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Sun Apr 10 21:47:37 EST 2005

limbic areas or "the sequencer" as well?.

> But cognitive science avoids
>the tricky question of the underlying physics of thought.
Would you feel like telling physics folks that maybe there are not
lillte electron bitsies circling and go of about energy sphere-like

I'd say for energy stuff concerning many areas of own thinking so far
good telepaths are leading, and as it is sort of their area, I guess
it would make sense to update quite far with many of them first  if
interested in such.  

Though my favourite for thinking apart from straight perceiving 
on some sense enhancer into the brain of some MBD practicer of magic,
are brainsurfers with I-areas subsegregating powers. I just come very
rarely about them, and o far it was more in a fleeting way.
Also some of them seem to have little more interest in such as me when
my stomach "rumbles".

>Cijadrachon wrote in message <36f7cfe2.15112394 at news.zedat.fu-berlin.de>...

>>It does not seem like a thunderstorm to me, and I can option to run
>>calculations (usually for such I'd like the front in a stage to
>>cooperate well), but I do not have to calculate all the time.

>>Verbal stuff is sort of new outish leftie stuff if you get what I
>>mean, while the old magic communication might be more suited for I-I
>>areas energies links, to understand thinking better.
>>If your culture is a bit similar to here, such stuff is more to do
>>with magic branches than with sense censored branches.
>>cui_siling at my-dejanews.com wrote:
>>>You are referring to human values. Almost all our values can not be
Might depend a bit were in the systems and on the definitions of
programming values.

Simplified if with some "autist capacities" targetting some places in
the own head again and again  till getting super-data-highways built
there and then going off, some might end up with rather amazing stuff.

>>>If you try, you are going to fall into a logic trap in the end,
>>>i.e. "to make a program to choose other programs without being made up of
>>>Values are related to the entropy of a system in biological level.

>Long version?

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