Michael Howard licensed human brain perfusion to Biodynamics Research Ltd.

Justin A. Cobb cobb7707 at bellsouth.net
Sat Apr 30 12:24:26 EST 2005


>> > Curtis, Helen Hughes (Bowman Research) and Nagaraga Rao (DMI),
>> > conducted their experiments on terminal soldiers supplied by the MOD.
>> > The brain perfusion experiments involved extracting the brains of
>> > soldiers and keeping them alive and fuctioning using pumps to supply
>> > the brains with blood.
>> These are serious charges.  How do you know this?
> Even someone who bothers to ask a question like you did, to a post like
> that,
> is likely to test positive to at least a condition of 'border-line 
> lability'
> (as far as their cognitive capacity is concerned).
> I know I shouldn't (and need not) ask this, but I have little else that
> grabs my attention right now, so:
> Why did you bother?. ;->

What the author of the original post is claiming is that Curtis et al. 
removed the brains of living persons, thereby killing them.  This would be a 
SERIOUS breach of research ethics.  I imagine that is why Allen Barker 

Justin A. Cobb 

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