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Sun Apr 10 21:52:51 EST 2005

you will not be able to find such a thing, as what you
call "benefit to humanity", the fat cat may call the
most damaging development, limiting the flow of blood
in the free sucking world.

You can not even agree on environmental issues.
Nor can you agree on all other most important issues.

> (Or, less
>altrustically "Find ways that company X can improve it's medium term
>share value").

Yes, now you are talking the real talk.
All the other jazz you got is just utterly uninteresting.

And an example you provided is EXACTLY the one,
that will destroy your entire structure, you hoped to build
here with your pseudo arguments.

You see, your definition of a task is concerned with what
Well, how about maximization of the rate of sucking.
You are not interested in any issues of "mankind".
You are interested in allowing the suction continue

You did not ask "to find the company that allows people
to enjoy the life experience".
All you want is money,
because the only ultimate "law" you got is this:

Money = god,
and god = money.

And the only thing you will be able to create at the end
is a giant sucking machine.
"Concentration of capital" it is called.

> You don't, indeed you can't tell it "do what you like"
>because until actual goals are supplied there are no criteria for liking
>or not liking.

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