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Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back.

Not, and not, without Fail.

The way in which this "without fail"-ness
usually occurs takes the form of one's
being able to =See=, more, as a Con-
sequence of his having Honoring Truth,
or to =See=, less, as a Consequence of
his having 'Dishonored' Truth.

I understand that, when I discuss this
Stuff [which is the most-Important
Stuff that Exists], folks 'think' that I'm
'fantasizing', but it's all right-there =in=
the way that nervous systems process
information, all 'just' Hard-Fact that
stands Verified [and which will =only=
become Verified, more, as nervous
system function continues to be further

It's in the 3-D energydynamics that I've
been discussing over the 'years'.

Honoring ['moving toward'] Truth lit-
erally coincides with increased-order
within the 3-D energydynamics that
enable nervous systems to process in-

[Aside: Ponder the word, "information".
In-"form"-ation -- it's literally connotes
a coming of the existence of "forms"
=in= one's Being :-]

So, when one Honors Truth, what one
is actually doing is 'moving toward'
increased-order within the 3-D energy-
dynamics that constitute everything that
occurs within one's nervous system.

And it's this augmented-order that lit-
erally physically-embodies the ability
to See, more, that =always= accom-
panies one's Honoring ['moving toward']

Get it?

It's =not= 'fantasy'.

It is, itself, 'just' Truth.

[HURRAH!!! Truth is Recursive!]

On the other hand, when folks 'Dis-
honor' ['move away from'] Truth, 'just'-
the-opposite stuff happens within one's
nervous system.

When one 'Dishonors' Truth, the 3-D
energydynamics, which, again, are what
enables everything that occurs within one's
nervous system, become less-ordered,
which literally renders one's nervous sys-
tem [and, therefore, one's self] to See,

This happens be-cause, when neural
activation dynamics become less-or-
dered, nervous systems literally become
less-able to "address" the "forms" that
are inherent in "in-form-ation" -- the
"forms" literally become 'forms' -- all
nebulous and, therefore, 'invisible'.

It's all =Literal=.

To See all of this, all one has to do
is look at what's transpired as a Con-
sequence of the way folks in 'leader-
ship' positions 'Dishonored' Truth with
'respect' to "weapons of mass destruc-
tion" in Iraq.

The Consequences of their 'Dishonor-
ing' Truth have ramified across Human-
ity, especially within The United States,
which will be Negatively-Encumbered
for Generations to come be-cause of
all of that which has been sent-to-Waste
by the 'Dishonoring' of Truth, inherent.

It's why I use funny-quotes around
"'Dishonoring'" with respect to Truth.

Truth cannot actually be "Dishonored"
be-cause 'moving away from' Truth
=always= imposes Consequences that
are Negative with 'respect' to the Be-
ings who 'Dishonor' Truth.

Truth is =Merciless= in this way.

Get it?

Folks 'think' that they 'can' "do any-
thing" that they want to do, as long
as they 'create a strong cover-story',
and 'sell-it energetically'.

But the 'presumption' inherent in that
is False.

Truth does what it does, Regardless
of what anyone does, or does not do.

Truth is what Jesus was talking about
when He said ~"Enter through the
narrow gate."

He crammed a =lot= into these these
few words. In them, He was talking
about all of the stuff I've discussed
above [and much more].

'The narrow gate" is a literal reference
to the orderdynamics of nervous sys-
tems. The increased-order that =always=
becomes within the nervous system of
one who Honors Truth is =literally= a
"narrow gate".

Get it?

Folks might want to look-up the rest
of what Jesus said -- "For the way is
broad...". In this part of what Jesus
said about Truth, He was talking
about the disorder that becomes
within one's nervous system when one
'Dishonors' Truth.

It's all literal -- all stated-clearly ~2000
'years' ago.

I understand that this stuff must be
"strange" to folks, even though it's been
right-there, explicated, for thousands
of 'years'.

But See?

That's =in= what Jesus said, isn't it?


Folks've 'moved away from' Truth
Jesus gave Humanity, and what hap-
pens within their nervous systems?

They become unable to See Simple-
Truth when it's literally =given= to

And, then, folks go "spouting-off"
about "religion", which is 'just' their
"cover-story"-of-'choice', with which
they 'justify' their putting 'loyalty'
'before' Truth.

And they "can't understand" why
nothing ever alters for the better in
their Living.

But that's just the Consequences
that're right-there, =in= their 'mov-
ing away from' Truth.

'moving away from' "order" within
the 3-D energydynamics that occur
within their nervous systems, folks
literally cannot See what needs to
be done to change things for the
better, or how to do so.

Another case that's in-point is the
current 'effort' to "privatize" Social

Here's my concise Analysis with
respect to such:

It's 'just' another instance of the
Same-Stuff that precipitated the
False 'cover-story' with 'respect'
to "weapons of mass destruction"
in Iraq.

It's the result of the Same 'Dishon-
oring'-Truth 'way' of 'thinking' that
seems, to me, to be the primary thing
that's been occurring in Washington,
D. C. during the present Administra-

My specific Analysis is that what un-
derpins this 'effort' to "privatize" Soc-
ial Security is 'profit-seeking' that 'mo-
tivates' the 'powerful' folks who have
access to this Administration.

And, 'now', the 'president' is out-
there, ab-using his Office, to spread
the 'cover-story'.

It's all 'just' a Great Predation upon
the Citizenry.

And, like anything else that 'moves
away from' Truth, the Consequences
that will befal the American Citizenry
are =Certain=.

The folks who're doing all of this are
literally unable to See beyond the ends
of their 'profit-seeking'-"noses" -- be-
cause they so routinely 'move away
from' Truth that they 'think' that there
are no Consequences inherent in =any-
thing= -- they 'think' that "it's all a big
crap shoot, so why not 'get there's
while they have the 'power' to do so,
because this 'president' just does what-
ever they tell him to do".

It's my Analysis that these 'folks' are
literally 'endeavoring' to =Force= the
American Citizenry to 'make them
rich' to the tune of Trillions of dollars.

And, if the Citizenry does not, itself,
Honor Truth, they'll be 'successful',
but the Consequences of their 'Dis-
placing' Truth with their Greed will
fall upon the American Citizenry =af-
ter= they've wreaked their Havoc up-
on the American Citizenry.

They are 'endeavoring' to foist the
Consequences that are inherent in
their actions upon future generations
of folks, which anyone who looks
can See is exactly what Precipitated
The Great Depression.

Analyze the generational dynamics,
and you'll See why it's so.

The folks in-'power', 'now', are the
folks who learned Greed from the
"war stories" of those whose Greed
embodied the 'Dishonoring' of Truth
that Precipitated The Great Depres-

Because of the way that nervous sys-
tems process information, via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, Truth
tends, strongly, although Needlessly,
to be recursive in this intergeneration-
al 'way'.

If it weren't all so Exceedingly-Tragic,
it'd be Hilarious.

You know?

All one has to do is Honor Truth, and
one Sees all that's inherent, and the
Disordered 3-D energydynamics out
of which it all springs.

It's as 'Funny' as what happens to
"Wiley Coyote" in the Cartoons.

Only, it's as the "Anvil" that =will=
fall upon the American Citizenry,
instead of the Cartoon character,
if the Citizenry allows itself to be
'moved away from' Truth by those,
in this 'administration' who so rout-
inely resort to 'moving away from'

Truth does what it does, Regardless
of what anyone does.

And those who embrace "the way
that is broad" will find it to Be so.

Why not just Honor Truth, and
experience Truth Honoring you
right back?

It's a "no-brainer".

K. P. Collins 

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