On Behavioral Inertia and it's 'Over-Shooting'

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sat Feb 26 02:18:24 EST 2005

There were Reports of another suicide-Murder
in the News last evening.

In this post, I'll address Sorrowful dynamics,
inherent, from the perspective of NDT.

I've had Joy be-cause of the way things've
been going in the Holy Land for the past
couple of 'weeks'. Folks on both 'sides'
of what has been the Israeli-Palestinian 'div-
ide' have been doing a lot of Good things
that breathe-Life into prospects for Peace.

And, then, another suicide-Murder bombing

1. Why?

2. And, more-importantly -- because it is what
Determines what =will be= -- how should folks
deal with such?

Experience Matters.

Experience matters be-cause of how and why
experience literally becomes embodied in the
"microscopic trophic modifications" [micro mods;
AoK, Ap5] that accrue as a result of the neural
activation that occurs within nervous systems.

Within ongoing nervous system activation dyn-
amics, subsequent to their formations, such
micro mods constitute "biological mass" that's
exactly analogous to "mass" as it is invoked
within Physics, 'except' that, in the biological
case, the "biological mass" exerts physical
inertia within, and upon, nervous systems' sub-
sequent neural activation dynamics.

That is, just as work must be done in order
to stop a moving vehicle [to eliminate it's rest-
frame physical inertia], work must be done
within nervous systems to 'stop' the "behavor-
al inertia" that exists as a result of the former
construction of "biological mass", and just
as work must be performed to impart motion
to a vehicle that is 'at rest', work must be per-
formed within nervous systems to 'move' the
nervous system's activation 'away from' what
has been their "behavioral inertia" 'states'.

The "biological mass" that Determines "behav-
ioral inertia" is physically-real stuff. It cannot
be simply 'wished'-away. It exists within nerv-
ous systems in a way that's as concrete as is
the stuff of any physical object, but is embed-
ded within the neural Topology, which is what
enables it to impart Directionality to behavior.

And this work can only be done within indiv-
idual nervous systems, be-cause, when out-
side forces try to force this work to occur, the
actions of those outside forces are always ex-
perienced in the "passive phase" [AoK, Ap5
and 7] of the 'target' nervous systems' inform-
ation-processing dynamics.

So, when those nervous systems "invert" to
"active phase" [ibid] dominance, the Directionality
that was constructed during "passive phase" ex-
perience is 'blindly' and automatically "subord-
inately sub-coupled" [ibid] to the "active phase"
neural activation dynamics, with Directionality
"inverted" [ibid, and Ap4], and serves as the
"template" [ibid] for ongoing TD E/I-minimization.

In this way "coercion" defeats itself.

So, what does one do when, just when things
begin to look promising, stuff like yesterday's
suicide-Murder happens?

=UNDERSTAND= that it's =be-cause= of
the newness that has things looking promising
that TD E/I will increase within nervous sys-

It's 'just' the old, long-established, "behavioral
inertia" =over-shooting= the demise of the dyn-
amics that formerly instantiated it.

Because "biological mass" is physically-real

Because TD E/I increases when old, long-
'familiar' stuff is "rendered useless" [AoK, Ap8].

Be Rational in the face of 'blind'-automation.

'Course, it'd help, a lot, if you'd give each other
NDT's understanding, right in the light of day.

k. p. collins 

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