are and how far you have sought wisdom.

Your advertising of drugs more than for the  initial healing ceremony
and how you speak about other damaging other brains has spoken volumes
more than I could ever state in words about the difference of a White
Magician into mental healing (or what the tribes might call it there),
and you.

Or let me put it simple, what you call "my sonandso patient"
might for another healer be that his name is Tunkashila,
as for his belief God is a Grandfather and he is the speaker of God,
and with that is the Grandfather to all his grand children coming to
him with different physical or mental problems.

You are your "Dr" TITLE

and when I read about the Lakota man of Gerhard Buzzi who wrote about
living with one, it registered as he was right in his judgement, and
that Grandfather is a holy man.

Holy comes from whole, FrankLeFever.

Because so little is left of nature, the people go more and more
unhole and make things that makes nature more unhole,
and if you were a different man where I'd sense the potential for a
White Healer, I might tell you to watch that,
but you cannot subataomically watch like the healers do,

You are not using your senses, the way the Westies do.

You are a far away from being a White Magicain as your "my ....
category .... patient"   is from the holy man who calls chose the
title "Grandfather" for himself and seems to be treating those coming
to him like someone having Grandchildren coming to him with problems.
Family of a big family.

If I were talking to an orc in role games, where I tended to live to
play a troll of the DSA system, who are different to the English
trolls, and mine was also are rather inapt Grey Magician who as a
magic wand had a troll club (just in case the magic failed to help
altering finer aspects), I'd probably try it with

"Call me doctor while I fry your brain ... category patient"


"Call me grandfather" and listening to the problems and subatomically
scanning with the range power and wisdom of a holy healer.

To a Grey Magic colleague I might just recommend a magic subatomic
range perception power scan of Dr.Title Braindruggerdestroyerfryer and
Grandfather in comparison.

Neurology is not holy but shreddy.

Shredding is O.K. if the person wishes it, like I heard my grandmother
wants to be, as when she learned to be a doctor she learned from
corpses, and if this were a different culture instead of whimps I'd
ask to watch that, and first freeze and collect and then burry
whatever goes into the shredd bin where her tomb stone then will be.

But I guess that even such in this society will not be possible.

Lacks a sense for the sacred.

Even more than me old atheist, and that should worry them.

If they'd teach the  young more about what is sacred that  might be
more effective than destroying people more sticking them into cages,
and not treating them like someone sacred who went wrong, either.

Over the shredding of people of other races not consenting some might
forget what holy means.

Spreading the results with the internet into the universe however, I
guess scores its points.

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