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| > | > | "Brains" do their stuff at room temperature,
| > | >
| > | > Whoops -- make that  "body temperature",
| > | > precisely-controlled, to great effect, as in
| > | > "NL-P Medicine".
| > | >
| > | > k. p. collins
| > |
| > | Perhaps you would like to make a start with explaining experimentally verified
| > | the Bell Inequalities using your model.
| > |
| > | FFF
| >
| > "FFF"?
| A small error.
| I usually use that as a signoff in religious NGs.
| Short for "Faith, Folk, Family"
| > I already did all of that 'years' ago.
| >
| > The so-called "quantum" effects are
| > all just the one-way flow of energy,
| > from order to disorder, that is what's
| > =described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].
| >
| > The so-called "inequalities" are invoked
| > as "sustaining" "quantum weridness" -- 
| > "spooky action at a distance" and 'know-
| > ing before the fact", but that's all just BS,
| > be-cause WDB2T is =there= all along,
| > and the 'inequalities' just disclose that it's
| > there, and the test 'particles' just "ride"
| > WDB2T.
| >
| > The 'problem' has been that folks doing
| > Physics have not comprehended the way
| > that nervous systems, including their own,
| > process "information", which leaves them
| > vulnerable to groupwise-coercion that
| > disctates that the mis-taken "fashion" of
| > 'physics' "must be adhered to".
| Yet the Bell inequalities follow from QM and are not replicable in classical
| physics. The expts have been done

Ptolemaic Astronomy was "replicable",
same as all False theory is.

What happens is that new theories are
developed that have more-encompassing
explanatory power, and which enable folks
to do stuff more-easily than the old theories
do, and some stuff that was viewed as 'be-
ing impossible' within the frameworks of the
old theories.

And, as folks consider these differences be-
tween the old and new views, wanting to
take advantage of the relative-ease of the
new theories, and the stuff that they make
possible, folks do the work inherent in com-
ing up to speed in the new theories positions.

It doesn't matter that this or that is "explain-
able" from the old theories' positions.

Any valid theory must explain at least as
much as the existing theory that explains

Tapered Harmony explains the results of the
EPR experiments =without= invoking 'quant-
um weirdness', 'spooky action at a dist-
ance' or 'randomness'.

Advantage, Tapered Harmony.

| > "To hell with actually understanding physi-
| > cal reality."
| >
| > :-]
| >
| > It's why I so-Revere Dr. Einstein. He
| > never caved-in to such 'dictates', in-
| > stead, to his Passing, always doing what
| > a Physicist is called-upon to do -- Honor
| > Truth, as Dr. Einstein did in his "Miracle
| > Year", 100 'years' ago.
| >
| > Honest, no one can come up with =any-
| > thing= in existing Experiment that isn't
| > already reified within Tapered Harmony,
| > and, there, reduced to WDB2T.
| >
| > I wouldn't be "bothering" folks with it
| > if that wasn't the case.
| Then show me how you get the inequalities without the QM.

It's Simple. Bell's "inequalities" disclose
a "bias" that's been interpreted to be the
'result' of so-called "quantum" dynamics.

But all that's being observed is the energy-
gradient that is WDB2T.

Let's see... what's a useful teaching-analogy?

It's =partially= like a marble rolling down an
inclined plane. The gradient of the inclined
plane assures that the marble's motion will
vary stereotypically [until [if] it reaches "term-
inal velocity" in the system].

There's more variation in the EPR results be-
cause WDB2T is an immaterial energy-grad-
ient, and there's more going on within it than
the energy that's imparted by the experimental

But it's =literally= an energy-gradient that
"matter" 'feels' and reacts to, which is what
the EPR results disclose.

The prevailing interpretations of the EPR
results are =exactly= analogous to the
Erroneous invocation of "epicycles" in
Ptolemaic Astronomy, which was prejud-
icially-predetermined by the prevailing
belief that Earth was the "center of the
heavens" -- so, when the planets seemed
to reverse their motions as they made
their ways "upon the heavenly spheres",
Ptolemy and his followers just postulated
that the planets did little loop-the-loops
as they went on their ways in the heavens.

It "worked" as a means of calculating ex-
pected positions of the planets, but it gave
a completely-False "picture" of physical

Copernicus and Galileo came along and
said, "Hey! Everything doesn't go around
Earth! It took ~100 'years', but the greater
usefulness of the heliocentric view gradually
drew folks to it, eventually enabling Humans
to get to the moon.

It'll be the 'same' with Tapered Harmony,
which eliminates randomness, weirdness,
and spookiness'.

But Tapered Harmony's view is, itself,
"different". For instance, in Tapered Harmony,
what's been referred to as "gravity" is =not=
some 'mysterious' "property of matter" via
which stuff "attracts" stuff.

Instead, in TH, what've been referred to
as "atoms" consist of quantities of energy
that, in some creation violence ["super
novae", etc.], become 'trapped' and,
thereafter, 'contained within' as spherical
standing waves in harmonic interaction
with their local 'portions' of the "univers-
al energy supply" [SSW<->UES harmon-
ics"] in which the UES literally does phys-
ically-real work to 'maintain' such 'contain-
ment'. The doing of such work is why what's
=described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T]
exists -- the energy "going-into" 'atoms' is
more-ordered than is the energy [going-
out-of" the SSW<->UES harmonics.

What 'gravity' is is the energy-gradient in-
herent in this in-out energy-order differential.
Rather than "attracting" other "matter" to it,
"matter" just "rides" this energy-order-differ-
ential, which is the same-stuff that's disclosed
in the EPR results -- the EPR results disclose
the energy-order-gradient that is what 'gravity'
is. And it's what underpins the "bow-wave"
stuff that I discussed the other 'night' with re-
spect to "rotational" and "orbital" dynamics.

I expect what you want is "numbers".

I don't have any yet.

My means are "humble", and all I've been
doing is "cataloging" the way that, even though
WDB2T =permeates= all physical dynamics,
folks only rarely pay attention to it.

For instance, folks 'calculate' the impulse that
sends a bullet on its way, and folks 'calculate'
bullets' devastating-power, etc., but folks
don't reduce such to WDB2T which is right-
there in the explosive-burning of the "gun-
powder", and which is responsible for =every-
thing= that the bullet does.

So I've "catalogued" all of that, for every phys-
ical dynamic that I've come across, trusting
that, as I do so, folks who are able to do so
will "see the light", and describe WDB2T num-
erically. [Don't get me wrong, I've done some
of that myself, basically, with respect to all of
the experimental results upon which so-called
"Quantum Mechanics" was founded. Working
with the "Compton Scattering" results, I've Ver-
ified the SSW<->UES harmonics, for instance.
That's "numerical"-enough, at this point, as far
as I'm concerned. I'm Passionate with respect
to all of this stuff because "quantum weirdness"
Offends my Being. I experience it as a sorrow-
filled 'testimony' to Humanity's having "given-up"
in its seeking-of-Truth.]

So what I do is very much like Copernicus
did -- saying, "Hey! Look at what happens
if we look at the energy-flow that is WDB2T.
The 'weirdness goes away'!" It's hard because,
of course, folks who are long-familiar with the
'quantum' approach experience TD E/I(up)
when they experience the 'quantum' approach
being Challenged. And they react to that TD
E/I(up) by "ostracizing" 'me', so I cannot earn
the wherewithal to do more. [Which is part
of why I took what I, then, thought was a
"side-trip" 'out-of' Beloved Physics to dev-
elop NDT -- wanting to understand why folks
get so "riled-up" when their 'familiar' stuff is
"challenged" -- of course, quickly seeing the im-
portance of such understanding within =all=
Human interactive dynamics. Folks don't
just get "riled-up". The Ravage the Beings
of folks who "disagree" with their 'familiar'
stuff. That Realization kind of "ate my Life" :-]

Basically, I do what I can, each 'day', in that
'day', teetering upon the edge of staying-Alive.

So, if you or anyone else asks me to state
Tapered Harmony in a way that's commensurate
to the numerical reification of the work that's
been done by folks who have been funded
in mega-Billions of dollars, I'll just laugh, and
then ask that I be allowed to do such by free-
ing me from my struggle to simply Survive.

You know? It's 'funny' to me when folks who
are funded in the Billion$ 'expect' me to do
more than I am doing with the meager personal
resources that're available to me.

What I can do, as things stand, is to "Catalogue"
all the ways that folks've 'overlooked' WDB2T,
working to show folks a "Difference" that's analogous
to the Difference between 'seeing Earth-centered
heavens' and Heliocentric Astronomy, Trusting
that folks'll See Truth, if only I Honor Truth in
their presences.

I pursue such Devotedly, and give no quarter
because it's just not necessary for me to do
so. I can show the 3-D energydynamics in all
of physical reality -- which is the way I "Calculate".

But my effort is a humble one when it's juxtaposed
against Billions-of-dollar stuff, and I'm used to being
"trashed" on that basis, without the work I've done's
being considered.

Which is 'funny' to me 'cause I'm just doing-Science,
in the tradition of my Teachers -- the Giants whose
work made modern Science Possible, and who
Honored Truth, not the "dollar".

Cheers, Dirk,

ken [k. p. collins] 

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