A Quantitative Way to Differentiate Species [was On the need for 3-D energydynamics [and still is]]

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| It's a Joy that, in my reading in this text,
| I can't read anything without this sort of
| deep-3-D E stuff just "jumping-off-the-
| pages into my mind.
| [...]

That's not it. What's happening is that I'm
just recognizing stuff that I'd already worked
out in the ol' noggin' lab, and which the trad-
itional approach has 'overlooked'.

It's as a flood of such stuff.

"I told you so" :-]

And, BTW, there'll be new Antibiotics in
the "Difference" that I discussed in my
prior post in this thread [linked-to above].
And they'll be safe because bacterial ribo-
somes are obviously different from Human
ribosomes. They'll have to be 3-D E-Engin-
eered, though.

Before the dust settles, I'll have 3-D E-nailed
Viruses, too.

Well... maybe not. As things stand, my $ will
run out sooner than that.

"Oh well."

Just have to work-faster.

k. p. collins

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