The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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| > I've thought about doing an NDT site,
| > including offering a updated paper ver-
| > sion of AoK "for sale" :-]
| Good!
| >
| > But I can't afford a high-speed con-
| > nection, which is pretty-much nec-
| > essary to maintain a decent web site,
| > and I can't afford to pay for a "com-
| > mercial" web site, anyway.
| Am sure you are mistaken.
| The file would be so small
| that even a connection speed
| as low as 28.8 kb is not a valid
| excuse for not doing it. :-|
| Moreover, there are no extra costs
| above the service provider's basic
| connection fee.
| Yours cordially,
| Peter

I've refrained because all the providers
have "monthly traffic" graded fee scales,
so my small personal resources could be
wiped-out even though I'd signed up at
a rate that I could afford for a few 'months'.

Then, I'd Die.

It's part of the "stress" that I have to carry
that I'm not materially-enabled to do much
of anything that folks view as being "trivial".

Other factors are that I'd have to contract
with a fully-'guaranteed' provider -- one
that emphasizes security, and they're not
"cheap". And, since I cannot stay online,
I couldn't maintain the site even if I could
squeak-by in paying for it while I was off-
line. And, extrapolating from what has
been my experience, I have to expect that
any web site I'd do would be hacked, and,
if I was offline, I could do nothing about
that. And, I long-ago converted AoK to
HTML, but no longer have access to that.
And, when I tried to convert it again last
'year', the basic files were "corrupted", so
I couldn't convert it. [I discussed, in long-
former posts, how my PCs were literally
destroyed at the hardware level -- drives,
monitors, mother boards, add-in cards
'just' blown-away, forcing me to spend
precious, fixed-amount, resources to re-
build them.] I have a lot of back-ups,
all over the place, but I feel it's necess-
ary for me to "break through" before I
allow myself to access those back-ups
using entirely-fresh equipment.

I could go on and on.

It's not so simple.

I understand that the 'Difficult' stuff that
I've discussed must leave folks "incred-
ulous", but, Honestly, I've hardly discuss-
ed what's actually transpired. It's been
Savage, it's been constant, and it's been

So, I'm 'tired', and am just trying to do
what I can, here in b.n, hoping that some-
thing will happen that'll allow NDT's un-
derstanding to be generally Communicat-

This said, yes, I've "fantacized" about be-
ing able to fund the work I do by "selling"
copies of AoK on a web site.

The thought gives me Joy.

But I've no reason to expect that it'd
come to fruition.

Long-ago purchased the "tools" to do
it, learned them, put them back in their
boxes because they 'just' invited the

NDT and TH have technical value in
the Trillions.

Folks 'see' that, and can't see Truth.

And what they 'see' is predicated upon
their 'erasing me'.

'the beast' is 'powerful', and I'm just
a Man.

Cheers, Peter,

ken [k. p. collins] 

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