On the need for 3-D energydynamics

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One more thing before I sleep.

Somewhere in the text, I saw a photo of a
fruit fly with an 'eye' on one of it's legs. The
caption said somtheing had been done with
the "EY" gene(?).

What caught my attention, though, was the
extent to which the whole lower part of the
leg was deformed [which was also noted in
the caption -- so, maybe, what I'm 'whining'
about, here, is explained in the text that I've
not yet read.]

=That= is what I'm getting at with respect to
"genomic"-'level 3-D E -- that what's considered
to be "a gene" does not do a "neatly-linear" map-
ping, and this 'eye'-on-a-distorted-leg thing flat-
out Verifies that.

I also started reading the "Protein" chapter, but
didn't get very far. I'm falling-down 'tired'.

One thing I did accomplish, though, was reading
the list of section-headers on the first page of
"Chapter 5". From the perspective in which I'm
working in this thread, virtually everything in that
list discloses 3-D E.

So I've got a lot of work to do with respect
to "proteins".

For instance, the fact that the minimal-free-energy
3-D conformations of proteins are coded in a lin-
ear sequence means that the coding sequences
have 3-D E =embedded= within them. And, if
it's embedded in the protein sequences, it has to
be embedded in "the genome".

Linear representation of =nonlinear= 3-D E.

The nonlinearity is the 3-D E that "folds" the

It's coded linearly, but it's 3-D E.

It's why the "EY" manipulation yielded a distorted
lower-leg -- the 3-D E were rendered disordered
even though 'the gene' was [presumably] linearly-

=That= is the sort of thing that I'm getting-at, and
referring to as "Standing-Wave Genetics", and,
although it's an artificial manipulation, the way
that moving 'the gene' resulted in the distorted
leg is somewhat like what I'm getting at when
I refer to "genome-functional-multiplexing" -- an
ability of "the genome" to build "compounded
results" through it's being acted-upon by 3-D E,
and through which it imposes 3-D E upon it's
directing of the formation of such "compounded
results". Both of these things [S-W G and fx mplx]
being =3-D E=.

I see this sort of stuff as being necessary in the
coupling of experience with "the genome".

The idea is that, through such mechanisms, "the
genome" can be driven in ways that are uniquely-
topologically-mapped into 'the' neuron's structure.

Which is a good use for that 4^10,000 stuff.

Get it yet? :-]

If this sort of stuff is Verified, "sequencing the
genome" will never be sufficient -- be-cause
what "the genome" will, then, be seen to do
is dependent upon what experience "tells" it
to do.

Which is a "genetic" extension of my oft-la-
ment with respect to the Fact that "Experience

It does.

Remember that, when you give your Child a
Gentle-Hug, and all the rest of the 'time', too.

You can give your Students a virtual-Gentle-
Hug by understanding that your Listening to
them is just as much Experience to them as
are your own reaching-for-Perfection in your
Hard-Won Lecture Materials, and your De-
voted Delivery of them.

So, set aside 'time' to Listen to them.

Experience Matters.

k. p. collins 

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