Substances triggering brain tumors (Parkinson)

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Sun Feb 13 00:04:25 EST 2005

Some cannabinoids have been shown to have anti tumoral effects, particularly
in relation to glioma. Probably because cannabinoids inhibit VEGF, thereby
limiting blood supply to a growing tumor. They also have anti-inflammatory
effects and it does appear that interleukin 1, at basal levels, plays a role
neurogenesis; I think it is tied to NGF production but not sure about that.
Given they are lipid soluble, these compounds will remain present in the
white matter for sometime, depending on dosage.

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> Substances that trigger brain tumors can be used to cure cerebral
> diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer or oth degenerative diseases.
> A complete catalog of substances affectinthe different parts of the
> brain can be used, if they trigger neuron mitosis, to regenerate
> diseased tisuue, to couteract the natural death of neurones and to
> *increase* intelligence. Quantities can be dosified to contrlo the
> spread of the tumrs. Unless and until adequate subsances penerating the
> brain barrier and specific to particular zones of the brain are ound,
> these kind of treatments would only be useful for old and hopeless
> patients.
> I wonder if some drugs, such as hallucinogens or, probably, THC, can
> used or have been tested for this kind of effects. Ideally, some
> substance must be foun that inhinits the *inhibitibg* factors of
> neurone mitosis, and which would create one time mitosis (since the
> inhibiting factors would only be inhibited while the substance remains
> in the system), therefore establishing a lineal farmacodynamic between
> dosification and effects. Such kind of medications should not
> accumulate (be dissolved in grease) in the brain to avoid uncontrolled
> tumors.
> Fabrizio J Bonsignore, now Danilo J Bonsignore at 36 (and without alien
> help!!! (8)> )

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