ataxia (Sca3)

Manuel Alaminos malaminos at
Sat Feb 26 10:20:56 EST 2005

> The motive of this email is to ask for help, I explain, have my wife for 9
> years with Ataxia Machado Joseph, for one year, there has quakes
> enters(approaches) him very often, and desperate this one, since
> begins him for the hand until it(he,she) comes to him(her) to the head,
> hurts(grieves) him(her) enough, even the left kidney hurts(grieves)
> also as a result of the same ones, the neurologist who sees her, says that
> it is very difficult to control this quake, since he(she) says that
> it(he,she) is of his(her,your) disease, has taken some medicines but
> it(he,she) does not do to him(her) scarcely anything, becomes oppressed
> much and spends(passes) it very badly.
> This ocurrio immediately after taking BUSPAR10, if someone who could help,
> him(her) rogaria me constestara to this email
> Thank you in advance
> A greeting
> M.A.

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