On the need for 3-D energydynamics

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Something I can do, before I go to "War"
to Redolve molecular 3-D E, is to reiter-
ate my long-former discussion of the Nec-
essity of seeing "3-D emergydynamics" in
the development of the fertilized egg into
various subsequent conglomerations and,
ultimately, into adult Human Beings.

In this process, cells divide, and cells in
the resulting cellular aglomerations 'know'
how to specialize so that their function-
alities contribute to the development of
the body's various 'symmetries'.

To achieve this there =MUST= be a glob-
al 3-D E that's embedded within "the gen-
ome" and which is selectively "addressed"
by factors that're correlated to a cell's pos-
ition within the body's developing Topology.

Get it?

The whole 3-D E =has to be= in "the gen-
ome" as soon as fertilization occurs, and
the 3-D E "unfolds" in a way that has to
be topologically-"addressed".

Let's see, what's a useful teaching analogue?

"Grind, grind, grind..."

It's a =little= bit like a "hologram", in which
multiple images are stored, and the image
that'll be "retrieved" depends upon the ref-
erence "activation" that impinges on the hol-
ogram [frequencies, angles of incidence,
and all that].

All the images are in the hologram, but
only those that're "activated" will be viewable.

It's a =little= bit like this with respect to "the
genome's" 3-D E -- the "design" for 'the' body
is in-there, but the actualization of that "design"
is =completely= dependent upon the 3-D E
that arise as a result of cells' relative locations
within the overall developing Topology of 'the'
developing body. [It's because of this =Devel-
opment= that "the genome" is hugely-much-
more than a "hologram". Holograms do not
self-assemble the way 'the' body does under
control of "the genome" =and= 3-D E.]

Get it?

The 3-D E that selectively-activate "the genome",
so that cells develop in a way that's rigorously
correlated to location within body Topology,
=are=, themselves, "coded" within "the genome",
but they act back upon "the genome" as results
of cells' locations within 'the' developing body's

Another analogy is with respect to the way
an orchestra or a chorus is organized so that
a Conductor can cue instruments or voices
to play or sing their individual parts of the
orchestrated Music by motioning her baton
in a Directionally-ordered way =AND=
through which the individual Players or Singers
can signal-back to the Conductor with respect
to the actual "unfolding" of the Music.

Without the Players and/or Singers, the Cond-
uctor can wave her baton all she wants, but
there's no Music [other than the "swishing"
of the baton :-]

It's like this between "the genome" and the
3-D E during Development. [And [Flash!
12:07pm, Monday, 2005-02-28], it's =this=
3-D E stuff that has to be recreated, and
controlled, if development is to be recreated
to heal damaged tissue in the adult 'stage'
[as in spinal-cord injuries.] That is, just
hammering on "the genome" is insufficient.
The developmental 3-D E must also be
'recreated' -- and this occurs as a function
of =multiple= cells around a specific loc-
ation in 'the' body's Topology, and requires
all those cells to be in a specific 3-D E
"cascade" -- and, do you See the Problem,
here? The "cascade" Necessarily goes all
the way back to the fertilized egg. One can-
not 'recreate' this "cascade" locally, be-
cause the cells at the "edge" of this "local-
ness" will always be juxtaposed against
cells that are not in Developmental-synchro-
nization -- it's a =global= 3-D E "cascade"
that's Necessary, and trying to instantiate a
local "3-D E "cascade" will always come
up against "edges" where the 3-D E are
not at the necessary 3-D energy-gradient -- 
which is like encountering a "hill" that stops
the "cascade" which, in Development, is
always 3-D-downhill. It's another reason
why 3-D E Matter. Learning the 3-D E
is the Necessary first step toward learning
how to recreate the 3-D E so that 3-D E
that do not, 'normally', occur in adult cells
can, nevertheless, be recreated.

It's the 3-D E that Matter, not "the genome".
"The genome" is always in-there, whole.
What're transient are the 3-D E.]

My point wi with respect to understanding
adult-stage, 'normal' 3-D E and the way
they "choreograph" activation of "the gen-

My reading in my Inrot Mol-Bio text has
disclosed that these 3-D E have been
completely 'overlooked' in traditional
Molecular Biology efforts.

The take-home message of this post is
that the 3-D E are in-there, and func-
tioning is completely-dependent upon
them, so Molecular Biology =CANNOT=
be understood without understanding the
3-D E.

You know?

In my reading, I've 'wondered' about how
and why the Necessity of 3-D E had been
'missed' in the traditional approach to Mol-
ecular Biology, and why I just Saw it.

I think it's because I was working in =Neuro-

In Neuroscience, the Need for the Topologies
of individual neurons to be rigorously-coupled
to experience is 'just' Obvious. If it were not,
cells would grow willy-nilly, Directionality
would be commensurately "jumbled", and Dir-
ected behavior, etc., would be "Impossible".

So I Encourage Molecular Biologists to "range
widely" by studying their subject with respect
to =Neurons= as cell-types.

And to begin to do so by studying AoK which
makes Directionality, and the Need for 3-D E,
plain-as-day clear.

'Course, it's a =New= 'day' :-]

k. p. collins 

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