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I wrote a lengthy continuation of
my prior discussion, but've tossed it.

The artical is just =really= incomplete.

"Memory" is extremely-very-much
more than "synapses", but this article
reduces it all to "synapses".

So, from right-there, it "flies off the

"Memory" occurs as a function of
the neural Topology, which, with
respect to individual cells, includes
the =entirety= of the =highly= dyn-
amic cellular structure [including
it's glial "surround"].

Reducing "memory" to "synapses"
precludes the dynamicism that is
easily seen to be necessary.

Rather than constituting "memory",
"synapses" function as energy-trans-
ducers that map 3-D energydynam-
ics [TD E/I] into the cellular Topol-

Given such energy-mapping, cells
manifest "microscopic trophic mod-
ifications" [AoK, Ap5] that literally
embody the =dynamic= 3-D energy-

I've discussed all of this stuff, re-
iteratively, in long-former posts.

No one read that stuff?

I'm continuing its development in the
"ER-Engram" stuff, and have already
integrated all of the "microtubule" and
"actin filament" stuff.

Which is why reading the "memory-
stickiness" article left me with my jaw-

My 'heart' is "heavy".

I Ache for Beloved-Neuroscience.

That it is so 'moves away from' itself.

k. p. collins 

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