On Groupwise Cowardice

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And the Sorrowful thing is that it's
the Same-Stuff within =ALL= group-
wise interactive dynamics.

Children playing in school yards.

High School cliques.

This 'religion' or that one.

This corporation or that one.

This neighborhood or that one.

This Nation or that one.

This college or that one.

This group of fans or that one.

This gang's 'turf' or that one's.

Predators and their prey.

Settlers and Native Americans.

Tutsi and Hutu.

Whites and Blacks.

Etc., with respect to =any= group,
of any size, to the degree that group-
wise experience is mutually-exclusive.

A thing as =small= as that, left uncom-
prehended, is what has Ravaged Humanity.

It doesn't matter what the 'Difficulty'
is. Groups gather their 'power', im-
pose their group-discipline, and crush
it, simultaneously thwarting their own
hopes and dreams.

When all it is is 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization, left uncompre-

The "race with no finish line".

Nothingness that's allowed to 'Dictate'.

To those who I've offended with my
'Difficult' discussions, if you look, you'll
see that there's only Loving-You in-them.

ken [k. p. collins]

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