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Sun Apr 10 21:46:03 EST 2005

or of a certain emotion generator sub-program 
(1st more complex than 3rd) or a bunch of programs together?

The sequencer only seems to register stronger pain, me alreadly little
pains, unless some stuff is running that I guess is a lot to do with
the 5th (only that that is in the body, adrenal glands) and 3rd
emotion generator, in which case if I give amping signals it would
sort of be there, but numbed for my perception

Also with jealousy to me there seem different forms.

If someone eats the last peace of some delicious food that I would
have liked, too, the next day I might have forgotten about that, but
if someone were to go off with my then ex-partner, that'd take longer
than a day.

If I should find a symbolic example I'd compare some forms of physical
pain to energy from my computer going up to the monitor, third emotion
generator programs more like simple patterns on the monitor and first
emotion generator programs more complex patterns, and second emotion
generator programs like other simple, newish program patterns merging
into mine so I have trouble to discern us, 

and back then on LSD the "relay" goes from first without second, 
to when withdrawing out of first to immediately second being "with
me", and then with a long delay into the third.
That shortened considerably with testosterone. It makes one of the big
differences between men and women.

If you see a woman with sort of an upset voice rantaning of and a man
going physical, that is to do with it.

Also I believe if women talk a lot about emotional problems, because I
believe they maybe perceive better what is going on in the first, and
there are also different programs.

I talked about such before a fw times and also suggested a naming
system, so there is little point in going off about it again.

Guess if you really had wanted to know you would have said which
sector(s) and which subprogram(s) you arae talking about or at least
described the pain and the jealousy & maybe the situation leading to
it, so that others might know better what you are referring to.

Same for the next one, you arae not saying which sort of fear running
with what intensity where.

>In what way is existential angst more complex than fear? 

Not sure about the meaning of the first, but if that is what I guess
it might be, then it might be fear initiated by the own I together
with the front as extension banks.

If there is fear stuff sort of blocking front access power
or/and  maybe to do with hightened cortisol output for a longer time
structure reducing also in the own systems maybe for later a better
suited/situation adapted  buildup,
the the own areas with the front could have less ability and
flexibility in handling problems, and there might result sort of a
fixed intensity with which the own areas are digging into some
problems that run that high that way might go so high, till the person
like a woodworm digs into the problem for a while, and when they
decide that that sucks and that there are better ways to spend life
and maybe they also ignite stuff to be out of the rank and herd
systems for a while and then stuff that makes that they get more help,
then eventually they come back, decide that it is time to change, and
then after some restructuring and learning a lot and maybe after some
more of that sort might get to a course they like better, and with
males more testosterone then boosting up again self confidence.

Many might not go as extreme but just worry a lot, but the own powers
together with the front are quite powerful.

If I were startled by soemthing falling in the middle of the night in
the room to me thta might be more like the adrenal glands starting to
kick out stuff, and when I notice that that is harmless, I might sort
of tell them to shut up and stop disturbing in the head with what they
kick out, while at some times, like watching some horror film, I might
want them to kick out stuff and enjoy it in the head, and then
sometimes I might verify that there is really something to be worried
about. This is a simplified example.
I never counted, but I believe that there are thousands of programs in
the main emotion generators and that there are differences between
people(s).  There are program,"setting" & hormone differences,
and maybe different drugs on top, starting with cigarettes and
and when some MBD person with less cells / less connections is
sticking some drug as a blocker & amplified & some other functions
(skeleton key transmitter) in the systems and is having "the 7th
sense" = different interpretation steering for different areas, then a
central programming around in the first and third emotion generator on
LSD might see to something running very different to someone worrying
all day long or staring at the wall or slurping his yogi tea and going
to his Zen place to meditate or someone making a list what is why not
how he likes it, what he should do against that and nailing it to his
door and trying to follow it...

If not wanting to be like a certain neuroshrink who is trying to
categorize thousands of emotional programs, different hormone and
transmitter levels, different axons structures and sector connection
powers and so on to "my soandso case" and then being upset that
someone is not using some generalization of programs of several areas
the way he does but is generalizing it a little more, ...
then I recommend a little more precision in what it is exactly that
you are asking about.

"Fear" was too vague, and with the other I am not sure if I should
translate that literally, and then I am still not sure if it would
already refer to losing one's job and being 50 but not really needing
to fear to starve if in a social place, or if it is meaning very
literally existing.


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