Substances triggering brain tumors (Parkinson)

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Sat Feb 12 22:08:28 EST 2005

Assuming a basic efficiency in the coding of genetic mechanisms, it can
be expected that the inhibiting factors in celluar mitosis are the same
in all cell types that don`t express mitosis. In abstract, by comparing
genes from both divisive and non divisive cells this inhibiting factor
should be relatively esy to isolate.

What factors determine the permeability of the brain barrier? Drugs
share this characteristic, that they cross the brain barriers. Their
structure should give a good starting point to investigate the
properties of brain barrier permeable substances. At the same time, the
binding property of THC can be used as a starting point to `connect`
molecules to the brain tissue, so to say.

Myabe by combining properties of this molecules in more complex
molecules (depending n the reasons why the membrane turns permeable),
we can devise molecules (even nanomachines) that, once carried into the
cerebral tissue will release their `payload` or, through combination
with other in-brain substances (sugar, water, oxygen), would transform
into the useful substance that would uninhibit cellular mitosis. This
kind of thinking (don`t know at this moment exact procedures or
methodologies), may lead to some kind of `formulae` that can be
solvable. Somebody knows how advanced is the use of mathematical models
to the design of molecules?

Food for thought...

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help!!! (8)> )

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