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If the hypothesis is sustained, and
I expect it's long-form [which I've
not yet shared with folks] will be, it
will, of course, have ramifications
with respect of all mamallian Cell-
ular Biology.

The ER of liver cells, for instance,
would organize experientially-formed
cellular-"memory" in the 'same' way.

Which, across the cellular constitu-
encies of organisms, would be high-
ly-significant, entering strongly in how
cells "remember" how to handle part-
icular phenomenonological condi-
tions -- in the liver, for instance,
"remembering" how to configure
cellular function with respect to
the elimination of specific toxins
that have been encountered during
the course of individually-unique

There =has to be= stuff like this
because it's just not possible for
cells to be "ready" for all possible
environmental contingencies at
birth. There has to be tuning of
cellular function, including "the
genome", with respect to exper-
ience, no matter what the cell-type.

I'll be online sporadically for a
while. When I converge upon a
working hypothesis, I always do
so via the most-generalized ap-
proach [in this instance, I've work-
ed solely from the 3-D energy-
dynamics], then, after the hypo-
thesis' "directionality" becomes
established, and only then, do I
search the Literature. I've found
that doing it this way transforms
what would, otherwise, be a lot
of "drudge work" into always-de-
lightful "treasure hunts".

So, I'll be "spelunking" in the Lit-
erature. I have what I need in what
remains of my own "library".

In my original post in this thread,
the hypothesis was only partially-
stated. It also includes the Golgi
body and micro tubuile stuff, axo-
plasmic transport, and a lot of other
details. Basically everything. [I'm re-
writing "Cellular Biology" with re-
spect to "3-D energydynamics".]

Essentially, my short-term goal is to
explain how and why the neuronal
[cellular] Topologies occur as they
=dynamically= do occur -- =with
respect to experience=.

I've got to check the current 'state'
of the hypothesis with respect to all
of that, and, while doing so, the hypo-
thesis will become refined -- but I
expect it'll remain, essntially, un-

I posted the "short-form" of the hy-
pothesis because I wanted to give
folks the opportunity to test the ER-
Geometry stuff -- which is straight-
forward to do, even if the results
are difficult to interpret. Hint: This
interpretive difficulty can be over-
come via resort to molecular-level
'time'-lapse light-microscope photo-
graphy. Make "movies" under var-
ious experimental manipulations.
At this early stage of investigation,
all the experimenter needs to foc-
us upon is the ER-Geometry [which
will present some focal-length dif-
ficulties that will need overcoming.
What's necessary is molecular-level
light-microscopy 'tomography', so
it'd be nice to set up a bench that
allows multiple microscopes,
mounted at various angles, to simul-
taneously view the same cell. Be
creative. Mount one of them under-
neath-looking-up at the specimin.
"Triangulate" with respect to the
cell body. You need only set the
focus of each microscope then let
the image-recording take it from
there. Send it to data-collection
computers. Save the data. Put it
together later. [In the future, this'll
all be automated -- because it'll
become a valuable approach with
respect to Medical Diagnosis.]

Within your Young Children's Life-
'times', it's a virtual certainty that
this sort of thing will be done non-
invasively. Like "Bones" in =Star
Trek=. I'm already working at that
'level' [working-out the details of
the [hand-held] "scanners" that'd be
necessary. [Requires Tapered
Harmony, which is where I've act-
ually been working for the past
'decade' [translating back into
stuff that I =hope= will be suf-
ficiently-'familiar' to folks who
work in Neuroscience and gen-
eral Biology] Labs when I post
discussions. Still working to get
past the 5% "marker". And, it's
Hilarious, only losing-ground in
that endeavor because interesting
new problems keep popping-
up. So I feel like I've not yet made
it past 1%, but I'm allowing the
5% because the reification of the
phenomenon of "decussation" is
such an enormous "key" to every-
thing else.]]

Anyway, if I'm not online, I'm
just working offline. Gotta work-
fast, in this way, because my per-
sonal resources dwindle toward
the 'day' when I'll no longer be
able to work. ['sob' :-] [Only
kidding, the "fire" is =Fierce=
within me just now. "Heat" is
Good, and I never waste it.
"Groaning" as I write that be-
cause 'no one' will uderstand
why I write it. "Oh well."]

I expect there's a whole exper-
imental "world" in what I'll dis-
cuss after I've checked the Lit-
erature, but =wait= before pro-
ceeding beyond the simple RE-
Geometry probing. [I don't want
folks to "blame" me for unwar-
rented equipment expenses.]

But I do envision a whole new
"world" of experimental approach-
es. And what's neat is that they'll
all be automation-able.

But wait for that to be Confirmed
before buying equipment.

Should take a 'week' or so.

k. p. collins 

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