Man! This 'flu' is Brutal!

Dirk Bruere at Neopax dirk at
Sun Feb 6 19:31:50 EST 2005

kenneth collins wrote:

> It turns your repiratory system into
> something akin to "clay", so when
> you cough all that happens is like
> two carpenter's files having a fight
> down-there.
> Headache, loss of appetite, congested
> sinuses, dry, 'itchy' eyes. Fever. Chills.
> Just now, the aching in my musculature
> is so extreme that I can't sit or sleep
> without the aching lifting-me-out-of-it.
> Didn't help that we had a storm today,
> and I had to go out to move my car,
> getting soaked by the freezing-rain.
> Pneumonia can't be far off.
> At least I'm conserving my groceries.
> For goodness' sake, if you contract it,
> =STAY HOME= to spare others.
> ken [k. p. collins] 

I'm just getting over a week of it.
Codeine at night helps a lot.


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