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Sun Apr 10 21:44:43 EST 2005

thinking. The source is that you are not having the healers ranges,
and that is why you cannot perceive on enough subatomic ranges into
the other and that is also why you might be for drugging people days
in a row, shut people up with drugs and "fry" their brain.
The ones here  I know would not transfer someone delighting in eye
nerve cutting and not seeming to mind imprisoning of persons of other
races and for frying brains healers ranges into his brain, as they are
also a gateway to Black Magic, as a healer is trained for high systems
access into the others organs / brain systems.

>in multiple spatial orientations as opposed to a specific orientation?

I do not understand the questions though I got the words.

So maybe sense does not matter:

Misunderstanding  you on intention:
>Is it just a matter of recognition
Just?! Cybercough. You lack subatomic understanding of that matter and
that is why you  do not get the subatomic relations to other forms of
akasha. The dear "just" is so freaking damn hard, that if I have
someone with blackish skin it might happen that I go to here average
telepathic "external docking ranges", sort of flounder, try a load of
other ranges, get some more tunings, but not the here usual load, but
a bunch of other odd ranges, then try to get my brain to tune there,
while the other one might  not be exacty delighted about the a bit
rough tuning. And then keeping to blunder it.

Recently I had someone from Zaire (whatever the name is now) and went
past most of his head with my "magic cabelling" and scanned next to
the occiptal banks for the for me here sort of usual ranges (though
all humans I met were different). I could not get them.
Then at some point I took a look at his head. Where usually here
people tend to have a bulge stick out in which the occipital cortex
was, his back of the head looked quite different. 
I suspect another tuning would have been more effective, but since he
was not really into such, I  could not get the ranges from him.
 Another from Africa set part of the scanning ranges for kilometers.
Short of dataoverload for me. I am used to Berlin T.V. Westies
blending most of the room around and the cancerning ranges out.
And not to a the brain of a young African doctor with range powers for
kilometers and an openness  of senses that if I were him and would get
older here in Germany I'd shut down damn fast if not wishing to croak
of cancer.
Beautiful mind, that one, by the way. 
Real healer innerly.
Not like most people here, apart to an extent a certain Finland person
who registers to have a minimal White Healer potential.

Though given certain age that would suck to transfer I guess, fossils
can be real slow, though some tend to the advantage to be out of third
emotion generatoring like some male chimp with a language structurer
and the frontal capacities of certain Ph.D.s

For that one feel free to word-grill me back, F.F.

(Actually I discover more and more childish fun in your name you like
to list in such an psychologically interesting fashion. What's the
first F. for, BTW?
If you were another person I'd ask you for one of YOUR names or
several, but I guess since you seem to like certain stuff at the end
that has to do...  ;-)

The JUST a MATTER of recognition  is subatomically so impressive, that
a person just needs to be of Roma ancestors or from Korea or some
other genetically human quite far from me structure, that already
there in a life time I could not summon up the differences.

Some simply leave me awed.

You folks, you miss something, that instead of all your congresses you
do not go akashaasurfing with the brains of the magicians of Earth.

I mean, any branch has of course the choice to stay back behind
Earths's several thousands years.

Guess  I wasted time to publish here in the Temple of the Mind series
how to subperceive in brains down to the I, access other brains a bit,
(At level ten to system hardware copy startout for serious.)

That is part of my sarcasm Frank.

For the pals to READ in a colonizers J.

Do you seriously believe a Red Indian sorcerer with memories of his
peoples past would go for that?

You overlook the power of direct subatomic telepathic exchanges on
powerful healers leavels of Earth.

My sarcasm is in that Carlos Castaneda, in spite of many of his
errors, did a description about "seeing", the belly chakra and
telekinetics, cluster alteration in the brain, many areas of healing
and so on, and most in this room do not even understand what he is
talking about with "seeing".

I might not use English and Peyote normally but German and LSD,
but I have little trouble following his Indian sources quite far, and
I keep finding it intersting that someone said that he is from Peru.
(Ach nee. Hatte mich schon lange gefragt, ob das nur mexikanische
Daten sind. Nette Sammlung.)

>Is it just a matter of recognition of objects
>in multiple spatial orientations as opposed to a specific orientation?

LSD Visions of old times:

I went down into the relay to the front and targeted music into some
depth into it, so that it runs up in the playgound "directly".

The sounds can be turned into colours, then cell clusters become

If I go too much into visual transfer I loose too much accoustics.

Body signals can be converted that way, too.

And Frank, I told before who I am.

I am the data selector into the cingulate gyrus.
I go from the hippocampus towards the diagonal bands.

And it is wrong what many here are doing to my mammal relatives.

And that is why you do not want to know.

There was a man in here with his brain sort of falling apart, long
after I said ALL brain surfers with self perception I met say that
they are in the limbic system.

He said that he is in the hippocampus.

And to me it seemed to be that what he said was that the falling apart
of his brain is allowing him area perception that is very rare, but
that his systems are getting so messed up, that there are data
processing errors that should not be and that he is afraid of that,
and knows that his systems are not correct.

And speaks of you being as many years away from a healer in inner
wisdom - and in my estimate more than me myself - how you reacted to
him and that you made fun of him.

I wondered if you even understood what he said there.

I assume that for some areas of the human brain
in spite of errors and systems failures he might be one of the
greatest capacities of Earth.

BTW, I did not have I perception in the cingulate gyrus, it is
external for me.
It is sort of above my internal nose, and as the frequency selector 
into it I of course have sort of giga power,
as the entire systems survival depends on that I make intelligent
choices of the inputs.

And now we come to a little what you overlook:

Not literally:
Flute in the cingulate gyrus, guitar, singer there, other singer

>Is it just a matter of recognition of objects
>in multiple spatial orientations as opposed to a specific orientation?

Multiple spatial. Where and what.

Now I make them all "pixels" and add in more colour and less sound
than is good.

Don't know if it are flute, singer, guitar.
I are optical pixel streams over cells clusters nice in their distant
subatomic perception.

And certainly not, as someone seemed to suggest indirectly as a
thought model, to be something to be targetted too powerfully.

I do not believe that one poor little cell cluster in my CPU is meant
for ME targetting it, and far less a poor single cell in it having
millions of mine frying it.

There are limites to the games in the playground.
Managed to overcharge them with music stuff till epileptic overlaod
often enough before I learned how to stop an epileptic cramp pulse and
isolate the area off before that got serious trouble, to have know
very well how far a cluster can be overloaded before spasming /
getting damages.

And personally I cannot understand BTW how some people 
declaring themselves to other people to be healers 
with ways magic perception ranges powers than even I 
and with the third eye "closed" instead of wide open when needed a
healers way,
advertise frying the brains of people because they have messed up to
when the person came for help  do  the sacred initial healing sessions
well enough to rebalance first and third and fifths emotion generator
programs to where is better.

Arrogant people who do not confess to each other that the Vatican like
with others burned down the healing knowledge of their ancestors  of
thousands and thousands of years into the dawn of human time,
and hop around sense censored like Vatican sheep and not even
understanding much about the awesome deeds Jesus was said to have done
and not even able to tune to the yellow telepathic healer ranges in
the first place.

Lagging back not only 2000 years, but ways more beyond the magic data
of the cultures of Earth.

And therefore failing in healing, leaving a stream of corpses in the
wake of psychiatry and others.

Referring to some other's post:

DHEA into someone with anorexia to restart the period.

3 months.

And the high dosage of that into anorectic kidneys.

To restart the period as if this was the time to become pregnant and
take the responsibility for a child.

Are they nuts?

And they are all silent in here about that.

As if they had not read on how many that had been done.

3 months.

3 months of maybe eating and puking and laxatives, 
because some nerd without a clue in according healing thinks it cool
that when he can give the precurser to so many hormones into the
systems in such unnatural amounts he can restart the period.

Do we not have enough young dead woman already.

3 Months.

I do not believe this.

And with so many and not one word in this room, as if they were to
utterly damn idiotic to know the Westie healer caused death rates for
what they call anorexia and did not want to see the crying mothers
maybe over a possibly fatal error like that.

I cannot understand the attitudes of some in this room at times.

Nor you Frank.

So, why do you want to  drug me.
To make me to your norm, as you do not like autist brains and all must
be as lovely and kind as yours?

If all were like you humans would  not see much of the sun and spend
their lifes eg.3ing at each other.

And you do not even understand the joke to the full extent.

A real good healer would know about thousands of programs in the first
and third emotion generator.

But the mutilators of other brains of persons  of other races did not
do much of sort of the last sarcriledge of the human race out into
space yet.

Maybe some days you folks should make up  your melon to admit where we

And you do not need to ask me so innocently where I am, as if you did
not know the centers most damaged within Alzheimer.

And as if you still had not gotten for which power systems on Earth
you are currently researching I area data  for maybe later subatomic
access via satellite.

This room is either so crowded with fools, that they seriously did not
get that sub-I-area discussions where lead years ago and did not get
what magic is and lag thousands of years backwards and so on, or they
do know and do not want to lose the test rabbits and the job and the

My base is the hippocampus, some here are damaging in the others I
areas and are cutting around in the Is of our mammal relatives.

Slicing Is, making Is into data that will be convertible for

I registered two others who seemed to be brain surfers, and in the
reaction I learned  what this room really is about. Certainly not much
about understanding much in the brain and helping others.

And to jump back topics and to that other person and some others:
You can fail in your healings and give whom you call anorectics DHEA
and glorify in that you got their periods started for having babies,
real good time, 
like morbid idiots playing with lifes of desperate you people
destroyed of a culture that is going the wrong way and left alone or
as test objects to be drugged by sense censored healers.

Maybe someone should lock according folks up with the corpse of a
young woman in her early twenties, blossom of life, who starved
herself and  in her corpse still psychiatric drugs and make you look
at the results of not learning magic from the others and not
acknowledging adulthood the proper ways when the woman is maybe eleven
and turning adult.

Any good culture tends to acknowledge that and open access into the
adult world.

And not cause semi child repressings.

If the healers of a system comply with old Northern European stuff
that the winters are too hard that the young women too fast get
pregnant and that provisions must be there, and keep them longer like
children, then that  IS a powerful decision.
For males and females also on sexual and many other areas.

Here the young cannot go and prove themselves and become honourble
warriors, where courage is to clean away the puke of another and
violence a possible sign of that someone did not get the full measure
of who wants to judge, needs to understand measure. (Tao.)

White and black are of the same.
Hot and cold are of the same.


It is a decision of the healers of the West to not go against the
Vatican and explain to young people what the yellow telepathic ranges
are, how they get altered by basolateral amygdala inputs, how you can
make a blind person "see" ,
how to extend fields over water,
and so on.

If a culture decides to warp their children and sense censor them and
make them live very unnaturally, and not accept them as adult among
adults when they turn adult, and yet give very little inner balance
they should not pretend too amazed if some can't take it.

Starting with sticking a child into a classroom with electric light
above forcing to shut down the senses, ignoring people to the right
and left, then going on frontal cortex non-magic training for hardcore
Charles was Great, Alexander was Great - WHEN did they live, WHAT did
they do...


Reminding me, topic hopping: 

Location and area are in many places, Frank

What where.

I have what where
With the front even more.
The front is like a gigantic computer.
Makes that you can use it to think yourself up so neat excuses why you
are ever so much better than the other mammals Is who do not have a
front computer of that size, as if that would make you a different
place than you are and the crimes less gross.

And that is why you do not get the brain, and play games like this:

>Is it just a matter of recognition of objects
>in multiple spatial orientations as opposed to a specific orientation?

Open you magic senses into  yours and another's brains cingulate gyrus
and what do you spy there?

But O.K., to swerve back though the LSD some earlier topics, when I
got the front relay to do stuff that saw to zarking tape music into
the playground the way I wanted and then played there, I could keep it
tones, or make it sizzlings for cluster recognition, but then I would
not identify the sounds anymore, or I could give order to what I
BELIEVE (!!!and that for all that follows:) to be a more modern
functions of turning the sizzlings into wrong data cards and then
maybe a female singer might be a priestess in front of a temple and
and instrument turn into mountains waving at the  side and so on.

Not sure about areas involved there.

There are many different settings, and perception can depend on that.
Sort of like having the old magic perception setting maybe even with
the  front on the old setting for perception, or that on the newer
one, or the sensor banks lots newer for own games in them.

>Not sure what you are asking here.  Maybe this is relevant: 

>current thinking 

Some day bother to understand your own words in a new light.

(Maybe that is part of my sarcasm at times.

I like Marvin: Here I am, a brain the size of a planet ... and what
the other computer did after I told it my opinion about life?
...I chose the 42 in honour of an occasionally very great mind.)

(Loriot and the author of Beavis and Butthead are, too.)

>is that temporal lobe (medial part, particulary hippocampus
>and adjacent cortex) 
Irtsch, I am so high on LSD that I get cancer danger whatever from
this monitor and  computer loads, though it is worth it for me,
but I am not going to look up now where that is.

What is the connection from me to the temporal cortex?

Not that you are  likely to get that one, but is the game I wanted
Cheng to play to understand better, to do with that?

(The one where you telepathically move the flame image on different
colours between the brains)

I never could get the temporal cortex in.

Never understood the relation to I.

(Though I finally got someone different from folks in this room 
where I tried to ask several times  if I recall right, in different
ways,   who told about the brain stem, so that now I understand what
before I more assumed as it certainly did not come from out front me,
nor did seem like usual sequencer stuff.)

>is needed for formation of memories,
Guess why I tried the troll club to get Cheng to play that telepathic
candle game and "watch" that inside.

(Why is it that this reminds me of some coding stuff in words thingie,

BTW, I do not know what you do on you congresses, and write about in
your J.s, but maybe part of the sarcasm for me is that if I would go
to a convention about the mind, and mean it serious,
I'd do it different if I were really interested.

I'd get me a load of old Red Dragons in the Neherlands and store them
in a special way in some German Martians (referring to the uniforms of
certain people ganging up) safe place,
and on and off test if enough of the LSD is down so that I can take
light eight and still be there and have a marvellous range power
(though highly unhealthy on the systems!!!)
and then I'd want  to link with brains.
Telepathic data.

How can you pretend to be into the mind as if you were on some First
World dream around the sun, 
and at your meetings not exchange telepathically?

Do you want to discuss the brain with words all the time or what?


Why do you not go into each others systems like the magicians do?

Did mumie forbid you folks unhealthy sense enhancers and the Vatican
told you that you have five senses and that it needs a god title whose
voice they in their riches are to explain to the layman what Jesus

Though actually seriously there is sucks that I am MBD autistic.
I get part of what that bloke likely did O.K., and got a tiny little
of it to run in other  brains, but no ways within mine for a lot of
that for serious. That takes freaking neat parallel processing

Talking about megalomania, if I had the fevering degree of some others
of censoring around in the room and wanting to make the rules, I'd say
the new rule is, anyone having  any young woman with what you call
anorexia popping up in his doors and him not  knowing what to do about
that and that person  being open to logic  and willing to work on
changing themselves,
you send them here with whatever money that is worth to them,
and I am an old egocentric but  not a total nerd  in such stuff
(referring to money; also O.K. if they have none, honour question).

Stuff your Ph.D.s and DHEA or drugs up your a...shtrays or the latter
into your kidneys, check  if I have time and want to, and tranfer her
here, unless you are 100% sure that there will result no young corpse
and crying relatives and friends  of what you are doing there.

I am not super healer smurf number one,
but so far people seeking mental advice of me seriously 
also did not go out the other side and then killed themselves.


> but is not site of "storage".
I do not know.

I do  not know where the "identifier cards" are, in case you get what
I mean.

I have no aware temporal cortex data.

And of parietal very very little.

>  Possibly you are asking about usual activation of
>sites in (e.g.) parietal association cortex which may recapituulate
>some of the original pattern of excitation;
Fascinating thought.

I once asked someone within magic to  aim into my occipital cortex and
centered there.
That was too short after the concussions and he was on white ranges, 
and that together with us focussing there got too much very fast.
So I "moved up to parietal" but straight it went further on without me
having intended that, I mentioned the resulting "sensor helmet" and
similarities to the embryo brain in sixth months at some other point,
and the impression that there are very old function settings where
even the front seems to join that "sensor helmet" in a very very  old
function setting also of my own areas, together with the language
structurer shortly before docking off and alterations of functions in
many areas. And then very  interesting magic transcending ranges being
able to be perceived.
Straight throught the front sectors to the own I.

Also very fascinating when in lose I to I link.

I sometimes wonder if you folks understand what you are giving up by
optioning to stay sense censored like Vatican sheep instead of getting
an interest what the senses the Vatican killed for here for centuries
did have to do with Jesus,
and why magic is the first that the Vatican has been hunting and
destroying the knowledge anbout of the peoples of Earth.
Data of thousands and thousands of years of the peoples about energy
Transferred over thousands of years telepathically between the brains
till the point that they burned the corpses here of the practicers of
magic, because they were not foolish enough not to understand what
powers the ghost of a macian might have, if enough of the base
structures were still there of one who exteneded his fields for
hundreds of miles and is not as depending on axon activity or some
other transfer canals like those who do not understand much about
subatomic systems DISTANCE communication and power alterating.

Not just that Alzheimer babbling without saying that it are the I
areas and going for stuff that sounded like neat energy reaseach for
the power hungry to me,
made me leave  back then of this room for a while and after that never
really taking it serious again.

The same as you like me drugged, Frank, I believe that you should stop
what you are doing, withdraw to Wadly and Jerusalem and some other
places for a while, ponder what you saw there, and then get a decent
magic education some place that leaves you not wishing to be drugging
brains days in a row or frying them, but seeking the fault  in
yourself as a healer for not being far enough or not having
transferred to someone better there.

Only I doubt you'd find a teacher willing to teach you magic.

I once pondered more for abstract fun when about I would accept  you
as a magic student, and came to result at the point where you your
eg.3ing and a lot of other stuff was quite different, and O.K. for
such, you stopped your titling or not minding Ph.D. as THE name and
that'd be a hard one  to do with my attitude about hopping  on a title
and not living a healer, and I am too young inside to keep contempt
for that out, ...and when you were able to communicate with German
punks so most feel O.K. enough around you, and be friends with a punk
rat who is your friend and not your prisoner, and with you out of
love,  and where I see him/her drinking a typical Berlin punkie way
from you, and maybe as being used to that from you and coming to me
like a punkie's rat friend might.
Then I could watch your rat friend and  you and I would know a lot
about how far you are inside as a human.
Also if I watch you exchanging with certain people here.

I could tell by that to an extent if you brain can be reprogrammed for
magic or not, also with serious inner training.

At the moment the readout is:
Potential Black Magician,
direction cybermagic, 
red alert for Earth.

I mean, maybe some more landly magic fellows with less knowledge about
Westie science and them folks are after and maybe not too much grudge
about "colonizers" maybe having killed their ancestors and forced
another langauge and culture upon them, might be more willing to teach
you, but all in all I'd say chances for that if they are wise are the
way that maybe you better stay would-be dictator of this room.
And use your frontal capacities to suck up data about the brain and be
able to display it so neatly, which is one of the few thingies I like
in you.

Man, if I were a healer, that would make me think, if someone did not
like me, nor my eg.1 but would just appreciate the front computer of
my systems and what I stuck into it.

Good that I am not a healer  (apart from sporadically as an autist
human healer and giving access for the other systems to my autist side
on LSD and getting sub area data reflections for them 
or some such sucking stuff.)

Sorry for insulting you at times, sometimes I just can't resist making
my sort of semi-serious fun of you, on another level I'd like to point
out that this is a trip a took for a reply and it costs me life powers
to work in front of those artificial ranges, and I would not do so if
it would not concern me what you are saying about drugging and frying
other brains, and yet in yourself not seeming to  understand how drugs
are powerfully used within mental healing.

I do not know you brain shrink drugs,
but four healers drugs,
LSD, mesc, chicken (Netheerlandish trip sort) with and  without LSD
and THC.

The local supply of mesc and chicken is real bad here, but I recommend
them into standard healing drugs basics for intitial sessions, "just"
need to understand which one where, if at all and sober is not far

THC is for woman with period cramps too bad and for very feared ones,
but then natures of the fears should be made understood to them or
redirected if that seems not possible much at that time, or maybe a
bit of both.
Chicken is a catapult out of depressive moods, you might laugh about
your arch enemy, and if you provide  people with a high time that
makes them realize the  beauty of life with a chicken with LSD in it,
and also rechannel eg. settings to a more healthy course, that might
be cheating, but very effective.

For the real cheating mesc is brilliant.

Logic no avail, amulet seeming a neat eg.5 solution for kicking out
less cortisol?

Put a mask on your face, impersonate a god power, alter the settings
in your emotion generators to what you believe is appropriate and wise
for this, if the other is hallucinating anyway, go to the
hallucinating ranges and alter his identifier cards of  you where you
believe is good, and then give the  amulet the force that it holds for
him into his mind and systems.

In Africa I saw one who had a band around her wrist with little
leather bags, enough space for more, and far more healthy for the
kidneys than drugs.

I neat invention.
A thousand smurf wisdom points on the healer inventing that.

That leaves space for any demon or other plague to come, to be rowed
up to more peace with the rest and remind the healer of what the rest 
was, so one does not actually have to bother to write it down.

I do not really understand the powers of mesc, as it made my systems
addicted too fast and is a nuts maker drug, so I was scared of it, and
did not take that often enough and did not learn much, but it was the
first drug where I said out loud to others that I need a teacher for

I ran LSD "7th" commands with it through the systems.

Different, not all that works with LSD can be steered in the same way
with that, and it has loads of other powers.
Also I could learn Spanish of  a book while from it.
Not as front damaging as LSD and THC and E.
But I was two times fanatically convinced that something was a certain
way and had a quarrel over one of that with someone, to some hours
later realize that of cousre he was right, and the "gap" I saw there
of reality - not reality, was scary.

I do make data errors sober and on other drugs, too, but usually not
like that one. I understood why they call it a crazy maker drug.

Peyote is dangerous.

A fascinating drug, but very, very dangerous.
I still believe that a good healer should understand its magic and
other potentials to quite an extent.

And be it just that some day the age might come where we generate
external transmitter for  humans in a  very targetted way, to then
already have some ideas what might  be looked for in some areas to
improve and damage then maybe in other ways...

LSD is for people who seriously want to face themselves and want to
spend months  and  years on altering themselves and their own

It is that access canal into eg.1, like mesc a magic drug, telepathic
and healing powers personally I find best when the amount for full
pupil size is passed 2/3 in me and 1/3 in the other.
Needs very careful dosaging, and errors in a programming there can
have powerful effects.

Should maybe just be used in direct emotion generator subprogram
alterating in high speed and magic transfers where high baud rates
between the brains are needed.

Old Dragons might be ways better suited than real LSD, 
although physically they are unhealthy, especially for the joints.
And people with kidney damages that  are too bad should not take it.

I have not studied that far  enough, but I suspect that LSD can also
be used to help logical people who want to get rid of what you call

But that takes very much powers and skills of the healer, and wisdom,
as it is dangerous, very very dangerous, to tune to some brains who
are hallucinating and walking vergelines between reality and what is
not, that  might be so fine, that even someone like I, who is
basically a brain vampive, might be scared to dock there.
More scared than docking to some minor virusses.

I wish healers who go that way good luck.
Most powerful way out of schizophrenia I ever spied for optical
hallucinating,  but most very very dangerous for the healer maybe to
run synch with the other brain long times, many sessions, and correct
the ranges / energy settings. 

High Art.

If I were into White Magic, I'd offer that to people who are
hallucinating and/or an amulet,
and then watch their decision for one, the other or both, 
and if feeling that they are not far enough, send them to practice
with their mirror how to alter energies, 
and come back when they want changes inside for serious.

As basically that is going into hard ware alteration.

And the other mind needs to understand that in their ways.

That is a very high trust and skill question.

All of the drugs I mentioned are not drugs to be stuck into the other
for days  in a row no end,

but can be used in the intitial healing ceremony.
And  there are good healers who might condemn the use of any drugs as
unnatural systems alterations in the other, 
which a good healer does not need to heal the other.

There might be much better drugs, much faster ways of balancing people
back to inner harmonies,
and sober even better more natural and healthier ones. 

But the attitude you have, Ph.D., is that of  someone liking to stick
a feather on his hat and work with an electric brain fryer instead of
the subatomic powers of a Healer Magician.

Maybe destroying parts of the brain that are also important for that.

That is why I semi-joked on a punkies rat friend and the person from
the  other race drinking from your mouth, as that is so far from you
and your saying stuff in ways that make me wonder if you  ever
bothered to think yourself into the other abused you talk about. 
That with the eye-nerves I had night-mares of no joke for a while.

I would not seriously want you in my brain, I find you night-marish
enough from the distance; I just tried to get you to understand that
without magic you will never having the range powers to be a good
healer, but because you are innerly for people like me registering on
very very many levels not far enough inside for range powers a healer
should have, I am not sure that anyone would want to run systems
transfer to you.   

But without it I doubt you will ever really understand much about some
about which you ask.

I am not really sure how to explain this. Maybe I should not have

> if activated in unusual
>way, person may not discriminate true from false memories, or memory
>from current experience (e.g. as in hallucinations? acid trips?).

I am not sure.
Guess maybe yes to the first and no for me for the second, sort  of to
the opposite.

When you at some point had some task that included several housies in
a row, I had not data about several housies in a row.
It is hard enough to imagine a single brick and the resuls after a
long strain for that might not be satisfying.

Maybe I am really the wrong one to ask about certain areas of optical
thinking including the ways some hallucinate on  LSD.

Usually I kick out optics and motorics as that is ways too much data
for me, and that is sort of sequencer stuff.

I am usually like blind and just perceive the world around me as a
haze unless I want eye control and then get me some data sharp, and
that takes a lot of time and is slow and straining.
A friend said that if I'd train it more I could do it better and I
know  that she is right as I have been working on such a little,  but
then again she  is less MBD and I guess she underestimates HOW much
power it takes me.

That is also why I might be the wrong one to ask about a lot of stuff
to do with optics.

I believe that stuff like LSD is having less effects there than it has
in many other brains, also because I am used to that other areas do
not do what I want and I go into internal combat with them if we are
going to do that or not.

This happens to be a world where people want others to simulate them
even when having less capacities, and if they stick ritalin into
and therefore many MBDies for all I know are not effected by many
drugs as others are, as our systems inside are different, and we are
used to different steering control.
Someone once told me how his brain is on LSD (to do with concentration
and some other stuff), and that was similar to  how mine was normally.
While I go from 1/3 to 2/3 autist on higher amounts of LSD.

>>> They were exploring memory systems and were
>>>particularly interested in tracing these two streams to the

So again for the dumb on trip, where does that stuff get into my
systems and from where?

>>How does data go from the occipital cortex to me?
>I don't know.  Not clear just where you're at.
>(American English play on words...)

(Ich verarsche dich auch nicht in deutsch, und habe hier bereits
mehrfach und ausdruecklich gesagt, dass ich im limbischen Sytem bin.
Und wenn du glaubst, dass ich dir die Subdaten dafuer rueberschiebe,
haste dich geschnitten, die habe ich damals zum groessten Teil mit
abgeloescht wo ich Erinnnerungssystemdata unter Sperre gesetzt und mit
Drogen bombardiert habe, bis sie beim oberflaechlichen Check nur noch
Truemmer waren und da noch ein paar draufgesetzt.
Du Scherzkeks hast uebersehen, dass der Vorteil von Erinnerungsdaten
Abloeschwissen ist. Futsch.
Und natuerlich weiss ich schon so ungefaehr, wo ich da genauer bin,
aber du glaubst doch wohl nicht im Ernst, dass ich dir 'ne
Schnippelanweisung fuer Katzen und Rattenhirne im Internet auf die
Theke knalle. Lies doch mal bei Alzheimer, das hilft vielleicht bei
Vergesslichkeit gegenueber dem, was ich frueher hier gesagt habe, als
du mich rausekeln wolltest. Tschuldigung, aber ich sage hier schon
lange genug, dass ich der limbische Energieselektor bin.)

Translated that meant something like: I do not like American English
plays on words, unless you explain them, as I usually do not do Berlin
German plays of words directly on you. 
And I said before where I perceive myself in the brain, which you
might have noticed if you had bothered to read what I wrote with as
much effort as you tried to censor me out of the room.

>But seriously, folks (oblique reference to American comedian): the
>question of where "the person who experiences all this" is invites
>opening a can of worms.
Yes, because some might go cutting in the others and then the maggots
might worm through the cadavers.

BTW, this is also a reason why I do not take you serious much in a
nice way, as if instead of trying to get me out back then, you would
have listened to what I say, you might have noticed that I said that
there is another who with me in the brain.
I am not the only who. And personality is to do with many areas,
and again if you had paid attention to what I said, I mentioned that
the 5th and 7th emotion generator are in the body.
It is very obvious in what I wrote that in my perspective there are
many different cell systems in the body & brain, and that I myself am
some of them.
So if you took serious what I wrote in the past as my opinions, you
know very well that  I do not share your opinions of you last sentence
with you.

>  We can follow the trail from retina to lateral
>geniculate to occipital cortex (ignoring side-roads along the way) 
Nearly sounds like a magic instruction to the transformer banks in the
back of another head.
BTW, for looking out the others eyes on LSD I do not need to access
his own (I) systems for serious. 

>to these "streams" in posterior association cortex to hippocampus, but it
>is not clear how far one must go along this route or what side-roads
>must be included to achieve the personal experience we talk about when
>we say "I saw that".

I guess if I take eye control from the sequencer then I have it and
can download me data from the outside, but if  I am not careful I
might threated the systems life  if I take eye control too much from
the sequencer who needs it more the own way than I, say as we are
driving a car. Is that what you mean? But I do not know that inside in
I know that you mentioned some data split where one went to the
sequencer and one to myself, and I guess that you know more about the
fornix towards the thalamus and about the nucleus accumbens I asked
you before if you can write about that, to get certain stuff yourself.

That's more your knowledge areas.

I mean, excuse me, you are seeming stupided by your arrogance at times
even more than me, but the fornix in the brain  sure did not escape
your attention, nor what one of the main connection between the two
thinkers / two CPUs of the brain is.

Hey man, next incarnation instead of Reincarnation of the Goddess of
Laziness I should try neuroshrink.

Load of the theories I read here or rumours I heard about dear Guru
Chalmers told me that that are headblinds where the next brain surfer
might have more bright theories about the brain than that and some of
the magicians though lack sub area understanding, at least still a
remarkable subatomic understanding of different brain ranges and

How likely is it that some reading all that shredding data never got
to that the two great CPUs of the brain are having a freaking powerful
data channel system between them.

;-)  My dear, thou mightst not want to overlook the fornix entirely
nor subatomic relations.

And who looks out the eyes, me or the sequencer, some people who know
me well can tell by looking into my eyes.

If they do not look straight out of them.

One moved them. He was into shamanism. That was freaking cool.
That was axon control.
I do not recall ever getting that in another brain.

Sorry for eg.3ing rather unconstructively at times.
I am not used to taking you serious, unless you quote fact data.
Reminding me:

Which drug stuff did you want me one  back then exactly?

How about you tell me, and if I am in the mood I smurf to some 
chemo-fryer here and tell him your name and that you said that I
should try that, and that therefore I like to check it out.

Might be fun and might tell me volumes about your healer smurf
capacities and your eg.3 over logic dangers to others.

How about instead of vague words you either apologize for that one
or tell me exactly which stuff and what it is, into which systems it
goes, what it does there, what are the damages it does, and then tell
me what damages that heals?

>Some food for thought: poor HM (famous patient with bilateral temporal
>lobe ablation) cannot form memories lasting more than a few minutes,

For some reason this makes me think of the one who said he cannot
recall his past.
Don't recall if he just said minutes though.

What is there for cooperation between the cholinerigic limbic system
and those areas?

Maybe if you feel like that and know, you could explain him that under
his request.

Don't know if that'd be of relevance to him.

What could that person  you are talking about still call up?

>but is of course quite capable of saying "I saw that" when he is shown
>something.  On the oother hand, Larry Weiskranz (and Eliz. Warrington,
>my speaker at NYAS last November) have shown that people with "cortical
>blindness" (lesion very early in occipital part of route) can to some
>extent guide their movements visually (i.e. locate visual targets with
>better than chance accuracy) without the experience of seeing them.

Long version? 

And can they "see" a  bit? Though I guess you would not know.

>Dorsal and ventral refer to directions/locations better seen in
>organisms with CNS laid out in more of a straight line: dorsal on the
>back side, ventral on the belly side.  In humans, with upright posture
>and many kinks and folds, takes a little more effort to see these
>directional referents.  
Arrrgs, spatial thinking?! :-(  
But I appreciate the explanation. Somehow I seem even worse in
imagining that than a row of housies.
Where's the middle between above and below?:

>(1)dorsal in this case is "above", for a person sitting or standing
>upright; ventral "below"; but both streams are aimed at and converge in
>temporal lobe, down near the ears.

Where there? And are you sure that it is not to do with "identifier

And  I still did not get where exactly that runs and via which
systems.  But maybe that does not matter, I do not know much about the
back of the head and nearly zero about the temporal cortex anyway.

>(2) not deep at all: these are streams within the cortex, which is very
>thin (about the same in a rat as in a human: 2-4 mm??). 

Still don't get it, but maybe that is not that important, and by the
time you got that 3-dimensional from where to where do they go
and I'd get it we'd be fossils.

>Too bad.  You'd get a lot more info than you can get from newsgroups.
And a higher phone bill for stuff I do not get a penny for.   ;-)
>>"Too lazy to cognito, ergo sum" ... but it can't mean thinking because
>>the Westie branches never got that the sequencer and oneself can
>>Been wondering for a while what cognitive means?
>Not well-defined, but in common usage refers to such things as
>"thinking" "remembering", etc.

Had meant it as sort of a sarcastic remark on that you folks are too
lazy to make up your melon what you mean with terms like that.
Or consciousness(es), mind and so one.

I once gave some mind area definition the way I understood that term,
and I found it interesting that there was not correcting  nor
Like some vague words used all the time, where if someone of a foreign
language said that given the way he  understood it used in the alien
language he matched it to mean "...".  

If you want a prediction of the Oracle of Chaoticon: 
This vagueness won't get you folks far.

And to thee:
Ponder the question if
subatomically regarded to be a what, it has to be where, and how could
it be where if there was no what.

>... some speculations of memory vs. hallucination question

Did not understand the vs. as my first translation guess made no
sense, else I might have been tempted to reply without thinking long
enough about it:
Ranges, energy settings.


To Frank:

Hey, I actually spend a trip to RE your stuff in front of some
cancering monitor. And a friend of mine who just called found it hard
I wasted a trip of a special sort for that. Probably he is right.

You know, you puzzle me slightly.

Like the difference of wanting to drug me to shut me up and censor me
out, and then suddenly wanting to know where I myself am, though I
said often enough that I am the energy selector into the cingulate
gyrus and talked about other limbic functions at times.

Or like the difference of making fun of my vocabulary,
eg.3ing at others for not knowing stuff and then explaining to me
ventral and dorsal and other words you used, which for you is sort of

So I take it that for a change you want me to understand what you say,
but I cannot return it much, even if I'd not hate it to share brains
with you, there is sort of a codex here whom I can net out magically,
and  with a non magic brain that can't "see" I do not know how to
discuss subatomic data.

Imagine I wanted  you to explain me a lot about brain areas where I
could never perceive in Berlin dialect. And imagine I'd not understand
any English, then you might get the problem to an extent.

Imagine I were a torturer and mass murderer and delighting in the data
I get that way and you might inspire me towards new gross deeds if you
made too many errors in what you say, then you might get another

I prefer you believe that I am stupid for not having bothered to learn
all English words and all neuroshrink dorsal, ventral, etc.
irxtlwrrkses and making more concussion "wake" errors when upset,
tired or for other reasons on high spelling or other error rate, than
you ever understanding some of what I understand for real and going
off for some rat or cat cages or something like that.

Also if I ever reprogrammed your brain magically so you'd get some
basics, you'd still get at such a load of memory systems
understanding, that that'd spoil the fun of watching your guessing
around for the next decades and at the end listing your Ph.D. and
group yonder the ocean in occupied Red Indian lands whose magic you do
not understand and lag thousands of years behind, giving New YORK an
extra tinge of sarcasm in this context, 
and watching how you sometimes make fun of what some not of your group
say in their words, sometimes about key data that you do not even
comprehend, because your branch is not far enough, so you just notice
some of the errors they make and go eg.3ing about that, but do  not
understand the rest, and I would not want my fun in that spoiled too
much either.
BTW, you are disquietingly "non-eg.3ing" in your last posts to me, to
the point that if I do it I start to wonder that you do not in return
and start to appreciate the effort that I suspect that might cost.
This is rather odd for you, though then again I observed that  you
have differences in eg.3ing, sort of going against people who did not
start out against you with that and sometimes even in posts talking to
someone else you are eg.3ing to, and that there also seem phases, and
also when one goes out you sometimes pick a next and continue there in
a similar fashion as to the one before.
While with me the third emotion generator and me in relation at times
follow typical MBD patterns, and timing once a certain level is
exceeded is pretty autist (in other words potentially till 4-6 months
after death, and even if the other one in between is regretting it I
cannot make it stop O.K. often). I hope you can understand that.

For some odd reason you not eg.3ing, and explaining me irxtlwrrkses
you used, is so out of pattern for you and seeming so mask like at
points compared to what I am used  from you, that I'd like to ask you:

(Hey, so you do not dislike my spelling too much 
and run anti-concussion jokes for which I could mentally throttle you,
because it took me enough months to get spelling back just to where it
is, and I do not need you to remind me that there are still ways too
many errors at times, I even checked and also censored part of this
text when I got sober again, as I figured you like censored texts
better. Saw to a delay in the answer, though.)

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