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Sun Apr 10 21:48:59 EST 2005

brain, than in special education, when they lectured about MBD and

If telepaths allow me to link into their brain on sense enhancers, I
can tune in energies of some of the areas and order systems in my head
to go to a high hardware change rate in reaction. 
This helped me very much, also in understanding differences between
brains and why there seem to be so many non-MBD people who can do so
much so easily and othere stuff that for me is easy, not that easily.

I know nothing within Western science, that would even just get near

Within telepathy and magic I find research data of thousands of years.

Limits are mine and that of the universe.

In Western science a lot straight limit the whole to five senses.

With many people of other branches I doubt that they would not also
believe that telepathy is an area leading in knowledge about thinking
and quite a number of other areas to do with energy perceptions in

>What did "their"(who's?) activitiies "lead" to? Nothing I know of. 
In other words you are not informed about different branches in
different continents on Earth, son't know where they are in their
research, and yet are saying that what someone else is saying about
them in comparison is b.s.

Maybe at some point you should highten your level of self-criticsm.

>Please referto some peer reviewed accessible source.
Whose peers, some sense censored ones of yours or mine
or Indian ... ?
If you are not stupid, it is certainly no secret to you that people
sharing brain energies with others tend to do so with people they like
enough and that the ability levels play a high role.

In other words you hardly want me to tell you my estimate of your
chances that people here are willing to spend their time to teach you.

Nor if Red Indian healers, some maybe not exactly delighted about
Western people now and in history, are willing to teach you.

Am I Tunkashila?!

And even if I were "Dwarf All-Knowing" and could name you the next
sources who would teach you, so that within a decade or two you'd have
enough range capacities to understand a bit more about current levels
of telepathy of Earth, I doubt I'd tell you.

(Charming as usual for me ... ;-) 

>What do you mean "thier" area?
>The way you write is hardly understandable. Do you tend towards
>associative weakness?

Some months directly after some concussion yes, but else no. 

If I had a weakness concerning associating, then I could not associate
well enough, that someone not good in associating could not follow.

(So much about associating. ;-)

Let me try to simplify it:

People linking thinking areas with thinking areas of other brains a
lot  tend to understand a lot about thinking.

If someone is specialized in an area 
and it is to do with the own areas in the brain a lot,
one could express it in a bit more vague by saying
that thinking is "their area".

A bit more complex if a unit of sectors that is the own I is linking
into another, "their area" can also refer to their areas direct, or to
something of their profession, a subject they are specialized in.

Are you trying to make competion to Frank in picking on words?

I am not that good in English; in German "ihr Gebiet" (= their area)
cn be used for indicating and experts special subject.
Is it wrong to say "their area" in English?

English is not my language, and as there are similarities to German it
might be that I translated something literally without realizing that
that is one of the areas where English and German are very different.

>>Though my favourite for thinking apart from straight perceiving 
>>on some sense enhancer into the brain of some MBD practicer of magic,
>>are brainsurfers with I-areas subsegregating powers. I just come very
>>rarely about them, and o far it was more in a fleeting way.
>>Also some of them seem to have little more interest in such as me when
>>my stomach "rumbles".
>Please, your quasi-scientific jargon 
It was not meant to be scientific jargon; 
science is lagging thousands of years back in magic, 
and I could as well use some jungle-tribes language for technology.
(But is was simplified, so that a sense censored person of Westie
education could follow a bit better than when keeping it some higher
level when doing (also) verbal communication with someone into
telepathy here.)

>makes no sense to anyone but you

Odd that people I know here into magic would have little trouble

Except maybe with MBD, might be that I'd have to explain that here we
often say MCD and some stuff about that.

>...I'm afraid. "subsegregating"....I-area's......MBD.....what illiterate

Maybe you are not literate enough and educated enough to understand
more about the meaning of MBD and segregating,
are not interested enough in your own basics to know where you
yourself are in the brain,
have not gotten yet that the own I consists of several areas,
and are not associative enough to understand what it might mean if
someone surfing around in his brain has subsegregating powers
concerning them.

Maybe try to find part of the illiterate nonsense 
in the main library of your local department of Special Education (or
a cultural equivalent for that), checking for "MBD".
When you finished to read all they have about that, you might discover
new aspects of stuff to do with illiterate.

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