Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

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| [...]

| This said, there's a version of what you've
| proposed that occurs naturally within nerv-
| ous systems. Molecular dynamics within
| nervous systems routinely dip-into their
| eons-old evolutionary-'engineered' molec-
| ular repetoirs to "try stuff" as a result of
| the 3-D energydynamics that occur with-
| in them.
| Overall evolutionary dynamics are literally
| guided by such -- because routine repro-
| ductive dynamics are "selected" as a result
| of such [of course, to varying degrees. Folks
| like me have a "snowball's chance in Hell"
| of ever reproducing because we run too-
| far-ahead in the sort of molecular-tuning
| that I discuss above, leaving us "too weird"
| to attract a mate :-]
| [...]

This said, I Love, like everyone else.

It's Funny. Way back, I looked to my
doing of the stuff I've done in Science
as the "means" through which I'd "be
able" to give the one I'd Love [I 'knew'
her although I didn't, then, "know" her]
all that Love wants for Love.


But I Love her, still.

Happy Saint Valentines Day! to her, and
to Lovers, everywhere. You're in my
'heart', as is Hope that your Love will
Blossom =more=, shining-brightly,
"Light" in all places it goes.

kne [k. p. collins] 

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