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| [...]

| I've made a study of the way this stuff happens.
| One goes to folks with one's work in-hand,
| asking [expecting] them to help one get one's
| work communicated, and, seeing the untennable
| position that one is in because one has given
| everything one has to wrestling the new stuff
| into existence, they just take one's work, put
| an alternative "interface" on it, and take all the
| credit, and everything else, for "having done
| it".
| It's happened to me, in significant ways, a
| couple of hundred 'times'.
| It's just 'funny' to me -- to see folks being
| so 'unable to think' because they 'exist' so
| ensnarled in the BS that the 'system' imposes
| upon them.
| [...]

What I wrote, quoted above, in self-righteous,
unfair, and calculated to 'manipulate'.

While it's happened [Seriously] in the way
I described it above, what's most-oftened
happened is that, when I go to folks, unknown
and unannounced, they just are not able to
digest all that I discuss with them in the real-
'time' of our interaction.

But, after I leave, this or that that I discussed
with them "clicks", and they 'recreate' it, with-
out citing my having discussed it with them,
and then they Publish it, calling it their own

And, then, when I "whine" about what's trans-
pired, they get 'scared' about being "disclosed",
so they just 'bury' everything that transpired
between them and me.

Which leaves me seeing my End accelerating
toward me.

And, I "Confess", I've always known that
this sort of thing would "probably" happen,
and chose to keep on going to folks, in one
way or another, regardless of that "probability" -- 
be-cause I saw that the Need to bring the un-
derstanding forward was just too great to
not do what needed to be done, in any way
that I could.

So I'm not really "angry" with these folks.

I understand -- "Publish or perish", and all

But when I "speak-out" against what's un-
folded, it's almost always the case that I'm
addressing much-more-Sinister things -- like,
back when I was attending conferences, and
really "pushing" to "get a foot in the door" of
NDT's being communicated, I'd leave msgs
for folks on the Conference bulletin boards -- 
innoccuous things that asked that specific folks
get in touch with me, etc. -- I'd walk by short
'times' later, and the msgs I tacked to the
bulletin boards would've been removed.

This happened 100% of the 'time', which I
interpret as evidence that my efforts were
being 'controverted' at those conferences,
which is why I stopped attending conferences -- 
why spend big $ to get 'controverted'? And
there've been so many things like this that
it's gotten 'hilarious' -- like what happens to
"Wiley Coyote" in the =Road Runner= car-
toons -- that Predictable.

So, when I 'whine', I'm almost always harkening
back to this more-Sinister stuff, and not the
results of my going to folks, unknown and un-
announced, knowing that I was giving-up this
or that 'child' of my labors.

And I've =never= been trying to "expose"

All I've ever been doing is "thinking out
loud" with respect to my Hope that all of
this stuff be at an End.

You know -- instead of me being at an End
only "because" I did what Needed to be

You know?

What's past is past.

It's what happens in 'this moment' that
makes a difference -- because it's in every
'now' that Choices are actualized.

When I 'whine', I'm just 'wondering' out loud
if all this stuff is ever going to End, or if folks'll
'just' keep on "taking" Life, itself, from me.

Mostly, it's just 'funny' to me because it's all
been explained in NDT all along, so all it
actually is is folks Substantiating NDT's position
while simultaneously 'denying' it.

Which is pretty-Funny.

Anyway, I'm =not= "out to expose folks", or,
otherwise, cause anyone any 'Difficulties'.

But when is it going to =Stop=?

You know -- when will folks =do= what their
Professions =Profess= to "do"?

You know -- Government Professes to =Serve=
the Citizenry. Academia Professes to =Educate=
the Citizenry. Business Professes to do =Busi
ness= . Journalism Professes to Publish

None of that's happened in NDT's case.

And what's =really= Funny is that I've got to
just keep-on doing more -- so, in what should
be a Joyous 'time' for me, I've got to be "Miser-
able" because I =Hate= "embarassing" =anyone=.

"Wretchedly, wretchedly, wretchedly"

It "Hurts" because it's all "backwards".

I should've been able to give my Mother Joy
before she Died.

I should've been able to Care for my Father
because of the work I've done. Instead of
being "locked-up" when he Died.

I should've been able to be Joyful, right in
the light of day.

Instead, I've got to wake-up each 'day' to
more Misery 'because' I Love.

It's getting-"old".

And it's reached the 'point' where even my
"protests" are 'deemed' to be in 'poor form'.


"Inverted" [AoK, Ap4].

FWIW, that's what it's been like.

k. p. collins

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