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I understand the Consequences
inherent in my posting of the msg
that's linked-to above.

It's why I began it by reiterating
what's =in= Truth.

I cannot allow myself to be 'led'
by folks who 'Dishonor' Truth.

Last 'night', I watched the final
two segments of PBS's excellent
6-part series on Aschwitz.

The Host interviewed folks who
discussed the Horror that's in the
fact that 'normal' folks did nothing
even though they knew that The
Holocaust was unfolding in their

I'm just not-doing that.

I Accept the Consequences in-
herent in my not-doing that, even
though they'll include the doing-
of-that to 'me'.

The only thing I Lament is what
will be done to the Children
through the doing-of-that to 'me'.

And =that=, I Lament Ever-Last-
ingly, my Soul Crying-Out Against

K. P. Collins

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