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Sun Apr 10 21:47:37 EST 2005

magic there, too.

Shrooms and "Nachtschattengewaechse" are used by some of the
neo-witches here, though those are often nothing or very little to do
with magic.

A very powerful sense enhancing mix is a bit of E followed by (part
of) a trip and THC. Unhealthy but very "broadrange".

We advice against shrooms mixed with E or LSD.

But to interrupt babbling here for a question, you don't happen to
have tried mesc with LSD?

And are you happening to know where I could find some mesc here?
There is a notorious shortage of it in Berlin.

>> has thus long helped to prevent the merest suspicion that
>>psychoactive plants and their preparations might have played a role in
>>early European times before the Christian era,
Here the times before that are said to have been crammed with tribe
healers using them.
Maybe in your WEing you overlook that there were bunches of tribes
here, and somehow confuse them into some generalized mass,
and might also overlook that the gods of the druids were not all the
Germanic gods or Roman or Greek gods or of Finland ...

>>or in other cultures which constitute at least to some degree the intellectual roots of Western
I believe common greed was the root for that. Shop of the trees, rip
out metals, kill and pilfer, build stone buildings not just good for
winter but also against others who kill and pilfer, make better
weapons for killing and pilfering,
and when the neighbours ones were good enough that the killing and
pilfering each other sucked too much, go to other continents and kill
and pilfer.
Try to suppress natural sex drives and a lot of other nataural
behaviours, kill the carriers of the mental healing knowledge of
thousands of years and sense censor people till in their head they are
alone, so that no one can tell them about mental balances nor can they
perceive directly in others anymore, and there you have civilisation.
Here we have civilized the ground with enough concrete, steel, fields
and a few tree sorts in rows, that there is little natural left.
Civilization is quite established, nature has been nearly terminated
in many places and become the exception and we reached decent
civilized suicide rates. 

>> Such research is dismissed as an irrelevant curiosity despite the fact that it brings the use of psychedelic
>>and hallucinogenic plants much closer to home than was possible to believe formerly.
I don't get the point, but that might be because here some of what we
call Nachtschattengewaechse and some of the shrooms have been used as
far as our historic stories date back, and they are still used,
and if we want them close to home some might plant them or get them
from others and store them till eating them.
The use of psychedelic drugs we tend to teach each other with words
and folks into magic also magically.

>>If the use of such plant drugs was universal 
Maybe different than you mean and more limited.  ;-)

>>and of utmost importance to tribal man, 
Uuuh, THE tribal man again.

I am sure a Red Indian will get why you stick him into one pot with
all other Red Indian, African, Pacific and Asian tribes.
The similarity between a pygmy and from someone in Mongolia is so
striking, that it would be hard to understand why anyone from Europe,
France would not put them together.

>> the prevalence and importance of the drugs makes it highly unlikely that their use suddenly appeared throughout
>>the world in some later stage of human development. 
Recommend a magic look at the brain when "seeing"
and at pictures of brains of embryos in different stages
or ginger telepthic perceptions (if you are sure you are not damaging
the other).
Maybe then your WEs could arrive at some historic probablility

>>The seeking of drug-produced altered states of consciousness
>>must have been a frequent and contributory feature of human life from the
>>very beginnings of our existence and continuing for a period representing
>>more than 98 percent of our time on earth.[3]

Just out of curiosity, at which point (date?) would you call our
ancestors human, why do you exclude those before and how do you arrive
at 98 percent?

>>... is far more than mere oversight. 
Now, after hundreds of years of burning practicers of magic, schooling
with brainwashing attempts of the then ruling system of the Christian
Democratic Union, money going from here via Church taxes to the
Catholic Church, schools and universities trying to raise the system
sheep and future tax payers sense censored, etc., 
who would have thought that sense enhancing drugs capacities were not
accidentally overlooked?

Maybe it escaped your magic attention, but Catholics, Protestants and
system Westies are usually sense censored.

Westie tend to be proud to pronounce to be sense censored,
just use 5 (!) senses (others might consider 100 an embarassingly
small number) and are proud to ignore a lot of what they perceive with
them, till they have proven, maybe with methods damaging for others or
requiring substances won via imbalancing Earth harmonies, that what
they perceive is really there.

And nearly all practicers of magic I met believe that they should
remain sense censored and out of the magic communication with beings
of Earth and the universe.
Such has been a main domain of the magic healers of Earth 
for thousands of years, usually with training data of research of
thousands of years behind them taught ways over a decade and sometimes
several decades,  and that is correct so.

I do not understand your personal reasons why want it different,
though I do understand the temptation to magically on-line Westie
science, as eventually in the "magic lands" they should get more about
Westie technology, too, and then humanity is bound to head for such

Also do not understand if you want them to understand more bout the
magic potential when usingsense enhancers, why you do not teach them.

The closest place for healer magician here that I can think of is what
I refer to as the Schnippelinstitut in Dahlem, to do with educating
young students how to heal and a place where they practice cutting on
dead people and explore inner structures.

If you are seriously wishing to on-line Westie science, I recommend to
try there, and in the physics teaching place, with students, and to
push cybermagic yourself and get them to cooperate, and to keep a
central enough position to steer the moral aspects as traditionally
tends to be befitting when on-lining newies.

I do not know about your rules in France, but here the concept is that
who onlines should see to that whom he onlines magically should not
suck too much later on, and when you transmit the other transfer power
to online other brains, to mention such.

If you wish to magically online Westie science and get them to play
with sense enhancers, then see to it that they do not suck too much.

The man who was going on about mind control, even though not
understanding about telepathy, was not that far off-shot.

If they start to get the hang of monitoring for brain energies from
satelllites before you or maybe this generations grandchildren are
dead, there might be no place on the surface of Earth left where you
can have your privacy.

And to protest against it might be about as effective as protesting
against Bill Gates sending his stuff into and through you
from satellites.

>>...grave errors.
And if you go for it, mybe point out according grave errors 
concerning artificial ranges.  ;-)
>> of the perennial questions that have been the
>>central quest for mankind since the dawn of consciousness.


My systems registered the dawn of consciousness in my ancestors
together with green ocean water.

>>Thus, as Eleusis stood most significantly in the midst of Greek Civilisation 
>>so does it stand for the evolution of humankind ...
Actually if I were to take a guess if you were to ask magic healers in
South America, Middle America, Asia, several islands and many other
places most would not even have heard of it. 

BTW, taking too many psycheledic drugs can lead to damages in the
front and alterations in main emotion generators,
so that many concepts might be regarded less critical in the uptake, 
own ideas might be regarded less critically, and a certain fanatism
might develop.

>>and other works which define the entire direction of modern thought? 
Modern thoughts of whom, someone in South America or Asia or Australia
or Europe of Africa and where there and which individual?
You are generalizing a lot.
If you want to impress some Westie, get him on some sense enhancer he
does not mind or try with him sober, and reprogram his brain big style
for magic, and then explain him how to use internal magic perception
sector correlations to find out about the history of the own areas
thoughts capacities development, then you might have his attention,
if that is what he is into.

Then you can go off about modern thoughts, sequencer thinking compared
to own thinking, own thinking with and without the front, theories
about different "axon pattern programmings in babies" and brain area
use programmings in different cultures, brainwashing on LSD,
alteration theories concerning own thinking if programming the brain
far for magic, telepathic thinking uniting, internal reprogrammings
seeing to structure alterations altering thinking, etc., ...whatever
it is that you find relevant about what you consider modern thinking

Same going for psyche stuff. Show him how to use some sense enhancers
to access subprograms of emotion generators and how to program stuff
different there.

Just going with words for the stuff is fun in places like here in
bionet.neuroscience where you could just for fun spell people stuff
about the brain and they believe it is a joke, and tell them that you
yourself are from the hippocampus towards the diagonal band, mention a
naming system for the thousands of emotional subprograms of the
emotion generators thta might in the future be interesting, list which
are mind areas for you in the head and which ones are not, make a
description like for the stupid how to use LSD to access some areas in
the one head and link to energies of some sectors in the other head,
and they are likely just taking the whole like some joke and go on
with their own often really silly theories of a level where the next
MBD brainsurfer might spill out a thousand times more correct and more
interesting data than that.
This place here is more interesting if after stuff where oneself can't
get at it, but to seriously expect that people in here will even
randomly understand psyche area access powers of LSD or capacities
mesc is enabling or differences in magic range capacities if certain
sense enhancers alter internal energies, is like expecting a Catholic
to learn "Jesus' magic". Actually the latter I find more likely.

But on a level I like that you are here going on about psychedelics,
as I am considering to not reregister and if not with that would
eventually lose this account and access to here.    (So that the
neuros here can make a sigh of relief to get rid of some babbler
harping around on that it is utterly wrong to cut around in persons of
other mammal races, and that they are cowards not to finally admit
that we have I areas within the limbic system like all of us mammals
and many others. So that they can go on abusing and murdering persons
of other races  who are so nicely similar to us for getting data about
us, go on to eat meat, and don't have anyone reminding them that their
pretense since Alzheimer and with loads of MBD people giving the
limbic areas as I areas is getting more and more a shame for all of

>>I urge scientists and all those whose future welfare and self-esteem
>>depends on having not fallen prey to the prejudice and ignorance that
>>devalues and even obliterates the work of a lifetime, all those who will
>>wish to end their days with the idea that they helped to dispel
>>superstition and not prolong it, to read of Wassons long life-work in the
>>uncovering of facts that should astonish the world but have not, to read of
>>the work of the brilliant Swiss chemist whose discoveries should have
>>brought great prizes and universal recognition but have not, to read the
>>facts revealed by an expert on Greek civilisation and religion who likewise
>>should be sharing fame and fortune with the greats of our time; to read the
>>case as presented in The Road to Eleusis and allow this revolutionary view
>>to dissolve what is perhaps the most important and destructive prejudice
>>and superstition that remains to be dispelled by modern man.

I am a not very modern MBD person,
and find it suspicious if someone is trying to indicate that the own
self-esteem is to be depending on some book, the same going for
welfare recommendations of a drug taker.

Self-esteem for me, intentionally mistaking you, is an area for limbic
subsegregaters, and if they are making esteems about self areas stuff
I tend to listen with quite some interest.
Welfare of someone messing up internal balances with drugs is sounding
about as convincing as someone, hearing I like LSD, waving around with
his hands, forgetting the beer in one and the cigarette in the other,
and telling me seriously:"I am against drugs!"

I more esteem you to not understand that much about magic in the first
place, nor about the self areas and that that is why you use
consciousness in the singular, as one of the most important areas of
the brain, sort of the other main I area, has so far escaped your
attention. When talking about thinking you are not discerning between
your own cholinergic limbic areas and the sequencer supervising
motorics, as if the thalamus had hopped of your brain charts together
with several other motoric areas.
When talking about the psyche, I lack the differentiation into
different areas and thousands of subprograms,
and at least a random mentioning that to alter stuff with a lot of
emotional programs it is possible to reprogram something in one sector
and cause alterations in the other.
Mean persons might even suspect that somehow the basolateral part of
the amygdala, the substantia innominata and areas of the hypothalamus
hopped off your internal brain charts, too.

That would leave an area undifferentiated brain.

>sharing fame and fortune with the greats of our time;
In other words the primitive rank fighting perceptions of people being
greater than others (sounding as if humans are categorized to
different values without knowing all of them very well) together with
fame being considered as important,
sound suspiciously like the owner of the propaganda is not able to
track such to their sources within the own head.

Concerning self esteem & reading some book: Has it ever ocurred to you
that there might be humans not able to read, maybe not even
considering it healthy to keep forcing their eyes to follow little
lines of letters for hours and hours, and for whom part of their self
esteem might be not to be so busy with the self, but to provide for
children and old people and care for them in a nice way, and together
have a nice life? 

>>If drugs have played the role we now see they must have, 

Those WEs certainly don't seriously expect all humans of Earth to know
about the roles all drugs of Earth played in the history of humanity.

The must I do not get at all, sounds like someone does not know
something and starts with if, and then goes on, as if he damaged his
frontal cortex with too many drugs, with a must, as if he were talking
about facts 100% sure, yet so far I did not even get which drugs are
referred to nor which cultures. I would not expect fishers on some
island in the Pacific to have the same drugs as some here used.

>>how can any rational person, or an organisation that more than any other represents the
>>collective knowledge and momentum of modern civilisation, the United
What a sad modern civilisation.
But maybe some decade or century first "nations" have enough of some
veto-nerds and demand evenness, and when at that get that true
evenness has no nations, and that the Earth is of all of Earth.

>>be promoting the conviction that a drug-free world is a
>>desirable and necessary, a noble goal?
Is a coffee drinker rational? And I did not hear yet of anyone who
wanted to destroy all plants that can be used as drugs of Earth 
and all other drugs used in medicine and other areas.
I heard however that noble people back then had a reputation to often
have to do with trying to tell others what to do and some of them
killing to achieve that.   

You are jumping between rational people (how many did you meet who
were totally rational?) the UN, undifferentiated drugs and other
I'd find it more interesting if you were to go on about instructions
for interesting uses of different drugs, interesting stuff about the
UN or Eleusis, than vague stuff.

Alone to use "drugs" as if all of them were for getting visions,
keeping going on about undifferentiated "men",
undifferentiated "society",
not going on about what is the difference for you between
hallucinating with certain drugs and visions, nor about what is real
about them, etc., is too vague for my taste.

>>... Drugs will not be brought under control until society itself changes, enabling men to use
>>them as primitive man did; welcoming the visions they provided not as
>>fantasies, but as intimations of a different, and important, level of

>>... no one has yet experimentally reproduced a potion with sufficient psychoactive
In other words the Eleusinian drugs used are not even known?
What exactly would I have from reading that book?
Meaning not vague stuff but precise facts?

(And how many percent of it would you estimate to be undoubted,
precise facts?)

And what makes you think that for anyone, wether liking the  own
health too much for drugs or having 4 children to care for, or being
old and having trouble to read, or not being able to read, it is so
important to read that stuff?

Honestly to me the whole more sounded like someone being into taking
psychedelic drugs and running some experiments with them, and trying
to get others to take them without warning about their dangers, and
wanting to be able to take them without being bothered by others over

By the way, I regretted that one of your texts back then about
psychedelic drugs and sex was in French, as my French est tres mal.

Sorry for hopping around on this text, often I enjoy such too much to
resist.  ;-)

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