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|| [...]
|| The =SA= article asserts that these
|| "small local velocities" are "random",
|| but that's False. The local velo[c]ities
|| all derive, =Deterministically=, in the
|| one-way flowing of energy, from order
|| to disorder, that is what's =described=
|| by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T]. What's
|| 'infer[r]ed' as constituting "randomness"
|| derives in the fact that the Universal
|| Energy Supply [UES] is non-uniformly
|| distributed, with energy that exists in
|| its "matter"-phase constituting it's dens-
|| est "regions" -- WDB2T occurs in rig-
|| orous-proportion to UES-density -- 
|| so the outpourings of energy from rel-
|| atively-dense UES "regions" imparts
|| proportionately-greater 'force' upon
|| local velocities.
|| It's the local non-uniform[i]ty that in-
|| stantiates the =illusion= of 'random-
|| ness' in local velocities.
|| [...]

You know? It's why heavy elements are,
ingeneral, more "radioactive". There's rel-
atively more energy 'contained' within
their SSW<->UES harmonics, so, on av-
erage, they release energy back into the
UES proportionately-more than do lighter

It's necessary to reiterate, here, something
else that I addressed in an earlier post.

Galaxies, soalr systems, planets, are not
"at rest" with respect to the UES-flow
that is the physical embodiment of Uni-
versal expansion. As I discussed in my
prior post, there's expansion-driven
relative-motion all over the place within
the UES, all of which is empowered by
the UES-flow that is the physical embod-
iment of "expansion".

Back to the immediate discussion...

| This's is the physical nature of what's
| referred to as "Brownian motion", for
| instance.
| It's =not= "random thermal energy"
| that bounces pollen around under a
| microscope's lens.
| It's energy flowing =Deterministically=
| in the UES, as it flows toward max
| freedom-to-move -- max "ephemerance".
| And it's always locally-purturbed be-
| cause various elements interact with
| the UES differentially -- like a bunch
| of "pumps" that operate at different
| rates.
| When one observes "Brownian motion",
| one is actually observing the relatively-
| long-range

[relative to 'atoms' spatial extents]

| flowing of the UES with re-
| spect to it's role in 'sustaining' the
| SSW<->UES harmonics local to the
| focus of one's microscope.
| It's =not= 'random'.
| It's 100% Deterministic, and, if movies
| are made of it, and the recorded "Brown-
| ian motion" then analyzed in computers,
| one will see this Determinism. Various
| solvents and particulate matters will
| yield different motions, and those different
| motions will all map to the =one= thing -- 
| the flowing of the local UES in its 'sustain-
| ing' of all of the SSW<->UES harmonics
| that are involved, including their various
| periodicities. [Which is another way to
| "weigh" the local UES.]

If I were to do this, I'd try to use nanospheres
instead of "pollen". Pollen has 'wild' surface
topography that interferes with the differential
stuff that the research, above, would be look-
ing to see. Of course, nanosphere suspensions
have their own material difficulties that require
careful engineering.]

I'd use a nanosphere suspension because it's
important to observe the 3-D E that under-
pin 'brownian motion" in 3-D not only 2-D.

There will be another differential that varies
with depth, and it's necessary to see that.

[All of what's entailed is disclosed [but only
in pseudo '3-d'] in the "Shampoo Experiment",

| There's =nothing= "random" within physical
| reality.
| All there is is more physical reality [more
| energy flowing] than anyone can physically
| experience, which leaves folks thinking of
| physical reality as if 'it is random' [and which
| BTW, physically instantiates Free Will.]
| Which is another reason why it's important
| to "range widely" -- that one's Will be max-
| imally-Free, and not some damned 'guess'-
| stuff that leaves one Vulnerable to unforeseen
| stuff [like the stuff through which all War,
| and all other forms of "man's inhumanity to
| man"  that've ever occurred have become
| instantiated].

You know -- instead of 'seeing' relatively-
incompletely, and calling what one so 'sees',
"everything", forcing one's self to be 'blind'
to all that's actually out-there to See, if only
one pushes one's self to "range widely" within
Truth's One Map [with respect to which,
WDB2T is a dependable "guide", which is
why, as I've discussed over the 'years',
evolutionary dynamics have 'engineered'
nervous systems to key upon WDB2T in their
functioning. The rest of 'the' body, same-old,

k. p. collins 

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