Standing-Wave Genetics [was: Substances triggering brain tumors (Parkinson)]

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Wed Feb 16 04:48:45 EST 2005

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| [...]

| [And, BTW-too, if anyone cares to know,
| I like solving "functional multiplexing" Prob-
| lems.

And I've Seen, this 'night', that I'm going to
be able to Crack this one.

It'll take some 'months', and what's left of
my personal resources. I'm going to hold-off
on discussing it further until I can present is,

But it's such a Joy to See the Path through
it. It's 'hilarious'. It's experientially the 'same'
as when I saw what's in "decussation" -- a
"flood" of stuff, all 'moving toward' the one

"True reward" [AoK, Ap5 & 7], overflowing.

k. p. collins 

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