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I'll continue the first part of my prior
discussion, below.

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|| [...]
|| When one looks at =ANYTHING= with-
|| in physical reality, if one knows about
|| WDB2T, one sees that it's what empowers
|| =EVERYTHING= that's going-on in-there.
|| [...]
| 'coincidentally', there was an article in today's
| issue of The =New York Times=, "Test Set
| on Transmission That Could Save Fuel", by
| M. L. Wald, pC8. It should be available at
| their web site:
| http://nytimes.com/
| in the "Business" section.
| The article describes a new kind of motor-
| vehicle "transmission" that functions in crude
| accord with the basic principles that instantiate
| the "SSW<->UES harmonics" that're reified
| in Tapered Harmony.
| Specifically, the transmission [quoting from
| the =NYT= article] "stores and transmits
| energy using a pressurized fluid. [...] The
| vehicle's diesel engine will be used to cre-
| ate pressure of 5,000 pounds per square
| inch in a hydraulic tank and that pressure
| will drive a turbine that will in turn drive
| the wheels."
| It's basically a "pump-storage" system that
| takes advantage of energy that'd, otherwise,
| go to waste -- which is Engineering that's
| specifically with respect to WDB2T.
| It's Engineered in a way that's analogous
| to the SSW<->UES harmonics, only,
| where the energy-'containment' in
| SSW<->UES harmonics is comprised
| of 'just'-energy that 'traps' the energy
| that's 'contained in' 'atoms', this transmis-
| sion's Engineering does the analogous
| energy-'containment' through 'impermeable'
| material construction.
| It's basically analogous, though, constitut-
| ing a macroscopic 'atom' in the perspective
| of Tapered Harmony [just like all of the
| other "macroscopic 'atoms'" that I've de-
| scribed over the 'years'].
| Why I've brought it up here is because it's
| a case in the TH point that I've been dis-
| cussing online for the better part of two
| 'decades', and I'm doing so to "give the
| rasberries" to folks' 'pretending' that they've
| 'not understood', all along, what I've discussed.
| [...]

It's Hilarious, really, that Tapered Harmony's
new model of "the atom" has been so abjectly

The stuff that's Engineered-into the "transmission"
that was described in the =NYT= article is
=Ancient=, going all the way back to "Leyden
jars", and has been replicated, in electronics,
in every L-C circuit that's ever been Engineered
and manufactured. The "tanks" [pressure-vessels]
that are incorporated into the "transmission's" En-
gineereing are 'just' "capacitors".

But when folks encounter Tapered Harmony's
new, 'just'-energy, instance of such, everybody
'forgets' what they already know, because, within
their experience, it seems, to them, to 'contradict'
other stuff that they 'think' they already 'know',
but don't actually "know" because it has no ex-
istence within physical reality.

None of this is actually "funny" to me, though.

To me, witnessing folks' abilities to understand
physical reality being Dictated-to by what folks
'think' they already 'know' is about as Sorrow-
filled as anything gets -- because all of "man's
inhumanity to man" 'just' flows out of such.

And, because I'm always working to bring NDT's
understanding forward, I'm pretty-much always
witnessing this Sorrowful stuff, and the more I do,
the better I understand what's in-it -- how and
why it arises within nervous systems -- so I'm
left always "hard-pressed" to do-more on behalf
of folks who are Victimized by the absence-of-
understanding, inherent, even when those folks're
the folks who're working to 'block' the coming
forward of the work I've done in Science.

So all of this leads me to my efforts here in b.n,
and offline, with the only 'outcome' routinely
being that the folks I'm working to rescue re-
act to my efforts to rescue them by "casting-
'me'-out -- rejecting 'me'.

It's like I come upon a guy who's drinking
water from a poisoned well, and when I tell
him, "Hey! You're drinking poisoned water",
he treats 'me' as if it's 'me' who's 'at fault',
and only gets 'angry' with 'me' because I'm
trying to rescue him from drinking the poison-
ed water.

Then there's the Sinister version of such, in
which the guy is =selling= the 'poisoned-
water', and he forcefully-trashes my Being
in order to 'cover-up' his selling of the 'pois-
oned water' so that he can continue to 'seek
profits' by doing so.

And there's an in-between instance, in which
folks've gradually come to understand that,
"Yes, he was just caring for us in telling us
that we were drinking and selling poisoned
water", but, 'now', they're 'afraid' of altering
anything because, if they do so, others will
'wonder' why they stopped selling 'water',
and figure-out that the 'water' was 'poisoned'
all along.

And then there's still another case, in which
folks've understood all along =some=, but
not all, of what was in NDT and TH, and
they took that "some" stuff, and ab-used it
in their efforts to 'seek profits'. And, 'now',
they 'fear' being 'exposed' as having done
so, so they're using all of their 'power' to
'cover-up' their former ab-use of their =in-
complete= 'understanding' of what's in NDT
and TH, which "closes all the doors" to
the coming forward of NDT and TH.

The =Hardest= thing for me, in all of this, is
that I'm left holding all the Consequences
of other's 'fears', while, simultaneously, re-
maining Obliged to bring NDT's and TH's
understanding forward.

Can you see it?

I could rapidly "Force" everything by taking
action in Court of Law, but, if I did so, I'd
Condemn folks to all against which my 'heart'

What's in my 'heart' is to =only= lift-folks-up
out of the absence-of-understanding that's
Ravaged =everyone= since the Beginning.

And the Crushing-Thing is the simultaneous
'moving' in both directions. It's the essence of
interminable TD E/I(up).

It's Terrible. But it's not all just Terrible.

While I endure the TD E/I(up) inherent, my
own understanding is lifted-up as my nervous
system works to achieve TD E/I-minimization,
despite the interminable TD E/I(up) that folks'
'moving away from me' leaves me having to
deal with.

Fortunately, before all of this Terrible stuff
unfolded, I'd already Reified NDT's stuff, so
I don't "break", and the net result of folks'
'moving away from' is that, because of it,
I'm only continually becoming able to See-

Which is 'pretty-funny' when one thinks about
it -- folks doing their damnedest to "crush"
my Being, but, in such, only Lifting-me-up in
understanding :-]

If folks look, folks'll see that I've tried,
=HARD= to not take advantage of such,
"making myself small" while I 'wait' for folks
to get-it.

But, you know? It's pretty-hard to 'pretend'
that folks 'don't understand' what a "capacitor"

I've been "struggling" with all of this because,
I've stayed-online beyond the 'point' at
which I've routinely 'ended' an online 'life' -- 
always to spare folks -- in order to "go-slow"
on folks' behalfs.

The "struggle" shows in my writing in the msgs
I've posted -- I want =not= to "hurt" any-
one, but it's Hard not to do so when I've
stayed-on after having lifted-things-up to
the 'point' I'd lifted-them-up to -- absence-
of-understanding, and the way that folks've
acted within such, stand-out-in-relief no
matter what I discuss at the "level" I'm dis-
cussing stuff.

It will get more Intense in this way.

Because, if folks're going to Kill me, I've got
to do what needs to be done before folks do

It's 'funny'. I routinely work "in the background",
by communicating with folks via channels that're
=supposed= to be private. In doing so, I try to
be "gentle" -- try to give folks opportunity to
choose to "do the right thing" without my having
"closed doors" to them.

But, apparently, folks've 'interpreted' all that as
'indicating' that I'm just 'unable' to actually ac-
complish anything -- so they've just 'dismissed'
my efforts to bring them up-to-speed.

What's 'funny'?

That folks don't recognize Gentleness, and the
Caring that's in-it.

It's all "inside-out, upside-down, and back-
ward" -- "Inverted" [AoK, Ap4].

All these folks "respect" is Brutality, themselves
routinely relying in-it.

k. p. collins 

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