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| Word-of-Honor: Between 1:40am and 1:50am,
| Satruday, 2005-02-19, I Cracked the genetic
| functional-multiplexing Problem. [I'll gladly
| demonstrate, in-person, in an Academic place.]
| Happy 532 'Birthday'! Nicolaus Copernicus.

It's so =HARD= for me to 'offer-up' another

I'll discuss it in more detail after the 'aching'
subsides, but it's in the chemistry of the samll
"sugar" molecules. The weak 'hydrogen bonds'
in them allow the variabilities of their sequential
formations to "relay" 3-D E [3-D energydynam-
ics] in an extremely-functional way throughout
the cytoplasm.

The result being a physical circumstance that's
exactly analogous to a combination lock that
has infinite "combinations", each of which Dir-
ects cascades of higher-level molecular func-
tion in a way that's rigorously-ordered with
respect to 3-D E. Within such isomers act
as Directional "switches". The "infinity" follows
from the variability of the 3-D E, which, in liver
cells, is relatively-small, but in neurons is Gi-

Imagine it in =crude= schematic as a "plane"
that's perforated by "sugars" that're all simult-
aneously in various stages of their formations,
and which are schematically represented as
bars piercing the plane, extending in a way
that reflects the stage of their sequencing, and
which are driven to these "stages" by the 'mo-
mentary' 3-D E, and contributing energy, in
an "amplifying" way, to other molecular dyn-
amics, including "the genome", all in a way
that's Directed by 3-D E.

The "plane" is tuned to a particular 'state' that's
rigorously-coupled to to a cell's ongoing "ex-
perience", which "tunes" "the genome".

I thought is was going to be a "grind", but
I worked all of this out in Tapered Harmony
long ago, while working on entirely-different
energy-distribution problems, and as I con-
tinued to read in the Text that I cited earlier
in this thread, I just Saw how this "sugar-
sequencing" 3-D E-coupled energy-Directing

All of this is relatively-easy to test be-cause
there're ~1000 distinct "sugar" molecules,
and, if what I've discussed is Correct, it will
be possible to selectively-alter cellular func-
tion by selectively altering the dynamics of
specific "sugars". [Which might not be "easy"
because of similarities within their structures.
Only stuff that makes one "sugar" distinct
from all others would constitute a valid test.
Else the 'test' will, itself be "functionally-mult-
iplexed" :-] I'll see if I can come up with a
better way to test it.]

If what I've discussed is Correct [it's a
Certainty that it is at least partially** "Cor-
rect"] altering "sugar" dynamics will result
in altered protein dynamics.

** "partially Correct" because there's prob-
ably a =lot= of analogous stuff involving other
molecular dynamics. I've not, yet, explicitly
applied what's discussed here to DNA-RNA
tuning, for instance, but expect that it'll all
"fall-together", in an exactly-analogous way,
when I get to that point in my reading. [The
Problem that =I= was working on was =just=
functionally-mapping 3-D E into molecular

At the molecular 'level', the notion that this
or that "supplies energy", like the cell is "eat-
ing", is inadequate. =ALL= cellular energy
flows participate in the 3-D E. That is, they
=communicate= Directionally-coupled "in-
formation" that's reflected in the "paths" that
molecular dynamics follow, both microscop-
ically [in specific conformational dynamics]
and macroscopically [with respect to 3-D
cellular structure].

What's here constitutes a "restructuring" of
all of Molecular Biology. [I rewrote some
Organic Chemistry, too, and expect I'll have
rewritten that whole Subject before the "dust
settles". What I'm actually doing is "carrying"
the "special topological homeomorphism"
down to molecular 'levels', while rigorously-
preserving it. That it's =Necessarily= so-pre-
served is why this Problem turned out to be
relatively-easy. [After ~35 'years' of working
with respect to the "special topological homeo-
morphism" as it's discussed in AoK :-]]

I'll discuss this stuff, further, after I "heal" the
'aching', a bit. Part of the 'aching' derives in
the fact that I've used Tapered Harmony in
reaching the conclusions I've expressed in
this post, but nobody else understands TH,
and I'm not interested in "fighting" about
what folks do, and do not, understand with
respect to TH.

I'll be glad to address Criticisms with re-
spect to what I've discussed above, though,
and will be "anxious" to hear about any ex-
perimental tests that're done.

k. p. collins 

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