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Sun Apr 10 21:47:37 EST 2005

to stick it to a little paper or other figure and lament about what
the person did to you and beat with some wooden or other shoe onto it
and focus upon and curse the person while at it.

In the cells there is a double helix of four thingies usually abrv.ed
to four letters, and something goes along one of it and reads three of
the ones that are there.
Didn't pay that much attention in school but got the impression that
those three are like some code that is read, so it reads a certain
amount of these codes, and maybe some stuff is build according to the
sequence there.

But what all of these "mean" and after what system what is "bio-read"
in which (sort of) cell when, and the possibilities that something
goes through sort of a data channel in the middle of the double helix
and changes something somewhere, I am not sure how much is known about

When I was in some wild theorizing mood when writing on some bookie I
wondered if forms of cancer can have to do with artificial ranges
sending something through that data channel in the middle of the
double helix and alter something in the sequence, that seeing to
another readout.  There are indications from more advances branches of
magic that made me wonder if such a process can also work the other
way around, meaning that the energies of cancer cells are altered back
to a more healthy setting, so that then the cancer is gone.
In the one I read about the practicer of magic seemed to aim at where
the tumour was not directly with own energies but via the energies of
the fur of another mammal and if I got that right also other energies,
and seemed to generate an energy pull for a while. 

(But as the person writing about it was a sense censored Westie, the
description was not very explicit concerning the magic energy works.)

I do not understand much about the topic, 
though for myself I sometimes like speculating about 
fields of cell systems 
and what is going on concerning the helix and what is read of it.

(Though such for me is not much to do with Westie word stuff, 
but more with magic stuff, when on LSD I reprogram brain akasha 
for akasha surfing and reach the levels where I get loads of 
hard ware alteration indications in our brains, and vampire me non MBD
systems data.) 
Maybe in some cell biology place there are people who are willing to
take your questions more serious.
... Or who at least can tell you where you get a blender of the
appropriate size and construction for humans not seeming to appreciate
the scientific value of your research on them properly.  ;-)

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