collective EEG database

JF Baure nano_brain at
Sun Feb 13 08:05:15 EST 2005

I am deeply interested by the possibilities offered by the EEG signal
processing. Whether it be post processing or real time processing,
whether it is about the command & control based on EEG signals or
estimation/transformation/classification/interpretation of EEG
Before i can create and more interestingly - organize - my own EEG
datase, i need varied abnormal/pathological EEG signals.
Since it is a project on my own (not as part of my job), i can't
afford both the hardware and the costly neurodiagnostic EEG software
available. Since only a few are freely shared on the web, are there
any other way or people to contact to get some pathological EEG
signals (and the associated tech information: conditions of
acquisition, neurological condition,...) ? This tool is not meant to
be used for medical or commercial purposes.
Jean-François B.

PS) i am interested in neurosciences but i have no qualification in ns
PPS) to contact me by email: jeff.ERASETHISbaure at

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