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Sun Apr 10 21:56:41 EST 2005

For what sucky purpose?
In WHOSE interest?
In what context?

Is it maximization of the rate of sucking,
by any humble chance?
Creating this giant sucking machine?

>> or don't work as expected,

Aha, as "expected".
Well, lets skip it for now.

>> we either refine the theory or we test a different
>> theory with different architectural or processing assumptions.

Different theory?
Do you just randomly generate those?
Or are you saying that your current theories
are no different from regular obscenities?

Ok, the solution is obtained by:
Plugging in yer favorite theory.
If that does not woik,
plug in the next one.

Is that how it goes?

>> Here's my question: Anyone else out there interested in such an
>> approach


>No, it's too broad.  Could you wait twenty or thirty years for
>us practitioners to grow up and our miasmatic fields to merge?

No, we need it by yesterday.
You just have to change yer concepts of time.
That is all.

>Each discussant in these tech-Mecca


Or religion of bio-robots?

> groups follows one tiny facet
>of The Big Picture.  Hopeless, what you propose here, young man.

Nothing is "hopeless".
Just look at willy da sucking gates.
It took coka cola, one of the most respectable global enterprises,
to build their "wealth" a couple of hundred years.
Now, willy did the same, if not better in how long?
About 10 years?

Zo ...

>Unless you yourself volunteer to coordinate the uncoordinable,
>all the Bridges of Madison County will not unite the rabble of AI,
>the snoots of neuroscience, the unwashed of robotics, the groupies
>of linguistics nor the detached unreachables of Philosophia Biou
>Kybernetes.  Tell it to the Marines, or the Forth community.

Hey, they took care of those dudes from waco, texas real well.
That is true.
Just wipe them out of the screen!
That is called in da name of ALL people,
for the benefit of entire free sucking werld,
you see.

>>           (an approach that bridges the fields of AI, Cognitive
>> Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, etc.)???

Must be out of active neurons on line.

Looking fer a new religion?

>http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/mind-fpc.html MF
>> TS

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