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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jan 3 13:52:35 EST 2005

The Sorrow that's been in the News makes
me 'wish' that there was a Report that anal-
yzed the waveform of the Indian Ocean
Tsuanmi [with, of course, a 'full' availability
of 'all' correlated data].

If [when] this is done, it will be found that
the Tusanami was exactly analogous to the
SSW<->UES harmonics' dynamics that
I've discussed in long-former posts here in
bionet.neuroscience -- except that "shell"
'containment' was not sustained be-cause
the symmetry of the Tsuanami was only
partially-3-D -- so the 'force' that, within
the SSW<->UES harmonics view on
what've been referred to as "atoms" was
able to dissipate rather than going into the
self-perpetuating regeneration of the harm-
onics. The =partial= 'containmnet and this
dissipation of energy is routinely-observable
in =all= earthquake dynamics, in the form of
their self-regeneration of "aftershocks' "
of diminishing power, which constitutes
"damped harmonic motion" that's "damp-
ened" via energy-Dissipation.

When the earthquake occurred deep in
the Indian Ocean, it constituted some
"creation violence" that instantiated, out
of the stuff that was =already= there, a
'nucleus' that 'contained' most of the earth-
quake's energy. The energy that was 'con-
tained' in this 'nucleus' exerted 'force' a-
gainst the water that surrounded it, and be-
cause there was more energy per unit vol-
ume of water 'within' the 'nucleus', there
was an energy-gradient that exerted 'force'
upon it's water-surround. It was the energy
flowing out of this 'nucleus', and down that
energy-gradient, that pushed the water with
Directionality that 'moved away from' the
earthquake-'nucleus', thus forming and
imparting 100% of the vectored-Direction-
ality to the Tsuanmi.

What's interesting about all of this is the
way that it rather-nicely discloses that the
only real Force that was involved was
the one-way flow of energy, from order
to disorder, that is what's =described=
by 2nd Thermo.

Can folks see this?

In the recent Sorrow-filled earthquake-
Tsuanmi, one can =See= that accum-
ulated energy was Dissipated. In that,
one can literally =See= WDB2T as it
ramified within all physical dynamics,
including Human behavioral dynamics.

I wrote-up a =long= discussion of 'all'
possible energydynamics that, in the
traditional view of physical reality, 'could
have been involved' in the instantiation
of the Tsuanami, but have decided not
to post it. Instead, I'll "wait" for folks in
Physics to meet with me in-person,
"stand"-upon the bottom-line that's
pointed-out above, and end this post
by recounting a Report that I saw on
ABC TV's =Good Morning America=
earlier this 'day'.

It was about an Elephant named "Poi"
that was giving tourists rides on its back
as the Tsunami was approaching.

Before the Humans that were present
reacted to the impending disaster, Poi
turned away from the beach, and dis-
obeying his frantic handlers, ran away
from the beach, carrying 5 People with
him(?) to high ground, thus saving their
Lives [and, I presume, the Lives of his
handlers who, I presume, chased after

I smiled.

Like Poi, I "See" stuff that other folks
can't "see", and "Seeing" forces that've
been building within folks' 'hearts', have
been, Desperately, working toward a
similar end.


That's "elephant" for, "There's a tidal-
wave coming within Human-interactive
dynamics! Head for the high-ground,
which is understanding that all there is
within physical reality is WDB2T, and
how and why that 'motivates' nervous
system function! Understand, lest the
tidal-wave carry-you-away! 'move to-
ward Truth, 'now'! It's already upon
the 'shore'!"

Only, unlike Poi, I can talk with 'you',
in-person, and, so, enable you to See-
for-yourselves the Direction to Safety.

It's 'funny', though. All folks 'hear' me


k. p. collins

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