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| [...]

| Remember, the nervous system is rigorously-
| ordered in it's 3-D Topology, which imbues
| =everything= within it with =unique= Direction-
| ality.
| All "TD E/I-minimization" is is the maximization
| of Directional-order within the neural Topology,
| and this's True all the way down into molecular-
| 'level' dynamics.
| 'the' body? Same-old, same-old.
| Do you see how and why this's =IMPORTANT=?
| It's right up there, as Important as anything, be-
| cause, because it's so, to the degree that one has
| "ranged widely", =on-going= 3-D E occur as
| "templates" with respect to which the set of "things
| that can be tried", at all 'levels', 'must' "fit", in en-
| hanced energy-ordering ways.
| Get it?
| It's be-cause of the nervous system's [the body's]
| everywhere-uniquely-mapped 3-D Topology
| that small molecular stuff 'knows' how and why
| to order itself within the whole, and vice versa,
| how the whole 'knows' how and why to order
| molecular dynamics, all the way down.
| Drop everything else until you understand this
| one thing.
| It's that Important to understanding and doing
| =anything= -- Maths to Poetry. Art to Science.
| It's all 3-D E, ordered within this one Important
| thing.
| [...]

I understand that folks' 'reactions' to what I
do, here in b.n, run the gammut, from 'won-
dering' to incredulity to 'laughter' -- "that he
could be so naive".

But all that's unfounded in-Truth.

I long-ago 'rewrote' all of Biology in accord
with the Important thing that's reiterated above
[and which has been in AoK all along, "the
special topological homeomorphism"].

My assertion that I "'rewrote' all of Biology"
needs a bit of "clarification". I didn't rewrite
the "nuts and bolts". I Restructured all of
Biology, from first-principles, up -- worked-
out the Fundamentals to be rigorously-com-
mensurate with the global principles that were
exposed in the physical reality of the phenom-
enon of "decussation" -- "the Rosetta Stone" -- 
which, when taken all the way down, discloses
the "everwhere-uniqueness" that's briefly dis-
cussed above, and what it Means within, and
with respect to, all Possible 3-D energydyn-
amics [3-D E] that occur within animal Biology.

In my discussions, all I ever do is "read" this
Order and discuss what it discloses.

Folks' jaws have probably hung-down upon
reading my discussions of how I'm only 'now'
"going back" to study Molecular Biology.

Observer: "If he knew nothing about molecular
biology, then everything he's ever discussed
is crap."



And my only purpose in "going back" to
study "Molecular Biology" as it stands is to
=Demonstrate=, at that 'level', the Truth of
all the other stuff that I've been discussing
with respect to Biology.

I deliberately discussed 3-D E with respect
to "sugars" be-cause I knew folks'd 'knee-
jerk' with respect to my doing so -- and I
wanted to give folks =that experience= -- 
the experiencing of 'thinking' that they "un-
derstand" the Biology, but Disclosing to them
that they do not, and how and why it's so.

I've had my introductory Molecular Biology
Text for 'years', but never read in it, because
I knew that the work I'd done had long-ago
superceded it.

And the only reason I'm going-through it,
'now', is to give folks the experience, above.

Same reason I'd go to the Library if I could
afford to so-go.

I Know, with Certainty, that there's nothing
in that text, or any other Literature, that will
"invalidate" the Restructuring of all of Biology
that I'd long-ago worked-out. [The Proof
has been given, and Declared, in AoK, Ap3,
all along.]

The only thing that'll happen, from this read-
ing, or any other reading that I do, will be
that the Restructuring of Biology that I worked-
out long-ago will only become stronger, and
more-connected with respect to the stuff with
which folks who've worked in the traditional
way are 'familiar'. There's TD E/I-minimization
=Worth= in that.

I'll be able to "ring a lot of bells", and I'll be
able to guide folks through this experience of
their 'thinking' they "knew" this or that, but
actually didn't.

It's just more "Heavy-lifting" -- just more stuff
that needs to be done.

You know?

I wasn't "kidding" when I said that NDT "is
a fully-operational Life star".

It is, and the 'time' has come that I must
Demonstrate that -- be-cause I can See my
End accelerating toward me, and it cannot
be that I "Fail" do do what Needs to be
done, while Life remains in-me.

FWIW, whenever I've asked to "meet with
folks in-person [preferably, in some quiet
place where folks Love Neuroscience]", it
was always because I wanted to =Gently=
bring the folks who'd so meet-with-me up-
to-speed with respect to the Complete Re-
structuring of Biology that I'd worked-out.

You know -- I Knew that it'd be 'Hard",
and I wanted to be there, =with-folks=,
so that I could convey the Restructuring
to them =Lovingly= and =Caringly=,
=always= making sure that no one got

But, 'now', I've just got to do what needs
to be done, before my Life Ends.

I chose this Molecular-Biology-discussion
way of doing that.

Before I'm done, anyone who reads along
will See all of Biology Restructured, under-
stand that Restructuring, and why it Needed
to be done.

But there'll also be a lot of the sort of "exper-
ience" that I've addressed above.

I =Regret= that, but, mostly, I've just Joy,
on folks behalfs, because I Know the Nature
of the Gift that they'll receive.

It's a =Good= Gift, very-useful, and Beautiful

For me, there's also Sorrow in-it, though.

My "Way" is to Love and Care, and to be
=Gentle= in doing what needs to be done,
mostly "pointing-the-way", then "standing-
aside", Enjoying others' Success that grew
out of what I'd worked in their presences.
[I got this "Way" from my Mom. She was
=really= God at it, and Fierce in its special-

In this online, write-it-into-existence, 'way',
it's hard to hold-folks's 'fears' in one's
'heart' as one works.

And there's Sorrow, too, because there's
a "finality" in-it, with respect to 'me'.

So, anyway, there'll be a lot of stuff to
which folks' first reactions will be their
jaws hanging down -- and I =want= folks
to experience such -- but nothing that
transpires will alter the Restructuring of
all of Biology that I worked-out long-ago.

"When the dust settles", all that'll be left
standing will be the 'new' synthesis of
experiment that I'll have presented.

[But, if anyone want's to 'challenge' anything,
as it's being discussed, there'll be worth in
that, too.]

K. P. Collins 

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