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| Prince was a small dog. All he had in
| him was Joi di Vie. He didn't know how
| to fight, or even what fighting was.
| Two of the other dogs Killed him one
| day while he was accompanying me as
| I was collecting the week's Newspaper
| receipts from my customers.
| [...]

Prince didn't die immediately. His Master
did what could be done for him, and Prince
remained for the rest of his 'days' in a pen.

When the mauling occurred, I was 40-50
feet way, and Prince was ripped-open be-
fore I could take a step. He'd laid down on
his back, in a posture of "submission", and
the dog that'd been made-Vicious by it's
'owner' 'just' ripped him open. The own-
ers of the other two dogs were right there
-- Prince had gone over to "say hello" to
them where they were standing in the street
with their dogs, talking -- but they did no-
thing to control their dogs.

I visited Prince only once in his pen.

He refused to acknowledge that I was
even there.

I'd Failed him.

It's a Great-'heart'-ache for me, never di-
minishing, not in the least because I under-

The same sort of 'mauling' happened to
me when, Young, Naive, and Innocent,
I brought my work into the world that's
'Ruled' by 'the beast'.

Been 'penned-up' ever since.

It's Hard for me to write all of this, but
I'm doing so because of the Lesson in-
herent in what happened to Prince.

Doing nothing invites Evil to occur.

k. p. collins 

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