On the doing of 'Difficult' stuff

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| All I'm doing is what I'm Obliged to do.
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Seeing mis-takes, and understanding the
Consequences inherent in their unfolding
and perpetuation, I'd just be a Coward
if I allowed my Choice to be 'steered' by
my understanding of the Consequences that
will fall upon 'me' because I act upon the
Obligation inherent in understanding.

I always Choose to do what needs to be
done to get things Working on behalf of
the General-Good.

I understand the "Dilemma" inherent -- 
that "speaking Truth to 'power'" rout-
inely ends up with Truth 'just' being
'moved away from', with the one who
broaches Truth being 'crushed'.

That is, itself, one of the 'blindly'-auto-
mated groupwise behavioral dynamics
that just needs to be transcended if
Humanity is to Survive.

So "saving my own skin", while 'joining'
in the perpetuation of mis-takes is un-
thinkable to me.

[I've been working to get "stuff" across to
folks for 'decades'. It's not like I'm "jump-
ing" anyone or any group.]

All this said, no one should expect me to
"trash" anyone when [if] the mis-takes are
Corrected. Folks're 'just' Victims of the
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
that occurs within their nervous systems
as a result of their accumulated experience,
"rendering useless" is "hard", and folks
who endure it on behalf of the General-
Good will have earned my Respect.

k. p. collins 

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