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In this addendum to my prior post
[quoted in its entirety, below], I'll
address some 'points' made in an
article in the March, 2005 issue of
=Scientific American=, "Misconcept-
ions About The Big Bang", by C. H.
Lineweaver and T. M. Davis, p.36.

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| Guess "The Curse" is really 'gone away'.
| The Patriots won the Superbowl on Babe
| Ruth's 120th 'Birthday' :-]
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|| [...]
|| Invoking 'time' is =meaningless=.
|| To reiterate stuff that I discussed
|| in long-former posts, what's been
|| referred to as "time" has no phys-
|| ically-real existence even in "clocks".
|| "Clocks" don't meter 'time'. They
|| meter the energy that flows from
|| the potential-energy that was
|| 'stored' in the "clock's" spring when
|| the "clock" was wound, or, if the
|| clock is battery-powered, from
|| the chemical energy that was 'stor-
|| ed' in the battery when it was man-
|| ufactured [or, if it's a rechargable,
|| when it was charged], or, if it's an
|| AC "clock", what it meters is the
|| energy flowing from the power
|| grid.
|| All "clocks" are are mechanisms
|| that are engineered to, more or
|| less, depending on the quality of
|| the engineering and manufacture,
|| match the energy-flow out of the
|| "power supply" to the "period" of
|| the rotation of Earth on its axis,
|| which "period" is, itself, 'just' an
|| energydynamic that has no phys-
|| ical relationship to 'time'. Earth
|| rotates on its axis be-cause it's
|| passing through a non-uniform
|| energy-gradient that exists rel-
|| ative to Sun, which, be-cause it
|| penatrates Earth's stuff non-uni-
|| formly from surface to core, puts
|| a torque upon Earth as a whole.
| Gees! =I= know what I'm talking
| about -- but I left it "implicit" that
| the "side"-to-"side" differential a-
| rises be-cause Earth orbits Sun,
| which sets up a "bow wave" in
| the non-uniform energy-gradient,
| and it's that differential that im-
| parts rotation to Earth.
| It's the same reason that Earth or-
| bits Sun.
| It's the same reason that comet's
| tails always extend away from Sun,
| and why comets gradually evaporate.
| It's the same reason that planetary
| systems, like our Solar System,
| rotate on their star-'centered' axes -- 
| the Solar System is in motion rela-
| tive to the non-uniform energy-
| gradient that's the physical-embod-
| iment of the expansion of the Uni-
| verse.
| The rotation of galaxies? Same-old,
| same-old -- and so is the way that
| the "arms" of spiral galaxies, like
| our Milky Way, are formed and
| distributed [the way that their "arms"
| are "spaced", including rotational-
| velocity 'abberations'.

The =SA= article asserts that these
"small local velocities" are "random",
but that's False. The local velosities
all derive, =Deterministically=, in the
one-way flowing of energy, from order
to disorder, that is what's =described=
by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T]. What's
'infered' as constituting "randomness"
derives in the fact that the Universal
Energy Supply [UES] is non-uniformly
distributed, with energy that exists in
its "matter"-phase constituting it's dens-
est "regions" -- WDB2T occurs in rig-
orous-proportion to UES-density -- 
so the outpourings of energy from rel-
atively-dense UES "regions" imparts
proportionately-greater 'force' upon
local velocities.

It's the local non-uniformaty that in-
stantiates the =illusion= of 'random-
ness' in local velocities.

| This stuff holds at =all= scales,
| from infinetessimally-small, to infin-
| itely-large [to "all there is"].
| The "magnetic moments" of 'atoms'
| are 'just' the same energy-gradient-
| differential stuff.
| Kepler's 'constant' swept-areas?
| Same-old, same-old.
| 'gravity' too.
| =Everything= within physical reality
| is empowered by the =energy-flow=
| that's disclosed in the expansion of
| the Universe, and which is what the
| one-way flow of energy, from or-
| der to disorder, that is what's =de-
| scribed= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T]
| is.
| Plants "feel" ["detect" and use] this
| energy-flow in photosynthesis, even
| growing-toward it so that they max-
| imize their "feeling" it.
| [I'm not "just saying this". I've Verified
| it with respect to all known experiment-
| results. I've rewritten all of Physics,
| sans 'time'. And I'll be 'happy' to use
| any 'objections' that folks want to raise
| to Demonstrate Truth.
| You know that scene, in the =Starwars=
| Trilogy, where the "Rebels" are scramb-
| ling to destroy the "Death Star" before
| it's completed -- but the viewers are in-
| formed, by the leader of the "Empire",
| that "This is a fully-operational death
| star"?
| Tapered Harmony, which incorporates
| NDT, is like that, but "inverted" -- a
| "Fully-Operational Life-'Star' :-]
| It's a =New= 'day'.
| Too bad I can't Publish it.
|| Earth's rotation has exactly =no-
|| thing= to do with 'time'. [This
|| was Reified, for the first 'time', in
|| Tapered Harmony, and I'm dis-
|| cussing it for the first 'time' here
|| in this post, so please don't think
|| you "knew it all along" :-] Use it,
|| if you've use for it, but, you know,
|| give Tapered Harmony a footnote.
|| All "clocks" are are energy-flow
|| meters that are engineered to
|| give readings that match Earth's
|| rotational "period", which, itself,
|| is a 3-D energydynamic.
|| All there is is =energy=.
|| No 'time'.
|| 'time' is an artificial mental con-
|| struct.
|| These considerations are taken all
|| the way down to infinitessimally-
|| small 3-D spatial dimensions in
|| Tapered Harmony [even so-called
|| "atomic clocks" meter energy-flow,
|| not 'time'], but that's beyond the
|| scope of the present discussion.
|| [...]

K. P. Collins 

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