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Observer: "If you actually cared
about 'the Children', Ken, you
would play the game so that you
would then be able to actually do
something to help 'the Children'."


When 'playing the game' requires
one to be 'Blind', how could I,
then, See to Know how to help
the Children?

Folks' 'playing the game' is How-
and-Why "man's inhumanity to man"
has been perpetuated, and 'you' ex-
pect me to co-operate in such?

That's what happened during the

That's what happened in The Slaught-
er of the Native Americans.

That's what happened in The En-
slavement of the folks who were
brought to 'america' against their

That's what happened to the Jews
in The Holocaust.

That's what happened in Stalin's
Slaughtering of his own Citizens.

That's what precipitated The Great
Depression and all of it's Devastation.

That's what happened to the Hutu.

That's what happened during 'apart-
heid' in South Africa.

That's what's happening in Darfor,
and elsewhere in Africa, even as I
write this.

That's what happened in every War
that's ever been fought.

That's what happens to Children
around the world.

How, when I'd 'just', then, be an-
other person who could not See?

Another person who "waits for a
permission slip to" do what =actually=
needs to be done?

K. P. Collins

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