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It Takes My Breath Away

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Apr 28 12:22:01 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
news:FNXbe.135325$cg1.74764 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| I used to think that the "step" was
| the last one to be taken away from
| the Animals.
| But I was wrong.
| It's not Animals.
| It's Plants.
| [...]

No, I'm =not= "trying to be "of-

I'm just working to get the 'dif-
ficult' point across to folks.

The "Plant"-metaphor does seem
to be deliberately-"offensive",

I understand -- but that's 'just' be-
cause the depths of it are 'unfamil-
iar' -- TD E/I(up)-inducing -- to

What's more, the metaphor seems
to be "inapropriate" because, after
all Humans, like Animals, are able
to "move" -- to "transport" their
Beings -- from one locus to another
within their external experiential

Plants, on the other hand, are "root-
ed" -- physically-embodied in a
single locus within their external ex-
periential environments. 'they' can
only instantiate "motion" within
their external experiential environ-
ments intergenerationally -- when
they sow their "seed", which they
do through various physical mech-
anisms -- 'gravity', as when an ap
ple or a tomato falls from its branch
or vine, the "movement", in such
cases, occurring as a function of
the 2-D displacement of the branch
or vine from the 2-D locus of the
Apple, or Tomato, Plant's main
growth-'branch' -- the "wind" -- 
various Earth-proximal atmospher-
ic perturbations of the "air" in the
Plant's external experiential envir-
onments -- upon which the Plants'
"seeds" are bourn for various dis-
tances, which can be consider-
able -- Plants 'engineer', into the
forms of their "seeds", various
physical structures that take ad-
vantage of the "winds" -- Maple
Trees, for instance, 'engineer' their
"seeds" to be little one- or two-
'rotor' 'helicopters' that, when they
are released from their Trees, man-
ifest degrees of 'aerodynamic'-
rotational-motion that, more or
less, take-advantage of the air
currents that happen to be occur-
ring within their Trees' external
experiential environments. Other
"seed"-displacement mechanisms
abound. "Puffball" Mushrooms
sit on the forest floor, waiting to
be stepped-on by some passing
Animal, and when they are step-
ped-on, their 'spherical'-paper-
bag-like structures are compressed,
which [like the "SSWs" in Tapered
Harmony :-] results in the ejection
of a commensurate quantity of the
air that was enclosed in the Puff-
Balls' structures, which carries
the Puff Balls' "spores" with it,
sowing them into the flowing of
the air in the Puff Balls' external
experiential environments. Then
there're all manner of "projectile"
mechanisms that've been 'engin-
eered' by Evolutionary dynamics,
in which, as a Plant matures dur-
ing its growth cycle, potential
energy is built-up in various
"launching-mechanisms" which
are, typically, "triggered" as a
function of negative-gradient
water-content, which isolates
the potential energy from its
during-growth support -- "pop!",
the potential energy is catas-
trophically-released, "launch-
ing" "seeds" on their 2-D "trav-
el" away from the 2-D locus of
their  Plants' "trunks".


During growth, Plants manifest
rooted-in-one-2-D locus "helio-
trophy" -- 'moving toward' the
sunlight [or other energy source]
that's ambient within their external
experiential environments [which
is 'just' more "3-D E"; "3-D Energy-
dynamics" :-].

It's only in the intergenerational
"sowing" of their "seeds" that Plants
are able to manifest "motion", that's
like the unrooted motion that An-
imals are routinely able to mani-

So where do I "get-off", in invoking
a "Plant"-metaphor with respect to
Human [Animal] cognitive and be-
havioral dynamics?

It's in the net results.

To date, Humans have been "rooted"
in ways that're exactly-analogous to
Plants' "rootednesses", only the
"rootednesses" of Humans derive in
the TD E/I-minimizations that occur
within their nervous systems.

Get it?

The TD E/I-minimizations that oc-
cur within Human nervous systems
have been, to date, exactly-analog-
ous to the "rootednesses" of Plants.

That's the "heart" of the "Humans-
are-Plant-like" metaphor of my im-
mediately-preceding post.

I wasn't being "offensive", either
"deliberately" or "inadvertentaly".

I was, as I routinely do, working
to lift-folks-up in understanding
of stuff that's been 'blindly'-auto-
mated within their Beings, and
which has Ravaged, and is Rav-
aging Humanity.

I was [am] Loving folks.

It's a 'difficult' Problem.

The "behavioral inertia" [AoK,
Ap5] that's manifested in Humans'
Plant-like behavioral-"rootedness"
derives in the "biological mass"
[ibid.] that is constructed in a
way that's rigorously-coupled to
the neural activation that actually
occurs within nervous systems.

Such "behavioral inertia" and "bio-
logical mass" form the physical
"structure" in which all Human
cognitive and behavioral capa-
bilities derive.

So such "behavioral inertia" and
"biological mass" cannot be "tos-
sed-out" -- to do so would ren-
der cognition and behavior dis-
connected from the external ex-
periential environments in which
Humans exist, and that this's a
Negative thing is seen, plainly,
in instances in which nervous sys-
tem function breaks-down.

So I'm =NOT= "advocating"
for the "tossing-out" of "behav-
ioral inertia" or "biological mass".

That's Impossible.

What I'm Advocating for is an
Inclusion, within "behavioral iner-
tia" and "biological mass", of TD
E/I-minimization that's correlated
to Nervous System function.


So that Humanity can take it's
next "step" beyond the capabilities
of Plants.

So that, while remaining Securely-
"Rooted", Humans can manifest
=Wisdom= with respect to that
which becomes, and remains,
"Rooted" within their "behavioral
inertia" and "biological mass".

The Difference is exactly-analogous
to the Difference between the "stat-
ic"-rootedness of Plants and an, to
date, exceedingly-rare Dynamic-
Rootedness, in which, to paraphrase
Abraham Lincoln, "[Folks] will fix
errors as soon as they are shown
to be errors."

You know -- instead of the sort
of groupwise descent-into-"recrim-
ination" that's, typically, been the
case, and which is exactly-analog-
ous to the circumstances that pre-
vent Plants from moving-about within
their external environments.

Get it?

I'm Advocating for the Wisdom
that's inherent in Genuine-Forgive-
ness -- =NOT= in some "mamby-
pamby" 'way', but be-cause Ab-
sence-of-Forgiveness instantiates
"inwardly-spiralling" [AoK, Ap8]
interactive dynamics -- like tit-
for-tat Aggression -- like War -- 
like, you know, all the stuff that
only sends-to-Waste all of the en-
ergy that folks manifest.

Can you see it?

All of this "inwardly-spiralling" stuff
"accomplishes" =nothing=, except
the transformation of Humans into
'Plants' -- Beings that cannot 'move'.

Get it?

It takes my breath away because
I do See all that's entailed.

It takes my breath away because
all of the Savagery, inherent, ex-
ists for =one= 'reason': be-cause
the understanding that was laid at
folks' feet, in AoK, has not, yet,
been generally-Communicated a-
cross Humanity.

And it takes my breath away be-
cause that one thing is the "trunk"-
section of Human's remaining-as-
Plants -- the main thing that per-
petuates Human's Plant-like stuff.

It's exceedingly-"Deep" within
the thus-far-existing 'blindly'-auto-
mated "biological mass" and "be-
havioral inertia" of Humans, and,
so, the Problem is commensur-

Which is why I continually "Beg"
that folks meet with me, in-person,
=NOT= to descend into "recrim-
ination", but to 'only' breathe-Life
into the understanding within cir-
cumstances in which 'blindly'-auto-
mated 'moving away from' can
gain no toehold.

When I consider my getting-on-
in-'years', it takes my breath away
to realize the Enormity of what's at-

Should I Die before understanding's
"seed" is sown, how, then, will under-
standing grow?

When I ponder such, it takes my
breath away.

k. p. collins 

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