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It Takes My Breath Away

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Apr 29 23:49:10 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
news:ZY8ce.137372$cg1.126506 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| What I'm Advocating for is an
| Inclusion, within "behavioral iner-
| tia" and "biological mass", of TD
| E/I-minimization that's correlated
| to Nervous System function.
| Why?
| So that Humanity can take it's
| next "step" beyond the capabilities
| of Plants.
| So that, while remaining Securely-
| "Rooted", Humans can manifest
| =Wisdom= with respect to that
| which becomes, and remains,
| "Rooted" within their "behavioral
| inertia" and "biological mass".
| The Difference is exactly-analogous
| to the Difference between the "stat-
| ic"-rootedness of Plants and a[...], to
| date, exceedingly-rare Dynamic-
| Rootedness, in which, to paraphrase
| Abraham Lincoln, "[Folks] will fix
| errors as soon as they are shown
| to be errors."
| You know -- instead of the sort
| of groupwise descent-into-"recrim-
| ination" that's, typically, been the
| case, and which is exactly-analog-
| ous to the circumstances that pre-
| vent Plants from moving-about within
| their external environments.
| Get it?
| I'm Advocating for the Wisdom
| that's inherent in Genuine-Forgive-
| ness -- =NOT= in some "mamby-
| pamby" 'way', but be-cause Ab-
| sence-of-Forgiveness instantiates
| "inwardly-spiralling" [AoK, Ap8]
| interactive dynamics -- like tit-
| for-tat Aggression -- like War -- 
| like, you know, all the stuff that
| only sends-to-Waste all of the en-
| ergy that folks manifest.
| Can you see it?
| All of this "inwardly-spiralling" stuff
| "accomplishes" =nothing=, except
| the transformation of Humans into
| 'Plants' -- Beings that cannot 'move'.
| Get it?
| [...]

Lest folks misinterpret my emphasis
on the Need for Forgiveness, I'm
=not= saying that anything should
be "swept under rugs".

Errors =must= be discussed openly.
else 'fear' of the Consequences of
exposing Errors becaomes a Mal-
icious "dictator" that acts to perpet-
uate Humanity's inability to Progress.

Get it?

How can Errors be Fixed if Errors
are not openly-discussed? -- if Er-
rors are left some seething nether-
world of folks' consciousnesses in
which cognitive 'place' Communi-
cation is "banned".

Rather, discuss Errors openly, as-
sure that tosoe whose choices in-
stantiated the Errors receive the
benefit of being Corrected, and
=Fix= the Errors.

All of this is in Forgiveness.

Forgiveness isn't some sort of
'running-and-hiding' from Truth.

Forgiveness is 'just'-the-opposite
of that -- a Loving that does what
needs to be done to eliminate that
which Ravages Humanity, includ-
ing acting on behalf of those who
chose in-Error.

Forgiveness has to happen in the

It doesn't descend into the inward
spirals of "recrimination".

Rather, it lifts folks up out of Error,
so that Error does not become self-

It's Simple.

Yet, that fact that, to date, Humanity
has 'blindly' and automatically 'chosen'
to endure its being "rooted" in self-
Ravaging, rather than 'just' Fix what
needs Fixing, discloses that Forgive-
ness is not for the faint-of-'heart'.

I'm Sorry. What's here should be
much-better-stated. I'm pretty 'tired'.

Put it all together in your own good
noggin' labs.

A central point of it is that it's been
an absence of open communication,
as above, within an absence of For-
giveness, as above, that's rendered
'humanity' cognitively-immobile, "root-
ed" in it's old-long-since-'familiar'
self-defeating-self-Ravaging, and, in
that way, virtually indistinguishable
from Plants.

Get it?

If Humanity does not transform it-
self in this understanding, it's a Cert-
ainty that 'humanity' will Destroy

The Certainty is in the convergence
of the two Limits that I discussed in
long-former posts.

You know -- 'playing'-at-War, with
weapons of mass Destruction, while
remaining, 'cognitively', as immobile
as Plants.

It takes my breath away when the
Fullness of it courses through my

Wake up!

Become all that's been, right-there,
in-us to Be all along.

Everything necessary has been in
AoK all along.

Why has it not been openly-Com-

How can it be that no one will
even discuss it?

How can understanding lift Human-
ity up, if understanding is forsaken
to a seething netherworld of Silence?

k. p. collins 

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