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Left out an =IMPORTANT= thing.

Fised that, below.

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| =Do NOT= try the stuff that I discuss in this
| addendum to my prior post without giving
| careful consideration to the "***" endnote.
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|| [...]
|| Because of this, it's probably not a "good idea"
|| to use "sugar pills" as "placebos".
| [...]
| Observer: "Gasp!"
|| So, if one wants to test a substance, why use
|| an active substance as a "placebo"?
| Observer: "Gasp! How can he be so ignorant?!"
| I stand on what I posted :-]
| I'll discuss it, more, as I continue my reading
| in my introductory Molecular Biology text,
| but, as usual, in this discussion of "placebos",
| I only post stuff that's old-long-since worked-
| out in the work I've done.
| The stuff I'm discussing re. "sugars" will stand,
| despite folks' "Gasp!"-ing.
| My "assuredness" goes all the way back to
| "the Terrible Times" -- when I was pushing-
| energy with almost-complete disregard for
| my Health. I discovered that, by cramming-
| sugar***, I could push-energy more.
| Observer: "Duh?"
| :-]
| That's 'just' it. It's one of those things that's
| "just obvious", but most of what's =in= what's
| "just obvious" has remained 'invisible' to most
| folks.
| When I notice this sort of 'invisibility'-in-plain-
| sight, I always Recognize that there's "Treasure"
| in-there, and explore it.
| Anyway, in my "cramming-sugar"***, whatever
| the particular form of "sugar" was, it ["of course"]
| bore no =specific= realtionship with any of the
| problems with respect to which I was pushing-
| energy -- I mean, there was no "information" en-
| coded within the "sugar" [usually sucrose or fruc-
| tose] that I'd ingest, that'd, 'somehow, give me
| the answers for which I was searching'.
| There's no =specific= 'information-containing-
| magic' in "sugars", so how could my ingesting
| them enable me to Solve the problems I was
| working on?
| Simply by elevating my overall ability to push-
| energy, which, if the problem is "picking apples",
| is something like 'growing longer arms' :-]
| The more energy one can push, the more "in-
| formation"-processing work one can do***,
| be-cause one can 'just' "juggle" more elements
| of the problem with respect to which one is
| pushing-energy. It's like adding a "supercharger"
| to an automobile engine. Burn more fuel, go
| farther, faster.
| The analogy is rather literal. Folks call it a
| "sugar high", and 'deplore' the way ingestion
| of sugar results in a certain "wild-exuberance"
| in their Childrens' behaviors***, but all it is is***
| nervous systems working-faster, and reaching-
| farther, be-cause their abilities have become
| =temporarily= "supercharged" in their abilities
| to push-energy.
| But how can this easily-observed*** =gen-
| eralized= dynamic enter into the "placebo
| effect"?
| I mean, when it's verified to be effective, the
| placebo effect cannot be considered to be a
| "generalized" dynamic -- because, when it's
| effective, it acts with respect to =specific=
| molecular-'level' "problems".
| "General" --> "Specific".
| How does this, seemingly-'magical', "trans-
| formation" happen within the Biology?
| It's in the relative-abundance of energy***.
| Push-energy-more --> "reach-farther", faster.
| Observer: "But 'reaching farther' is still a gen-
| eral dynamic. If the placebo effect is to be
| 'speciffic', you still have to explain how that
| specificity happens. Even if your arms grow
| longer, unless they know how and why to
| 'reach', they'll not grasp the specific thing
| that, if the placebo effect is actually effective,
| makes that happen. So I don't see that you
| have actually said anything about 'sugar' and
| the 'placebo effect'."
| "The plot thickens" -- The nervous system
| "knows" what =it= it doing -- I mean, the
| nervous system is already working on "the
| problem" that, when the sugar-supplied
| energy is added, it 'just' works-on faster,
| "reaching-farther" into it's stuff [to the de-
| gree that one has done the necessary "rang-
| ing widely"].
| It's =this= that I was discussing in my pre-
| ceding post on this topic of "sugar pills and
| the placebo effect".
| What it comes down to is enabling more,
| and more-powerful, TD E/I-minimization
| to occur within a nervous system, which,
| in this discussion, includes nervous systems'
| control of immune system function [more
| 'controversy' -- in NDT, immune system
| function is a form of "Cognition". Folks
| like to 'ignore' it, but when one is ill, if one
| pays-attention, one can experience a non-
| verbal "internal conversation" happening
| within one's Being -- stuff like "aches and
| pains", subsidence of activity, fever, etc.,
| with respect to all "symptoms", are literally
| the stuff of such non-verbal internal commun-
| ication.
| As is discussed in AoK's "Short Paper"
| section, in cases of injury with respect to
| the body's ability to move, this internal
| communication becomes flat-out Precise
| and consciously-understandable, and one
| can See how, in this internal communication,
| the body is actively "strategizing" with re-
| spect to "healing' itself [with respect to
| "repairing" the damaged tissue that con-
| stitutes the "injury", and how and why all
| of this reduces directly to TD E/I-minimi-
| zation. =Beautiful=!!! The "placebo" stuff
| that I'm discussing -- same-old, same-old,
| but in a much-more-subtle way.
| In the placebo effect, "the problem" is,
| typically, with respect to molecular dynamics
| that've "gone astray", and this problem ruot-
| inely has a Cognitive representation in which
| it is, more or less, defined and recognized
| within Consciousness, which usually includes
| stuff that's relatively superficial within the
| "internal conversation" stuff discussed above.

=IMPORTANT= thing that I left-out of my
earlier discussion:

Remember, the nervous system is rigorously-
ordered in it's 3-D Topology, which imbues
=everything= within it with =unique= Direction-

All "TD E/I-minimization" is is the maximization
of Directional-order within the neural Topology,
and this's True all the way down into molecular-
'level' dynamics.

'the' body? Same-old, same-old.

Do you see how and why this's =IMPORTANT=?

It's right up there, as Important as anything, be-
cause, because it's so, to the degree that one has
"ranged widely", =on-going= 3-D E occur as
"templates" with respect to which the set of "things
that can be tried", at all 'levels', 'must' "fit", in en-
hanced energy-ordering ways.

Get it?

It's be-cause of the nervous system's [the body's]
everywhere-uniquely-mapped 3-D Topology
that small molecular stuff 'knows' how and why
to order itself within the whole, and vice versa,
how the whole 'knows' how and why to order
molecular dynamics, all the way down.

Drop everything else until you understand this
one thing.

It's that Important to understanding and doing
=anything= -- Maths to Poetry. Art to Science.

It's all 3-D E, ordered within this one Important

The rest of the msg is unchanged, but I want
to retain it all, so that this Important thing can
be included within the whole. kpc

| And what's significant, within the present dis-
| cussion, is that this Cognitive stuff does liter-
| ally tune the nervous system's focus with re-
| spect to "the problem" [the illness] that has
| one in a clinical trial with respect to treatment
| regimes. And the =overall= 'point' of most of
| what I'm discussing these 'days' is  this tuning
| extends all the way down into molecular-'level'
| dynamics.
| So, given this tuning that's flat-out observable,
| it's no "surprise" that 'just' triggering a tiny
| increase in a body's ability to push-energy,
| via a "sugar pill", =can= enable this tuning
| that's happening anyway, to "reach-farther",
| and, thereby, "grasp" a molecular-'level'
| "solution" to the problem with respect to
| which it is tuned.
| There's no "mystery" at all. [Of course,
| "Groan", there's a lot of stuff that I've not,
| yet, been able to discuss with respect to
| what I long-ago worked-out with respect to
| 3-D energydynamics [3-D E.], and that
| might leave others 'scratching their heads'.
| I understand.]
| So, because they are =active= in this way,
| "sugar pills" should not be used as "placebos".
| It's better to use some sort of really-nothing-
| one-way-or-the-other stuff. [Is there =any=
| such stuff that 'the' body's Truely-Awesome
| "Noggin' Lab" does not "know" about? I
| doubt it :-]
| *** There are =Serious= Costs with respect
| to deliberately ingesting sugar to enable one
| to push-energy, more. One gains weight, and
| suffers all of the relatively-well-known negative
| effects of that.
| But, more-importantly, one always "crashes",
| not only after the deliberate energy-pushing-
| enhancement is "withdrawn", but, if it's overly-
| extended, in the midst of it, and such "crashing"
| can include negative behavioral dynamics, de-
| pending on one's =general= external experiential
| environmental circumstances.
| So deliberately "turbo-charging" one's informa-
| tion-processing capabilities, via sugar-intake, is
| =Dangerous=, and =should not= be resorted to
| if one exists within 'normal' interactive circum-
| stances -- because it tends strongly to result in
| interactive "inward spirals" [AoK, Ap8] [which
| is another way of Seeing how any why sugar is
| =active= within all 'levels' of TD E/I-minimiza-
| tion.
| It's each Person's Responsibility to do what's
| necessary to push-energy only in ways that
| are Caring with respect to TD E/I-minimization
| within other folks' bodies.
| One's "crashes" are one's =own= Responsibility.
| =Understand= all of this before you explore
| "turbo-charging" your own ability to push-energy,
| and =never= give your Children sugar unthinkingly.
| k. p. collins 

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