Loose Ends

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 28 09:39:41 EST 2005

1. I heard a News Report on NPR, this morning,
about Legislation that's being considered that
will tighten "bankruptcy" Law here in 'america'.

This's happening for =one= 'reason' -- Jack-
ass 'leadership' that Failed to properly over-
see the activities of 'lenders'.

There's Trillons of $ in outstanding 'credit
card debt', and what this 'legislation' is all
about is 'leadership's having finally Realized
the extent of what has been it's Failure to
oversee the activities of the 'lenders' -- and
that 'america' is on the brink of Fiscal Catas-

It's going to be "deja view all over again"
[Yogi Berra], and for the =SAME= ab-

It's 'funny' -- the Children of those who
bore the stress of the Great Depression
will be the ones who'll bear the stress of
this repeating of it by the Children of those
who did it back in the 1920s.

It'll be =Hard=, but =America= will rist
to the Challenge, inherent. It won't be
"pretty" -- will be resolved by the folks
who Know how to -- from their exper-
iencing of their Parents' Knowing how to -- 
do the Necessary "rolling-up-their-sleeves"

2. Iran [North Korea, Russia, Cuba,
etc., but I'll use Iran as the discussion-

Efforts to "isolate" Iran through the im-
position of "negative sanctions" have only
resulted in Iran's leadership's becoming
experientially-"inbred", which 'only' forces
them to become behaviorally-"inverted"
[AoK, Ap4] with respect to the Direct-
edness of the "sanctions", which discloses
that the "sanctions" are having an Effect
that's 'just'-the-opposite of the 'effect' that
absence-of-understanding 'thought' they
would impose upon Iran.

It's the 'same' with respect to North Korea,
Russia, Cuba, and all over the place.

What's Necessary is to =Decrease= the
isolation, not to Increase it -- be-cause,
when =any= group becomes relatively-
isolated, the group's experience is forced
to "range narrowly", and, to the degree of
such, the nervous systems of the individuals
who comprise the group 'just' "manufacture"
a False 'reality' -- be-cause they become
each other's sole experiential external envir-

What's Necessary is to "open the doors"
to =wide ranging= experience, which is
what enables nervous systems to 'See'
things from the perspective of folks in
other groups [in other Nations].

So this 'tactic' of 'isolation' 'only' "shoots
itself in the foot", be-cause it literally
forces groups to acquire behavioral Dir-
ectionalities that are opposed to the Dir-
ectedness of the 'sanctions'.

Wake up! America!

k. p. collins 

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