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|I am going to give up my Inet
| account today.
| Gotta try to find another way to
| try to stay-Alive.
| Folks have my address and tel#.
| If you've read the stuff I've
| posted, Thank You.

When I called my ISP, after posting
the msg quoted above, I learned
that I've already paid for February,
so I'll keep my account for a while

I have to find a way to stay-Alive,
though, so I don't know how much
I'll be interacting in here in b.n.

I've crammed a lot into this online
'life', so it'd probably be "counter-
productive" to cram more, anyway.

I've been exceeding the low-level
"supersystem configuration" thres-
hold "spped limit" since back in
December, 2004.

So much will be Lost to others if
I can't stay-Alive that it takes my
breath away.

And I've been "racing" against
all that's inherent.

I'm filled with Sorrow at the way
thing've gone -- because of what
that discloses with respect to all
that remains to be done fully 95%
of NDT remains to be discussed
in-detail. But, if folks "yawn" at
the stuff I've been discussing,
what will folks do when I go fast-
er and further?

Fall asleep? :-]

Or "wake up"?

Try to imagine -- I see stuff that's
going to unfold in ways that will
Negatively impact Humanity =be-
cause= NDT's understanding re-
mains not-generally-communi-
cated at the simple level of AoK's
"Short Paper" section.

So =THINK= about what you're
=doing= in "refusing" to deal with
NDT -- People will Die be-cause
of that, Devastation will occur,
and resources will be Hugely-Wast-
ed all be-cause folks "refuse" to
do Science right in the light of 'day'.

k. p. collins 

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