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| When one looks at =ANYTHING= with-
| in physical reality, if one knows about
| WDB2T, one sees that it's what empowers
| =EVERYTHING= that's going-on in-there.
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'coincidentally', there was an article in today's
issue of The =New York Times=, "Test Set
on Transmission That Could Save Fuel", by
M. L. Wald, pC8. It should be available at
their web site:


in the "Business" section.

The article describes a new kind of motor-
vehicle "transmission" that functions in crude
accord with the basic principles that instantiate
the "SSW<->UES harmonics" that're reified
in Tapered Harmony.

Specifically, the transmission [quoting from
the =NYT= article] "stores and transmits
energy using a pressurized fluid. [...] The
vehicle's diesel engine will be used to cre-
ate pressure of 5,000 pounds per square
inch in a hydraulic tank and that pressure
will drive a turbine that will in turn drive
the wheels."

It's basically a "pump-storage" system that
takes advantage of energy that'd, otherwise,
go to waste -- which is Engineering that's
specifically with respect to WDB2T.

It's Engineered in a way that's analogous
to the SSW<->UES harmonics, only,
where the energy-'containment' in
SSW<->UES harmonics is comprised
of 'just'-energy that 'traps' the energy
that's 'contained in' 'atoms', this transmis-
sion's Engineering does the analogous
energy-'containment' through 'impermeable'
material construction.

It's basically analogous, though, constitut-
ing a macroscopic 'atom' in the perspective
of Tapered Harmony [just like all of the
other "macroscopic 'atoms'" that I've de-
scribed over the 'years'].

Why I've brought it up here is because it's
a case in the TH point that I've been dis-
cussing online for the better part of two
'decades', and I'm doing so to "give the
rasberries" to folks' 'pretending' that they've
'not understood', all along, what I've discussed.

Anyway, there was other stuff all-over
in the News with respect to "Broken
Heart Syndrome" -- in which 'normally'-
functioning hearts "fail" as a result of large
'emotional' trauma.

I heard reports all over the News, but
none of them mentioned what's obvious -- 
the syndrome is 'just' an instance of TD
E/I(up, up) that makes its way to the
heart, there activating the heart relatively-
'randomly' -- as a "tuning-precision void"
[AoK, Short Paper] -- leaving it weakened
be-cause various muscle fibers are working-
against one another. [Remember from my
long-ago posts? "Randomness can do no
useful work."]

It's another example of why nervous systems
do everything by doing one thing -- converging
upon TD E/I-minimization.

And it's 'funny' -- my heart is 'breaking', but
it's not like the "trauma" that was discussed
in the News Reports.

In my case, it's more of a "wearing-out".

Better than to "rust out" :-] [After "Ulysses",
by J. Joyce.]

k. p. collins 

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