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On the Non-Existence of 'time' [was Re: SciAm article [was Happy Groundhog Day!]]

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 7 00:20:08 EST 2005

Guess "The Curse" is really 'gone away'.
The Patriots won the Superbowl on Babe
Ruth's 120th 'Birthday' :-]

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
news:r4gNd.158301$w62.67855 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| Invoking 'time' is =meaningless=.
| To reiterate stuff that I discussed
| in long-former posts, what's been
| referred to as "time" has no phys-
| ically-real existence even in "clocks".
| "Clocks" don't meter 'time'. They
| meter the energy that flows from
| the potential-energy that was
| 'stored' in the "clock's" spring when
| the "clock" was wound, or, if the
| clock is battery-powered, from
| the chemical energy that was 'stor-
| ed' in the battery when it was man-
| ufactured [or, if it's a rechargable,
| when it was charged], or, if it's an
| AC "clock", what it meters is the
| energy flowing from the power
| grid.
| All "clocks" are are mechanisms
| that are engineered to, more or
| less, depending on the quality of
| the engineering and manufacture,
| match the energy-flow out of the
| "power supply" to the "period" of
| the rotation of Earth on its axis,
| which "period" is, itself, 'just' an
| energydynamic that has no phys-
| ical relationship to 'time'. Earth
| rotates on its axis be-cause it's
| passing through a non-uniform
| energy-gradient that exists rel-
| ative to Sun, which, be-cause it
| penatrates Earth's stuff non-uni-
| formly from surface to core, puts
| a torque upon Earth as a whole.

Gees! =I= know what I'm talking
about -- but I left it "implicit" that
the "side"-to-"side" differential a-
rises be-cause Earth orbits Sun,
which sets up a "bow wave" in
the non-uniform energy-gradient,
and it's that differential that im-
parts rotation to Earth.

It's the same reason that Earth or-
bits Sun.

It's the same reason that comet's
tails always extend away from Sun,
and why comets gradually evaporate.

It's the same reason that planetary
systems, like our Solar System,
rotate on their star-'centered' axes -- 
the Solar System is in motion rela-
tive to the non-uniform energy-
gradient that's the physical-embod-
iment of the expansion of the Uni-

The rotation of galaxies? Same-old,
same-old -- and so is the way that
the "arms" of spiral galaxies, like
our Milky Way, are formed and
distributed [the way that their "arms"
are "spaced", including rotational-
velocity 'abberations'.

This stuff holds at =all= scales,
from infinetessimally-small, to infin-
itely-large [to "all there is"].

The "magnetic moments" of 'atoms'
are 'just' the same energy-gradient-
differential stuff.

Kepler's 'constant' swept-areas?
Same-old, same-old.

'gravity' too.

=Everything= within physical reality
is empowered by the =energy-flow=
that's disclosed in the expansion of
the Universe, and which is what the
one-way flow of energy, from or-
der to disorder, that is what's =de-
scribed= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T]

Plants "feel" ["detect" and use] this
energy-flow in photosynthesis, even
growing-toward it so that they max-
imize their "feeling" it.

[I'm not "just saying this". I've Verified
it with respect to all known experiment-
results. I've rewritten all of Physics,
sans 'time'. And I'll be 'happy' to use
any 'objections' that folks want to raise
to Demonstrate Truth.

You know that scene, in the =Starwars=
Trilogy, where the "Rebels" are scramb-
ling to destroy the "Death Star" before
it's completed -- but the viewers are in-
formed, by the leader of the "Empire",
that "This is a fully-operational death

Tapered Harmony, which incorporates
NDT, is like that, but "inverted" -- a
"Fully-Operational Life-'Star' :-]

It's a =New= 'day'.

Too bad I can't Publish it.

| Earth's rotation has exactly =no-
| thing= to do with 'time'. [This
| was Reified, for the first 'time', in
| Tapered Harmony, and I'm dis-
| cussing it for the first 'time' here
| in this post, so please don't think
| you "knew it all along" :-] Use it,
| if you've use for it, but, you know,
| give Tapered Harmony a footnote.
| All "clocks" are are energy-flow
| meters that are engineered to
| give readings that match Earth's
| rotational "period", which, itself,
| is a 3-D energydynamic.
| All there is is =energy=.
| No 'time'.
| 'time' is an artificial mental con-
| struct.
| These considerations are taken all
| the way down to infinitessimally-
| small 3-D spatial dimensions in
| Tapered Harmony [even so-called
| "atomic clocks" meter energy-flow,
| not 'time'], but that's beyond the
| scope of the present discussion.
| [...]

K. P. Collins 

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