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|| [...]
|| I pursue such Devotedly, and give no quarter
|| because it's just not necessary for me to do
|| so. I can show the 3-D energydynamics in all
|| of physical reality -- which is the way I "Calculate".
|| [...]
| I'm 'groaning', because folks won't understand
| all that's reified in this "Calculation".
| It's an exact binary Calculation that deifnes Dir-
| ectionality with respect to =everything= within
| physical reality [and I'm not just "saying" that.
| All available experimental results say the same
| thing. But folks've not recognized that fact.]

It's not "binary" like in digital computers.

The "binary"-ness is in the way there's energy
in ordered 'states' and energy going to disorder
from those ordered 'states'. Directionality of
the energy-flow inherent is, itself, 100% mapped
[at every infinitessimal-'point'] be-cause energy
just moves in the direction in which it's freedom
to move [in Tapered Harmony, it's "Ephemer-
ance" [coined from "ephemeral"]] is maximized,
so even immaterial energy Directs immaterial
energy that's less-dense -- which is exactly what's
observed in 'nuclear' explosions' expansion dyn-
amics [and all other explosions, but one has to
look-harder in inverse proportion to the explos-
ive power. 'nuclear' explosions just make it all
plain-as-day Visible].

I've been discussing all of this every 'time' I've
discussed "3-D energydynamics" with respect
to nervous systems.

Nervous systems are Virtuoso-Directors of
energy, but they push it in the anti-WDB2T-
Direction -- which is how they automate
"knowing" within them selves -- by "reading"
energy's going to disorder within physical
reality, and doing 'just'-the-opposite stuff
with respect to that.

As has been explained in AoK all along,
Nervous systems are ordered throughout
their extents to do that =one= thing.

As has also been explained in AoK all along,
the Problem has been that the "duality", in-
herent -- that behavior, curiosity, creativity,
volition [cognition, affect, 'conscience', con-
sciousness] are produced as =by-products=
of TD E/I-minimization -- has not been =gen-
erally= comprehended .

As has also been explained in AoK, all along,
the 'Dictates' of this "tragic flaw" can be elim-
inated by incorporating understanding with
respect to it within nervous systems.

Thus, it's within the innate capabilities of Hu-
man nervous systems to transcend "man's
inhumanity to man".

| The defining of Directionality with respect to
| everything within physical reality isn't a "small"
| thing. No other theory has ever done that.
| All of the so-called "4 forces" are unified
| within Tapered Harmony, and reduced to
| WDB2T, for instance.
| [...]

I've discussed this Unification, reiteratively,
in long-former posts. It just falls-out of the
SSW<->UES harmonics.

None of this stuff is as Important as is the
TD E/I-minimization Principle, but I'm dis-
cussing it because it's what underpins the
TD E/I-minimization Principle and its func-
tionality, so I have to discuss it because
there're folks who 'dismiss' the TD E/I-min-
imization Principle 'because' they 'think' it's
"naive" in light of what they 'think' they
'know' about physical reality.

So I've got to deal with their 'blindly'-auto-
mated 'moving away from', which is all just
TD E/I-minimization with respect to that
which they are 'familiar' within the external
experiential invironments in which they exist,
which is the only reason that I'm "bothering"
folks with Tapered Harmony's stuff [although
it's way-deep in Neuroscience, so I do hope
that at least some folks find my doing so not
to be a "bother". TH's reification of physical
reality is a lot of Fun, and there's a lot of
Usefulness in it -- with respect to =all=

k. p. collins

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