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With respect to "Social Security", I'm
not concerned with respect to myself.

I'm just doing what I find in my Ob-
ligation as "Citizen". Doing what I
understand is Required of one who
is a Member of a Society -- wanting
it to Blossom into its Future.

If nothing I'm doing "breaks-through",
I'll not make it to the age when I can
receive anything from Social Security,
and if NDT breaks through, I presume
I won't have to 'worry' about it. [Why
do folks who don't =need= Social
Security payments still accept them
from the Trust fund? Why not just let
the folks who actually =need= them
have them?

You know? Why is everybody so
non-Caring with respect to others
who have less than them? Doesn't
anyone See what that does to the
Future of a Society?]

And, BTW, I don't "accept" what's
happening to 'me'. I meant to say that
I Acknowledge that I understand that
it is happening to 'me'.

I don't "accept" it.

k. p. collins

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