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Progressive Social Security

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Apr 29 23:49:11 EST 2005

I was 'heartened' to hear, in an NPR
Report, that President Bush has
chosen to back a progressive Social

It's pretty much what I proposed in
long-former posts -- except that there
was an absence of giving-folks-Reason
with respect to that which was proposed.

To reiterate, folks who prosper be-cause
of the Opportunity that's available in
America need to Recognize that fact
that they've Prospered =be-cause= of
the Opportunity that's available in
America -- that, were it not for that
Opportunity, they'd've not've Prospered.

In such Realization is the further Real-
ization that, if America is to be sustained,
then those who've Prospered be-cause of
the Opportunity available in America
have Sacred Responsibility to act in ways
that breathe-Life into the Opportunity
available in America, and do so to de-
grees that're commensurate with the
Prosperity that's come to them be-cause
of the Opportunity that's available in

Get it?

Taking Social Security Benefits, when
the Opportunity available in America
has enabled one's Prosperity is a Lie
with respect to Truth with respect to
what America is, and whence one's
Prosperity has come, and, most of all,
with respect to those upon whose
backs the toils that underpin one's
Prosperity have been bourn.

Get it?

It's a Lying-about-America, and the
True wellspring of one's Prosperity,
to take what's needed by folks who'll
be relegated to destitution by such

What does an Individual who, in retire-
ment, receives thousands of dollars
each 'month', be-cause of the Oppor-
tunity that America made-available to
her or him, "need" from the Social-
Guarantees that're accumulated to
assure that the 'least'-Prosperous of
The American Citizenry shall be able
to 'just' Live-out their Lives in decent,
survivable, conditions?

Is it not a Sacrilidge against all that
America is to so "take"?

I think it is.

The other thing [that I did not hear
mentioned in the NPR Report] is that
the Social Security Trust Fund should
be Rendered Inviolable -- you know,
as a Genuine =TRUST= Fund -- not
as some #@%#! 'lending-agency', to
which the 'government' goes to cook-
its-books. That this's so routinely
happened is the only 'reason' that the
Social Security 'trust' Fund is not what
it should've been.

There's Huge-Error, in-there, that needs
to be Corrected if America is to have
any Real-Existence.

You know -- rather than 'existing' as
some "pipe dream", comprised of no-
thing other than platitudes and hot-air,
spewn by folks who displace Honor
with Deception during Electroal Sea-

What is so "hard" about =doing=
what folks say they =will do=?

It's a Simple matter.

The Social Security Trust Fund was
conceived during the white-heat of
the Great Depression. It's Framers
Educated by the Fiscal Realities then

Then, folks not-knowing any of that
white-heated stuff come along and
use the Social Security Trust Fund
as some "piggy bank", with which
to 'hide' their fiscal malfeasance?

It, literally, doesn't compute, does


And what's Sorrowfully-'hilarious'
is that the word, "Trust" is right in-

What is "Trust", if not Honor, writ-

Yet those who've been enTrusted
'dare' to 'move away from' both
Trust and Honor?

And no one calls them to task with
respect to the simple meaning of
the word they write-into-Law?

"Trust" 'is not' Trust?

"Honor" 'is not' Honor?

When such rubbery 'purpose' regins
in a Nation, how, then, can that Nation
Sustain it's Being?

It's that Serious.

Promises written-into-Law must be
Kept, or The Law becomes meaning-

So put a dollar in the Social Security
=Trust= Fund, and =leave= it there,
husbanding it in all good effort, in
the Spirit of the =Trust= writ into
Law, not treating it as some Honor-
Forsaking 'grab-bag'.

The Citizenry is Greatly-Harmed as
a result of the back-room machinations
that've 'replaced' "Trust" with mean-

Those who Lead, wake-up!

You 'play your games' with the National
Treasure in 'ways' that Forsake America,
and Her Citizenry.

k. p. collins 

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