Substances triggering brain tumors (Parkinson)

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Sat Feb 12 23:57:49 EST 2005

Can we erase codons? Particular codons? If the inhibiting factor is
codified in a single codon and it is erased, we would have a modified
neurone dividing and giving *normal* (non reproducing) neurones. Once
an adequate mass is obtained, the modified, mother neurones can be
erased (killed) to stop the process. By careful dosification this
mechanism would create neurones at such rate that the self organizing
features of the brain would make the difference in the mass, from a
cognitive point of view, unnoticed by the conscious individual.We can
also rely on the neurones, as long as grwth is suffciently controlled
and slow, to organize in the mechanical sense, without forming lumps of
oxgen starved neurones (though a brain oxygenator can be further used
as therapy). Of course, this kind of tretment would be reserved for
advanced age patients.

Another path would be to attack specifically the proteins that directly
inhibit the mitosis process, which again can be assumed as a working
hypothesis that work in the same way in all cells.

By identifying molecules trigering brain tumors (like nitrites), oth
mre useful molecules should be `easily` found.

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